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File: 1630813115088.jpg (49 KB, 367x600)
49 KB
Please help me find this model so I can craft it myself
File: img_397107311.jpg (82 KB, 600x415)
82 KB
Here you go, mate.
don't have a bigger version, sorry.
Any idea where you got it, or the author so we can try to find the actual PDO?
File: img_397107262.jpg (22 KB, 450x400)
22 KB
Sadly I do not know where I got it from, have had that image since ages.
But to not leave you completely empty handed pic related is made by Kataho.
If you wait, i can try to redraw all the model
Damn, if that is even possible, I bet a lot of people would be happy. Would be awesome. Need anything in return you are looking for yourself for the favour?
File: 2o.png (747 KB, 1500x2221)
747 KB
747 KB PNG
No, don't worry, this is not perfect at all, but maybe close to the original model... so i dont know how bad will look builded

Here is the first
Not OP but thank you a lot for this.
Looks super sweet!!! Thank you for doing this :) Need any help with the 2. page or anything in return, though I did ask before, but I like to repay favours, if I can.
No no ! Really, ill do the second one tonight
File: 1o.png (661 KB, 1500x2197)
661 KB
661 KB PNG
hope you can do something with it
not the original person that asked for these but thank you !
Np! Hope It work
Thank you very much for doing this. They actually look quite good, appart from the eyes really (sorry for the critique, since you are doing this for free as a favour on the board, but I really think it would look better if the eyes were just mirror pasted from one side to another and then just the eye possition changes, so both eyes look the same). But that's a really minor thing and I don't want to sound rude or anything. Really amazing work.

Btw. how come you can do this with such small pitures at your disposal. Is it some kind of a vector thing you do or do you have any tutorial online on how you can even achieve this?
Do not worry! I think if I didn't see it wrong, she has one eye bigger than the other! at least I see that in the original photos

I draw everything from scratch, the only thing I use is the original image to know where each flap goes
Ohh really. By hand? No vectoring help or anything? Sounds really like a lot of work and skills involved. In any case, thank you very much for the shared files and the explanation. Makes me apreciate the work even more :D
Just the image provided by the designer, and easy Paint tool say

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