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I just came on this board for the first time and now want to make kawasaki roses for my gf. I looked up a video and it looks easy to just follow instructions but I wonder if I'm overestimating how easy it'll be.

I want to go to my hobby store tomorrow and get some origami paper to mess around with. If you think kawasaki roses are too ambitious how do you think I should go about learning and starting up?
you're not really inventing any new designs; you're just following instructions. first rose might be hard but you'll get better with practice. i'm a beginner and recently started making these roses.
there are some tricky folds you need to practice
This is one of those models that is hard to understand if it is your first fully 3d model because the diagramming might be confusing. Once you learn it, it's one of the easier models to remember and fold while still looking amazing.
I'm also a beginner at origami and have been folding for three weeks though there was a time I would fold a lot of cranes back in my youth. I find Origami difficult because my folding technique is always imprecise. The finished products looks alright but I get frustrated by how my diagonal folds don't crease on the vertex, or my blitz fold looking misaligned.

Found a tutorial
File: LilyRed_l.gif (61 KB, 400x400)
61 KB
I'll echo this anon. This might be too difficult for your first origami piece. Feel free to attempt it but if you are unable to finish it then don't feel too bad. A simpler flower, yet still elegant, is the lily flower (pic related)

The most important thing to remember as a beginner is to take your time with the folds and fold EVERY crease nice and crisp (unless explicitly stated otherwise). Use your fingernail or a hard object to create the fold, your finger tip is not enough.

You also don't need any specialized paper to learn/practice. You can fold with anything. Paper only matters with more complex models or if it is a finished product to give as a gift. If you attempt this rose I recommend folding it a few times with computer paper until you're happy with the result then use nice paper.
Kawasaki roses aren’t too bad, but they can be a bit scary if it’s like your first model. The thing about origami step by step is it requires a bit of intuition and trial and error sometimes to understand how to get the paper to do what you want it to.
When I try to do it from memory I always end up making a vital step backwards
Be careful and patient. This >>595781 post has a lot of good advice, but the thing I'd really emphasize is not rushing. Take your time with each step and you'll get better.

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