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File: logo.png (8 KB, 148x36)
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Does anyone have account on www.zhezhidaxue.com? I need to update my avatar pic to download files but I can't! Any workaround?
As far as I know every damn CCP site needs you to have those QQ accounts etc., that you only get with a chinese email and/or chinese phone number. It's like that with most sites, so no, there is sadly no workaround. Also tried my luck with some throwaway phone numbers online that were chinese, but they didn't accept them.
In this case, at least, you could create an account without QQ. The problem is that they say I need to update my avatar for doing things and their application to do so it's not working for me :(
You need to enable your browser to desktop .
Like when answering or replying on a thread but before typing press advanced mode .
Another reply box appears this time instead of pressing the landscape icon to the top left of pop up box there's another one to the right .
Click that a smaller box invites you to upload .press upload and choose more than one box .
Press save a box appears inviting you to create album name album click sure and you pictures should be available in a file
Now you can upload your avatar picture
File: Captura.png (96 KB, 697x347)
96 KB
The thing is that the image I want to upload is not doing so :( I press the green button and nothing happens
I've checked the PHP response when I click on the green button and the server says "Access denied for agent changed"
Make sure your in the correct group
Go to your space which is underneath your avatar picture .
On that page check you have no outstanding tasks .There might be a task to add an avatar which is why your access is Denied .
If that's not the problem just keep trying various attempts .
I did it from a mobile phone enabled desktop . Clear your cache regularly.
Uploaded the photos into an album folder ony page because I wasn't in the group to make posts .
Visited lots of pages and made quick replies to bump up my banknotes and points .
Also you can buy cards like the rainbow or anonymous card which will enable you do things that your user group cannot.
Failing all of this and reading through help topics ,enabling browser taking off third party cookies and what have you I don't know what else to suggest bar contacting a moderator
Thank you very much! I've tried everything but nothing worked, then I contacted an administrator and they fixed the bug :)
What's your name on there fess up
thanks for the thread. I could not post until adding a friend - an admin agreed to be my friend, so it's good that they are helpful
Which admin was this ? Please tell me as I lost my password and need someone to send it to me .!!
I have a backup account luckily that is Ladyferrari also add me as a friend Ladydatsun .
As soon as I get access to the latter you'll have two new friends and more banknotes cause I buy prop cards and place then on my page .
Use a browser like Chrome that will do automatic translations. The sign-in page has a recover password option (link is to the right of the password field) - you just need your user name and email address. The user name of the admin was just "admin"
Ladydatsun邀请您访问折纸大学 | 学习折纸
Say hi add friend join via this link
Yep I tried that all day I waited and no email was sent . eventually I did some tasks visited every category where the admins are clearly visible and added them,left a message on their page using a flash card ..said hi I'm not getting my recovery emails and they fixed it within two hours .
I really like having two accounts on here and most of the post from the old site are there. The tasks are actually fun to do .not like diyzhen who's not even taking new registrations
I would like to have an invitation to join diyzhen, I can offer an invitation for zhezhindaxue :) anyone interested?
I don't understand, what is so interesting in zhezhindaxue or diyzhen? No new korean books there, only uploads of already shared stuff.
Maybe already shared, but not here. In /po/ nobody shares anything now
They are good sites with everything easy to find .
You won't see everything that is shared on zhezhidaxue because you have to reply to get the file and often you need to do a number of task to get points to post .it's totally free ,but takes a day or two to upload enough and earn free banknotes upload an avatar and profile .
You a person used to getting everything without effort
the other sight is down?
>The other site is down ?
The older site zhezhuxueyuan is down and was close on and off as of there was problem with server .they went off for half a year then came back for like six weeks and only could access between certain times .Then they disappeared for a year and a half everyone went to Flickr Tieba and saysaysay .
That site no longer exists but if you have your password and old username use that to sign in to zhezhidaxue and you can access all your collection and Amoy posts . Luckily I saved every c.p and tutorial I liked .
Click archiver to open older posts that stayed in the database .
Click university to get the latest .
Keep it on desktop to get the best experience

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