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Hello paper mates!

I just published my first indie wargame (Air Scarmush) which is a hybrid of a board game (Print n' Play) and a mobile App.
I'm posting here the pdf to print and shape which is also available for free on airscarmush.com

One of my goals was to create a game that would be as carbon neutral as possible, and for sure there is still room for improvement... Anyway, the counterpart is that the player has to make the game himself, and considering the sales curve it seems to be a brake for many people (of course the player should know beforehand that the game exists...).
The work amount is the element I'm questioning because of course I have all confidence in the pleasure the game can bring ;) (to the fans of the genre of course, because we are also on a tiny niche).

If you are interested in building the game and posting some pictures of it on this thread, I will be happy to offer each of the first five posters two download codes (Apple and/or Google stores). The offer will expire on June 30, 2022.

I would obviously be delighted to hear your comments on the implementation and possible satisfaction with the product.
I'd also be happy to elaborate on the game if you want to talk about it!


I don't have anyone to play this with (family wouldn't like it, friends wouldn't like it)
its really cool to see an indie project like this.
Thanks for making it!
Thanks for the kind words, they are good to hear!
I have tried to create a game that I would want to play and have worked to make it as accessible as possible. I think it would be suitable for a grandfather and grandson or someone who has the time and inclination to share the passion. And it's cheap, you can distribute the application on several smarphones (tablets) if you have a family account (Google or Apple).

For people who would be interested in participating, first send me a photo by email (contact@airscarmush.com) before posting on this thread. Thanks for your interest!
File: 1602452424848.png (8 KB, 240x240)
8 KB
Thank you friend, anons like you keep this board alive
Sweet :)
File: AirScarmush_gif02.gif (4.63 MB, 1200x898)
4.63 MB
4.63 MB GIF
I'm going to allow myself a little up since the deadline is approaching.

I realise that it would be a bit strange (if not uninteresting) if everyone posted the same game board... So I will also consider any paper work related to the aviation world! That's better, isn't it?
File: 16203256425720.jpg (68 KB, 604x604)
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>that would be as carbon neutral as possible

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