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File: gup.jpg (170 KB, 860x1200)
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170 KB JPG
Anyone got a pdf of this? if not any tanks will do
File: 1644129019141.jpg (37 KB, 392x400)
37 KB
Thank you you anonymous fuck. I looked and found a list of fucking amazing, detailed tank PDFs but by that time this thread was gone.
It's Russian and the website Russia only so unless you live in the Balkans use incognito mode on your browser and disable cookies.
no op but thanks
Also not OP, thanks, albeit I'd LOVE to have the GuP ones.
This site has several of the tanks from the anime
currently doing the French tanks. Man I love oscillating turrets.
not a GuP watcher, what's GuP?
Girls und Panzer, the anime series of which the OP pic comes from.
[spoiler]Higschoorl girls playing tank combat (because in their world, tanks are considered femenine and cute) with training rounds (basically, airsoft on very heavy strogens) while living in 7 kilometers long carrier-shaped schoolships with cities on their tops.
Yes, it's as over-the-top as it sounds. The catch? It's actually good. VERY good. Simple "sports tournament" storyline, but done extremely well. Starts with garisly coloured tanks so notankz can tell them apart, moves to historically accurate cammo patterns as soon as it has made them known. Things like that.
Also no pantyshots - but lots of OTHER fanservice. Lots of tankservice, too.
Seriously, give it a try.[/spoiler]
thank you man. Not into fanservice but love me military history, simple as.
The carrier part was such a funny twist.
Would recommend
Be sure to watch /ak/ subs - we made those.
Anyways, back to the thread topic.
T(h)anks a lot, Anon. Was mising a couple of those.
The chibis..

Here's another
Heres from the official book:

From 40K but still...

Triton Torsion Cannon:


Aphid Investigations onerariis:


Sigilite Assault Tank:

Also its for sale here


Cheapest i could find
File: 1652663319905.png (12 KB, 360x360)
12 KB
>It's Russian and the website Russia only so unless you live in the Balkans use incognito mode on your browser and disable cookies.
Cerberus Tank and RWB 2017 Tank

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