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/po/ - Papercraft & Origami

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Wanted to do my part in stopping this site dying out for good, starting to get some hype or more action at least on the site by promoting more actual papercraft trades & shares, maybe?
Been on the site since forever mostly just lurking, but now I would like to actively encourage people to maybe engage more and start posting papercraft-related stuff back, so it’s not just origami on here – since it’s really sad to see.
I know there is a controversy of premium files being shared on here, so I would start with people posting links and sharing files of released stuff only. You can also post templates that have been deleted from sites or you are looking for, so we can share the old ones back as well. Generally, just post papercraft-related posts and trying to get the sharing mentality back, I guess. Call me an optimist, but I am sure it’s still possible :)
And for anybody still not willing to share them openly, I also do trades with the rarer premium stuff and newer files, so anybody interested in trading Tao-Bao files etc. you can contact me here:
GoddessAmaterasu13 @ protonmail. com
Sooo, any files people are generally looking for and would like them to be re-shared? I am sure I can post some of them on here, especially the old deleted ones that aren’t posted anywhere. Just reply and let’s get this thing going!
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Don't want to derail your thread but since you bring up the state of the forum and what tends to dominate it, I wish there was more posting about "everything that’s relevant to paper engineering" including actual design/fabrication of original ideas.
I have no problem with people doing what they like and that naturally creating more focus on what's popular, but considering the extremely wide range of paper based arts and all the related techniques and principles that can be applied and adapted between them, it's disappointing that even the ones related to origami and paper modeling rarely get discussed.
Like I say, not trying to stop anyone from sharing patterns but if somone uninitiated were to look at this board's catalog they might think that that's all it exists for, or that low res paper models *are* the extent of what paper craft means.

Of course, everybody does his own thing. I didn't mean to sound entitled or that it should only be about papercrafts, but the post was meant for the thing I do and love most, that's why I said papercraft, because it tends to be origami stuff only. So, it would maybe be a (valid) plead for another, separate post maybe?

That being said, I totally agree that the board needs a bit freshening up and positive energy, sharing and related pic posting etc. and I am rooting for more posts on your theme as well. Since it's a small-knit community anyway, we paper-enthusiasts should share our hobbies and make them available for more people to get to know and help each other more than ever! Why not start to post these yourself then and maybe start a conversation on that, or maybe share some links where they can look-up such things etc? I am sure people are interested in it and would love to know more.
Part of the problem is that the term "papercraft" has been appropriated to describe a specific type of paper modeling and in some cases the people who are into it seem to think that this is some long established convention that everyone should respect as such.
In fact it just confuses things; even the sticky for this forum speaks of different techniques and niches that involve crafting things from paper but then calls that "paper engineering" and reserves "papercraft" for the narrow niche of paper modeling.
It's like if the term "woodworking" were to become associated with making plywood item by people who were into that...people are free to call it whatever they like but it doesn't help advance understanding of the general subject and other aspects of working with wood that now get lumped together under some arbitrary catch-all phrase like "wood engineering".
I'll drop this since you are clearly annoyed that I posted in your thread, but FWIW there's tons of threads seeking and sharing paper model stuff, and virtually no threads here on anything but origami and paper model file seeking/sharing/stealing.

I do post here when I have pertinent info to share, you may disagree that these posts in this thread aren't pertinent and belong in another thread but I disagree and think that it gets to the heart of why this forum is so dead and balkanized when it ostensibly covers positively ancient practices that span all cultures that make and use paper.
If you feel the need to post in this thread, then be my guest. As said, the more the merrier and if things get shared and spread around, even better for the cause :)

And again, I didn't want to sound entitled or rude or wanted to push you out, I was just suggesting that maybe different kinds of papercrafts had their own thread to post into, but if it's beneficial for the purpose, why not just jumble everything into one, as long as it gets views and active posts.

As for the term "papercraft", I know it can have different kinds of way people interpret it. I was always going from the Japanese term "ペーパークラフト" which in 95% of all searches and general understanding in Japan (where it originated and where they made the unfolding program “Papakura” that got the hype going on the net) does mean printed templates on paper that are used to make figures, animals, etc. Again, didn't want to be disrespectful, but as said, I am only interested in the unfolded figures as such, and not in others, and wanted to get that one going again, since I can contribute to these and I got stuff from way back of these I can post as well.

Can't wait to see what you have to post then in the future. Maybe you'll get me interested in your "papercrafting" branch as well.

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