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I was told this board needs more build pics, so here´re the models I build in 2 the first 2 weeks after taking a decade-long break from the hobby

say nice things about them
correction "the models I built in the first 2 weeks"

Very nice, keep up with the pictures :) yes, we 2348474% need more of them
very well, I´ll be building my biggest one starting tomorrow so I´ll post some more soon
Nevermind I decided to go with some smaller ones, I feel like I´m not ready for a 10-pager yet

will still post them though
No pressure dude, just enjoy and post whatever and whenever you feel like it. As long as you are happy with 'em
much obliged
File: _20220224_102244.jpg (804 KB, 2668x2160)
804 KB
804 KB JPG
Nice..Too lazy to start my own thread so id just join here..hope you don't mind..
Nice one. I generally hate Pepasweets crafts, coz they are flimsy, open with holes, you can't really reinforce it and fitt it out, and in general that means they are useless papercrafts for me. That being said, I only criticize the designer. The craft you made is really nice and neatly done. Thank you for sharing the picture, it looks amazing. People, keep up the good work!
File: _20210613_125520.jpg (975 KB, 1983x2830)
975 KB
975 KB JPG
Lol..that what makes me love her works..its freaking challenging!! Always different feels when i made her works..unlike the boring overrated SV..
Another of my pride and Joy..
dude these look great, I feel like I´m not ready to try something that complex yet, I would likely get confused and ruin something with my vienna sausage fingers
Not saying anything about the complexity of Pape's works, they are quite hard to make, same as SV. Depends on the taste. What I hate about Pepa in general is that they are generally open, not fused together with the base model of the craft, therefore I cannot fill out the papercraft to make it harden and be like other papercrafts. SV in comparison has more joined-together crafts, but again, is overrated, I hate the guy, and there are much better papercrafters out there. I don't like both of the designers in any case, Pepa probably I hate more because of the "unfinished" like holes she makes in her crafts. I like the underdog papercraft designers much more, and I love complex papercrafts with details.

That being said about the papercraft designer again, the build craft itself is wonderful. Very nice, clean work on a somewhat complex papercraft. Nice share, thanks for showing and posting

You are probably giving yourself too little credit and comparing yourself to others. Don't do that. Make what you feel looks great and make it the way you want. Make the ones you like, regardless of difficulty and broaden your hirizon and get better with each one made. That's the way to go. Besides, Pepa's and SV's papercrafts in general are probably a 6-7 out of 10 to make, not really hard, but with a bit of details, more so SV than Pepa. There are much, much harder and complexer papercrafts out there, and when speaking about humanoid crafts, they are in generally made the same way, 3D fingers and the head and all that. So once you get the hang of it, it's pretty simple. Just don't give up and be positive
File: _20210512_143624.jpg (646 KB, 1831x2867)
646 KB
646 KB JPG
IM not talking about difficulties actually..difficulties is only determined by how good you want your work to be..
is just that..svs boring..same cuts, same pose, same mechanism..when you finish building one of his work, you can finish all of them..heck i can confidently say i can build his work without looking at any of his manual..IM not bragging..its just how boring his work is..
Pepa on the other hand, has variation between her works..different cuts, added with shitty instruction, and inefficient way to built sometimes..its annoying yet challenging..its hella satisfying to finally finish her works..its like " so this is whats in your mind when you design" kinda feeling..
When you want to fill your rack with paper figure as fast as possible..go with SV..otherwise, go with others..
Btw this is my most prized work..its by mizuirogakuen probably..its not because its a good built or anything..its opposite really..its so shitty i want to rage quit many Times building it..but since its my fav Character i preserve..
So basically you like Pepa's crafts BECAUSE they are shittily made, half-done and unfunctional? That'a a first one for me and kinda funny. I do kinda get what you are saying. I mean, I do agree with the SV ones, as said, overrated and also not my cup of tea, but if people chose that guy who thinks has the only nice designs out there and are blowing smoke up his ass, then no wonder he has these tantrums. He makes everything the same, as you said, 1 after another, and they are really boring + the whole user experience is just basic crap. That's why I said, I don't like neither and I chose not well known designers, because these 2 are not the only ones out there, you got tons to chose from, ones that actually know what they are doing. That's why most of the time I chose to make commissions when I can, because I know exactly what I am getting, since I specify it, it's always something different and I can 150% reinforce it so it holds for 20 years to come. People on here always complain about these 2, when in actuallity you got over 50 people I can cound up right now that make better papercrafts. Not even counting in that chinese guy everybody argues about as well, he is even more overrated than SV. People should look outside the box and search for alternative, there are so many sweet crafts out there and designers that would bend over 3-times to make commissions the way you want to. But then again, we are on the begging borad on here, go figure.

That allll being said, we agree to dissagree, I didn't want to disreepct you or anything. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion and whatever you like, you make. A very unusual pick of your favorite papercraft if I may say, since I know Rozen maiden is quite an old anime to like, seeing how much other new stuff is out there. The design itself is very boxy-like or lack of a better tern very stiff, so not really anything for me. But the build itself is very nice, tx for sharing again!
thanks for the boost, appreciated, I was hesitant to try something fat after not doing this for so long but now I´ll just give it a go anyway

I tend to hide my lack of skill by coloring the flaps and sides of the paper, besides that I indeed just build what I want to build (altough fingers tend to scare me off more often than not)
Dude, the best of us do it. Actually, I never, ever make a papercraft without the parts to be colored inside the flaps or partly colored flaps at all. Because let's face it, we are human, and sometimes you do get that tiny part that is crooked and stands out so much if it's a white part at the end. So, always go with flaps that are colored in the template + color the remaining parts that go flash out a bit with pens, markers, whatever, you name it, and make it look gorgeous. That's the only way to go. That's why I hate designers releasing their papercrafts with no coloration whatsoever, makes me so angry. Then I either have to edit the PDO or edit it in photoshop myself. Makes me so mad people are not using the templates the right way
File: IMG_20220907_045741.jpg (119 KB, 585x277)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
While user experience?what? Did you actually ever ask / commision him to do anything? Is he opening a custom work or something?because if it is..thats the first time Ive heard of it..
IM not trying to defend pepa either desu..like avshalom says..i treat ppcs as puzzle..sure the first 2 or 3 times is probably good..but i cant imagine building like 30 figure of basically the same thing..its just feel like a job by then..
That being said..i still want it to look good on my desk..thats why i also don't like those mummy design like avshalom, unbraz or eijis for that matter, since i don't do marking..lol
Btw this is not mine..its my fellow countryman..almost all of it is sv..it looks good right? Thats because it is..
I would quit after just two tho..
oof that collection is beautiful, I also can´t see myself building so many of the same type of model but it does make a pretty collection, I gotta get myself a display like that (a stair-like one)

Oh ok, good to know it´s not just me being a wuss, I built a few ones without doing it and it really does make a difference
Or you could just make it..he did..that display, and even that drawer is made by cardboard with scotchlight cover..he got lights in it and everything..all his base is custom Made also..
And i agree..from what isee you have good skill..you Made svs works better than i do at least..what IM interested is that work..is that sai hulud?or that warhammer thing?are you interested in warhammer also?
thank you, your praise is quite welcome

I think the worm is used for a boardgame, got it here http://www.onemonk.com/onemonk-dl.html

and yes I am indeed into warhammer, I never played it but I collect minis, specifically Nurgle
The user ecperience refers to SV and his tantrusm and people needing to kiss his ass for even releasing a new papercraft.

The commissions refer to everybody and anybody appart from these 3 jackasses that keep being praised into the heights, while 100 of others are making much better designs and the ones I want. Just search papercrafts of any genre or anime on google, and you'll immediately find at least 5 of them that I am talking about. And I do commissions with 3 of those, as so far I have found the perfect commissioner for me in 1 of those. I won't be making any direct ads for them, as said, you can find them on google search in 2 secs, and especially one bends over backwards 100 times over to get me the commission I want for myself, while being 100% drawn by hand and not dependent on game rips at all.

All that being said again, very nice crafts! Maybe you could invest in a better phone/camera to make them more high-def maybe? That way the details are much more visible and better to look at. That's my only critique for them. So nice people being able to share pictures of actual assembly on here, I love it so much!!!
File: 1662550477030.jpg (230 KB, 715x487)
230 KB
230 KB JPG
I though SV open commision or something..still not interested tho..my friends would probably..lol
Good for you then, in average, what's the price for a commision work?
I just take his FB pic..so blame his camera..lol..JK..you can see hes one of the perfectionist type..most of it is actually rebuilt with a smaller size so it can fit his drawer.. hes such a fan of SV..
And i think he manage to get some fremium stuff of his..i don't know..and frankly speaking..i don't care..lol
This is another one thats NOT mine..its eijiyuken..its from mobage mlbb / mobile legend..probably the most famous mobage in my country..Eiji Made a lot of mlbb PPC..and these team saber is free..
This particular builder is also a big fan of mlbb and also big fan of Eiji..so he Made a lot of his works..its to the point that he ran out of displaying place..lol
Well i tried building Eiji works once..and its not my cup of tea..his style is those mummy ppc like avshalom and unbraz..it needs attention and patience to do it..both things i lack..
File: 20220907_195910.jpg (302 KB, 756x1008)
302 KB
302 KB JPG
Sharing in the pic thread!!!! My fav papercraft of the bunch! Hard to make, also not perfectly made with my 2 left hands, but I love it
that´s pretty smooth
File: 1663569788231.jpg (239 KB, 720x401)
239 KB
239 KB JPG
He reupload and rearrange them..now its (almost) SV exclusive..see how beautiful it is..he is a true fan..
Does your fanatic friend have the new life-size-ish Lycoris Recoil figure of SV (not the crappy useless chibi ones that are free) and would he be willing to trade for it?
I would never build so many of the same type of model but it is a really good looking collection, I love it when models are displayed in this stair-like fashion
Theyre bastards

Learn propper English.
Yes he have..
No hes not trading..he didnt want to incur svs wrath
I would not trade it with anybody and I got tons of premium files from china and from SV he maybe doesn't have. He can write me up if he wants, it will be 100% anonymous. papercraft-trader-guy at inbox.lv
No one has it. SV is not releasing it.

" “Lycoris Recoil” does not have secondary creation rules, we cannot disclose the normal type of pattern to avoid the risk of unauthorized sales.
Even if there is no copyright problem, it is difficult to publish it because there is a serious flaw in the design of the face.
(The finished product is the most decent one that I remade more than 10 times.)
Chibi, which has less data download itself, is unlikely to be sold without permission, so I don't think it will be pointed out by the rights holder. ."
Lol not sharing huh? nice try...
In case you don't know, SV tracks his whorsipper thorough..he ask for data, REAL data from his costumer..up to his social id and real address..if he trades you and you trade it with somebody else ( which you Will..) then not just him, all his countryman Will be banned from ever getting any of his work..so yeah..tough luck..
Why don't you just lick svs ass like everybody else..
Damn, did daddy inappropriately touch you again So sad.

Besides, he can check the data all he wants, I always get the files no matter what, it's only a matter of time. I got all the unreleased stuff of his, and if people trade it with fake emails, pre-tell, how does he even trace that. Is he the FBI, a super-hacker, an all-seeing magician? You are taking this stuff all too serious. He doesn't even know who I am, my username, country or email I am using to subscribe to his stuff and I always trade it. Tough luck bitches. And no, I am not trading the newest one for now, so sorry.
Please consider trading files with me then. I shared my trade email if you want to contact me. 100% private and anonymous, and I won't re-share it if you don't want to. I also have a lot of his stuff that I do not share anymore from the old files, so I completely get it. I just want it for myself
Are you really that dumb? Well of course you are..he probably don't know what you did..but he obviously know who he share it for..and then he just blocked whoever he shares it previously for..so yeah..tough luck shithead..like anybody Will risk that..so yeah..keep dreaming the "i always get what i want" thing moron..try wanting a brain..you desperately need it..
God, that daddy-issues are really deep with you, huh? Just can't wrap that empty head of yours around the fact that I have been doing this for 2 years and YES, working like a charm :) sorry to dissapoint your whining bitchass assumptions, but not all of us are braindead idiots and we know how to trade stuff around. Guess SV just isn't that great FBI-expert that sniffs out everybody like you think he does. Or you probably tried it yourself and got banned since your are a dumbfuck :D good riddance from the SV-community, we don't need you. Now go cry in a corner
thats so cool how did you do that
how did I do what?

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