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How do people come up with their own original folds? I've made quite a few things from tutorials but what thought process do people use to make completely original things?
I'm not sure about origami. But with kirigami it's pretty simple once you understand the basics.

I bet with origami you just start to recognize patterns once you get really good at it.
Simply put just start with paper airplanes and experiment.

Who cares if you fail and the plane you make doesn't fly. Just fuck around and have fun.
good advice
This video mentions a few strategies he applies briefly, using math to come up with new ways to make some intricate origami at about twelve minutes in, but the whole video is worth watching for anyone who likes origami.
I don't know how similar this is to traditional methods and he's clearly leaving certain details out, but it's a decent starting point.
origami design secrets. read it.
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My W dragon.
Usually by folding someone else's BASE (collapse) then calling it a variation or inspired by #
Bases aren't necessarily copyrighted whereas finished models can be.
And you can add extra paper and also fold the sane model but change something
Is this pol?
Find a topic your actually interested in .Rather than trying to fill gaps or compete with other authors .There are plenty of fictional character that haven't been attempted .most boys are more into paleontology and fauna ,bugs and beasties . Still if you can do a neater and more life-like study it doesn't matter how many other models there are .
As I already mentioned characters and themes become more popular like games and movies Because friends bond and discover how the experts encourage folders by putting origami jargon into their media .

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