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Hi, I'm looking for papercraft Whatsapp/Telegram groups. If anyone is in one and is willing to send a link that would be great, and if you're not that's ok.
It's mostly lowploy
https://t.me/joinchat/N7n0oBbvzLZrxNUTnKSGBQ is in spanish,but there they share a lot of low poly,tomorrow i'll try to repost a lot of files
Thank you!
Facebook has the most organized and active origami groups outside of Asia .
You need to join as many groups and follow all the friends of friends before long you should see ppl posting from groups you can join . They often do paid tutorial on zoom or have unofficial videos on bilibili/ Vimeo to make a few .
Sometimes like during the pandemic ppl were setting up group chats but not much origami was discussed your really aren't missing out
Discord has origami groups here's a link from Daniel who's on Flickr and designed ryujin64
You just need to make as many friends on Facebook and ig.
Tiktok has some Origami streams as well as some of the other thriller etc .you can initiate group chats in comments of folds that you rate.
Bilibili is a site with an APK download that has other Origami than YouTube .
Alternatively set up a discord chat for that purpose and post links here

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