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File: 20211012_230819 copy.jpg (184 KB, 582x798)
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I just got a wonderful little tool that runs on x-acto blades. But stores don't seem to sell refill packs anymore. Where can I find better prices on them that's not Amazon? Or storefronts that sell them at all?
Aliexpress would probably be the cheapest place. I've bought blades from there before they're not bad or anything, shipping just takes forever.
File: 1594948163232.jpg (161 KB, 653x523)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
Which brand did you buy? I was reading about knockoffs and there are a lot of really lousy ones
I bought this one which probably won't fit in your holder:


But there are plenty of x-acto blade listings if you search for it. If it's not as described open a dispute and Aliexpress will give you a refund; they're pretty good about it in my experience. It's only like 5$ so there's not much to lose.
Oh, yeah, that won't. This thing uses the little hole in the blade to keep it in place.

Still, thanks for the tip. I'll probably end up buying from there.
Would these work?

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