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What do you guys think of the Art and Character designs of Paper Mario: The Origami King?

I'm open to your interpretations of this amazing game's use of origami design, as well as different .
>Nintendo Paper Mario Printables
>Official Nintendo Origami Set for Paper Paper Mario and the Origami King

>How to Make Origami Princess Peach
>How to Make Olivia
>How to Make King Olly

>The Developers talk about their inspirations about the Origami in the game
Very cool, thanks for sharing.
File: 20210319_230007.jpg (121 KB, 1280x518)
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121 KB JPG
You're welcome!!!!
I have not much to contribute except

>good game


>also bump
Thanks for contributing, fellow anon.
You're welcome
File: Mario and Olivia.jpg (241 KB, 1024x598)
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This game is beyond excellent. They paid so much attention to the beauty of this game. The Transformation scenes of Olivia, the Intricate designs of the various bosses and smaller enemies, not to mention the thoughtfulness of their origins.

This game is so fun, and it is one of the most engaging games that celebrate the art of origami. It is a special hobby and past time, and to see it presented in something as prevalent as a Super Mario Game, is a great sign the art is far from dead and buried, and that millions still enjoy folding simple pieces of paper into masterpieces.

It's a reminder to me that /po/ is easily my favorite board on 4chan, because origami is truly the best. Thank you for sharing anon.
You're welcome. Couldn't agree more.
I still think its gay, the game has you riding bitch with Luigi on rainbow road
If anything Luigi's the bitch in this scenario. He's one always going on side quests just to find the key to the castle, and incidentally and conveniently brings every other key you need up until the end,

I like how Paper Mario is Nice to paper Luigi.
I love it. I wish we had more origami games.
Couldn't agree more. As much as the game deviated from some of the themes of the older games that made the game fun, the direction of the art and design was truly incredible, I have never seen so much from a game about Origami so heavily fleshed out, in the history of games, there's so much to take in from that part alone. Thank you for sharing!
File: 1615448142012.jpg (53 KB, 500x375)
53 KB
>As well as different .

Different what?
Different ideas, opinions, takes, concepts, artwork from paper Mario, or related origami techniques.
Okay, in that case, I'll add this.
Thank you for contributing!
On the origami and pápercraft side, man it's gorgeous to look at, the buildings are real pretty, the origami enemies look amazing and love seeing them move, a creative testament all around, yeah Olivia's origami forms and the elementals are incredible, but to me what keeps taking the cake are the castles and buildings, the interiors are just so detailed and pretty, and man the final castle, just beautiful seeing the movement even if they are those simple diamond things i don't know the name of in english. Comecocos in spanish. It does show that Origami was the recipient of a huge love letter in the name of creativity and showing how many colorful and creative things could be made with patience and creativity, and as someone who loves tyny playable versions of life-sized things it looks cute and i want to do them as soon as possible
That said, game wise... i'm sorry to say i really dislike it, i admit i am a fan of the olkd paper marios, not for the style but because of the characters. Yeah in the old paper marios there were some npcs that were similar, but they still had differences between them, there were the villages with friendly koopas, friendly boos, friendly "enemy" npcs overall and th ones a bit more developed had a bit more of an original design to them to make them feel more fleshed out. like a world that was indeed populated with differfent species living together for good and for mischief. Now it's just all toads, toads, toads, and even now Bobby for example just looks like any other bob-omb except for one tiny difference that's pretty missable. While on the gameplay, it also feels very linear, on the old games there were many other ways to deal with a battle and hot to deal with enemies and what attacks you could do, some enemies had some resistances and some were more vulnereable to other things, but you still had more than 1 choice.
on the new game, it feels lñike the game thinks no one wants to have battles, so they changed them in a way it feels very much like "do step 1, then 2, 3, and 4 and you're done", taking away any fun that the battles used to have and now they DO are boring, not to mention they mostly feel pretty unnecesary,
I do like how the game looks, but honestly it feels incredibly dull and boring to play which breaks my heart. i do watch many let'splays of it due the eye candy and gorgeous scenes, but honestly don't plan on buying it at all.
Sorry to sound too negative, i apologize

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