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File: bowser.jpg (8 KB, 245x206)
8 KB
Hi, I'm sure this was posted at some time, I can't seam to find it anywhere. I'm looking for a Bowser template. The Mario 64 version around, but I'm looking for something closer to the picture provided
File: bowser.jpg (226 KB, 578x578)
226 KB
226 KB JPG

Simple google image search for "Bowser papercraft" will bring up other ones but I like this one the best.
Don't spoonfeed idiots. Then they come back and spam some more, when they could get whatever the hell papercrafts of Bowser they wanted in 5min from google pic search... let nature do it's course with them...
dubs in future epic bread
File: bowser pepakura snapshot.png (734 KB, 1815x1030)
734 KB
734 KB PNG
Found a model of the exact picture I was looking for. It doesn't have a bitmap, but I don't need it for what I am doing.

>>598931 Thanks I did come across this one after my post, but was looking for something higher poly for my purposes.

>>598974 Thanks as well for the effort, as stated in my original post that I had found this one as well (though my typo may have made that less apparent). Was looking for higher poly Bowser.
Awesome! Any chance of sharing the file? Never seen that one before.

Too bad it doesn't have textures. I guess you could paint it afterwards.

Out of curiosity what is your purpose with this model?
Found it on thingiverse https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1064932/files

I am making a costume with it out of eva foam. That being said I should probably move on and stop posting here, as it's not made of paper.

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