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File: mokoufunny.jpg (19 KB, 240x320)
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Hi /po, absolutely new here. I wanted to make a mokou papercraft small thing, pic attatched is the one. I found two links:

that both reference a page that has since been taken down. went via way back machine to see if i can retrieve the old zip file, but couldn't find anything at all. It is a pretty old post on those two blogspot accounts (2009), but I really wanna see if the files to make this specific papercraft are still lying around for anyone, or anyone knows where I can find em.

Thank you to anyone who helps, anything is appreciated.
by the way, if anyone has any mokous that are simple enough, feel free to post em- I basically take anything at this point, the only mokous other than this that arent shitty are some overly complex ones, so i'll take whatever I can
I'm not sure if it was ever fully released, all the versions I found only had the bow and stickers. I'll link a site with similar ones just in case you wanna try those instead.

this was quite useful, but alas, I think you may be right, and it was never fully released, or it was lost to the sands of the internet... unfortunate
Duuude, these are super easy to re-make. Just order a commission, pay those few bucks for it, and you get an almost same papercraft of them. If you really want them. Even I can re-make them myself. You can pay me and I can make you the 2 missing ones.
i am not very money lmao, why i try to make papercrafts instead of buying a fumo or something if i really wanted to

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