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I am 80% sure that I saw a Eri papercraft of the anime Hero academia before. Somewhere on FB probably. But I didn't find it anywhere, I searched on google and didn't find anything.

Does anybody know if there is a template out there. Do you know where to get it, buy it, are you willing to trade it? Anything that would lead me to it really, I am a huge fan :PPP
It does exist, but there's no way to tell when the person will release it. If you have a DA account, you can try messaging them.
Thank you for the reply. Sadly, the chibi version is not the ones I meant. I am sure I saw a "normal" sized Eri, no pose, just standing, on FB somewhere and somebody was selling it. But I can't find it anywhere and got no idea how to find it else :(
I couldn't find it either. Why don't you make one yourself, anon? :)
Yeah, I feared that it's nowhere to be found XD I got no idea about designing, only making the finished ones. Any recomendations for commissions?
hey anon, if you have pepakura, you can probably unfold a pre-existing eri 3-d model into a papercraft.
I've found one on DA, but you might have to convert the file so it is compatible with pepakura's sofeware.
Yeah, good luck importing a un-edited un-posed 3D model with 1000k polygons. Idjt. That's the 1. thing you DON'T do if you want to have a papercraft. You can just import everything willy-nilly and think it's gonna look great.
Besides, anon asked for a designer for a commission, not your crappy stupid oppinion. Obviosuly he doesn't want to work himself (doesn't know how to), wants it to look proffessional, and not just the ones the latinos on FB think a papercraft looks like, importing all the 3D stuff they can find for free in the program and just unfolding it with 1000 pieces. Let the grown-ups talk here.
I was asking for a commission... because this isn't how you do a good craft, obvy
Pretty much sums it up here XDDD
Oh so that's how it works. Thanks anon, I know now.
I hope you can find what you are looking for.
Good luck.

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