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I saw a lot of trade requests on here lately, and most people don't even want to post anything on here for free anymore or get turned back immediately, which is up to the one having them really and the current situation with the buying/supplying etc.

Well, because of that, and the backlash of rude people on here, I wanted to maybe start an anonymous private trading thread, where you write your newly made mail for trades (not your primary one - never do that on the net XD), and what you expect or something, and people can contact you for trades and such.

Basically I myself am searching for anything and everything anime, no mechas, no vehicles, no buildings etc., mostly humanoid crafts of all sorts, but also mascots and pets.

I also got a trading folder ready in a link, where I got the most interesting ones that I got with pictures in it, as well as a folder of the ones I am still searching for, so I suggest people who want to trade do a similar system to make it easier to trade, and off we go :)

My mail is: {Made For Papercrafts Only @ mail. com} - without { and spaces. So hit me up and write your owns if you are interested :)
don't want to be rude ,but the history repeats againt,this same kind of tread creates a war in /po some years ago for the worst , maybe someone remember?
Well in all honesty, what doesn't? All I see are shitposts and people complaining. And in this solution you just write your stuff on here 1 time and let the email do the rest without you having to even read these idiots replys anymore. Or ban emails if anything like that comes flying in. I get that entitled people will get mad because they want to do nothing and get everything, but if it doesn't work on here anymore, you try to do something that does. Let people be mad and do papercraft trading the way you want
Here is the trading thread. Everybody welcome who wishes to trade in a respectful manner in private. Just write your trade email and you'll be contacted in no time, or contact others that sent their emails. No shit, no scams. Been doing this on here for 1 month now and really gotten some sweet Taobao papercrafts myself, that I never imagined I would get. All you need is manners, will and a good collection with picture references for trade. I don't care about a shitstorm or anything like that, if it has gotten to the point that designers figure out this page and rage about what people are sharing for free on here and disrespectful little trolls are whining that they can't get everything they want for absolutely nothing anymore, then we trade in private. Is what it is. Maybe if people actually chilled the fuck out on here and stop raging about everything they don't get because they feel entitled to, we would all get some nice crafts shared for free again as well. Go figure saying that on 4chan...
Hi, I have several Taobao scans some that I bought myself. I was hoping to trade, here's my email if anyone is interested:

papercrafttrade@ gmail.com (no space)
This is the best thing that came out of this crap site where nothing happens in a looooong time! Thanks anon!
Does this actually work? Anybody tried to contact these emails and got anything? I don't want to get spammed or anything like that, but I also want to trade my stuff since the board is pretty much become useless now
I've traded with a few, they've all ended ok. Make a separate email specifically for trading if you're worried.
Is this a thing now? Is the site dead-er than usual now in 2021? Did people stop sharing stuff on here and it's all ending? Why keep the site then even if stuff like this is posted on. Damn, is society really only made up of only self-loving pricks that don't want to share stuff anymore? I don't want to believe it :///
idk, there is a lot of people that don't want to share and mock those who does, then they try to share their e-mail in order to not share anything here, like they forgot the point of requesting being allowed in this board, this sucks
It is you who doesn't understand the point of "requesting being allowed". To be more specific, you don't understand the meaning of the words "requesting" & "allowed". No where in those words is it meant, implied, or defined as someone being compelled to surrender, distribute, or share. This board exists to share papercraft or origami related material and/or topics. That could very well be a papercraft template or origami diagram. Or a link to download or purchase a kit. Could be a build thread or tips. Could be pics of a collection. It could be a 'request'... different from a demand in that there is no guarantee or expectation of submission.

Understand, the person who purchases something with their hard earned money is under no obligation to provide for you. It is nice & something one should be grateful for, but not expect more. I buy kits, but I would like (not expect), others to share some of that expense. If I have a kit that cost me $10 & someone else has a kit that they bought for 10 bucks & we trade, then we spent $5 per kit.

Trading is a form of sharing. The more trading that happens, more kits enter circulation. Eventually those kits get 'traded out' & no longer have value for that & can end up being openly shared. If you are not contributing to that, you have no right to any timely expectation of that.

People here need to start by being grateful for what they get, when they get it, first. That is the real problem here. Instead of respectful contemplation & acceptance of this fact, the responses will be cursing at me & any other 'haves'. Telling those of us who are the only reason any of what is shared, is even possible, to piss off, not realizing that if we did that, you would have ZERO shot at anything, ever. The rare kits that show up here are because WE buy them & decide to share or have traded them out. Make your request, be thankful for what you get, be patient for the rest... better yet, be the example you want to see & stop complaining.
Any new shit to post? :))

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