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Happy 19th Birthday 4chan!

Does anyone have a clear copy of this book they could share?
Can someone please share the links for these two books from ZHEZHIDAXUE. For some strange reason, I am unable to join this site. Thanks in advance.
Anyone have this book to share?
>links for these two books from ZHEZHIDAXUE
Here they are :

Thanks, but these are no good to people who can't join. There's no download link.
>these are no good
But those are exactly what OP requested !
No, they are not. I requested the download links for the books because I can't gain entrance to that damn Chinese site, not the links to the download pages. Anyone can view the pages, but without membership, you cannot view the download links.
Oh, I almost forgot, though. I don't really need them anymore anyway, I have the books now, thanks to a friend.
File: download (22).jpg (17 KB, 198x254)
17 KB
Does anyone have the Face beetle from Insects by Muneji fuchimoto?
Can't find it on zhezhidaxue or u86 or any of the free pdf download sites pretty please.
what's u86?
File: Face beetle.pdf (1.5 MB, PDF)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB PDF
Here ya go.
It's quite a good site with categories books , aquarium, animals , insects and other crafts
Thanks for this !!
Joining zhezhidaxue isn't a speedy process .You have to fill out details about how you not in China but make up any region and say you're from there.
Upload an avatar and do some tasks to make banknotes and coins .
After you've visited a few profiles . Uploaded a picture and decorated your page you should have about 100 which is enough for a drawing tutorial or c.p .Books cost more .

You should put it in pc mode to sign up by clicking Archiver or pc at the bottom of page.
Momentarily it reverts back if your on mobile.
Also make extra coins by signing in for the reward top right in red writing next to your picture.
You can earn minimum of 20 bank a day

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