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File: diyzhen code.png (30 KB, 1271x233)
30 KB
Someone has diyzhen codes ? I tried to use those of other threads but nothing

Hey, I'm not sure if you still need this but, I've just managed to create a QQ few days ago and talked to them, they gave me a code to join and a few extra to invite people, so here you go:

thank you SO much! BTW the last two codes have been used and no longer work
I Try to dl some stuff and already have over 1000 posts, still says need permission. Can you talk to them and ask em to fix. Thx
How about you do something yourself you illiterate fuck. Use google translate, put some elbow grease in it dingdong
su OTB será inferior a 0, cordial greetings, can someone explain to me how I get this information to download files?
Cordial greetings, browse the fucking website like we all did and your questions will be answered
cordial saludo, si no va ha hacer un aporte porque mas bien no dice nada.

Why don't YOU share something instead of begging and begging?
I beg for your fucking mother who gave birth to you badly

No problem


Someone already explained months ago how it works...but ok I'll explain once more:

积分 or "integral" are the points you need to increase your read permission, you get them:

1 per post/reply
1 per money you have

0 - permission 10
200 permission 20
1000 permission 30
5000 permission 50
10000 permission 70
30000 permission 90

You can click on the blue button on right top corner to check in every day once per day, you get 2 OTB

Each download consumes 2 OTB

You can trade 1 OTB to 10 Money which is same thing as 10 积分 as well...

over 10OTB traded you'll start to pay an extra fee of 10%

example, 1000 Money would cost 100 OTB, but you will need to pay 110 OTB

I hope that's clear enough now.
You sheepfucker learn English, you other sheepfucker learn some manners. We are just dissing you inbreed retards for spamming up the board with useless questions and countless request for the same thing, 5-times or more, because you won't spend a dime or anyting. How about instead of investing the money to buy snickers for your fatasses, you actually save up and buy the fucking things yourself and stop shitting up the site. Begging hobo dicksuckers
Thank you, I understand everything except one thing, how to send a message, where
You send the message through your ass to your mom that sucks the dicks. Simple as that. I mean, your mom? Dude, you are one fucked-up cocksucker

To send a direct message or post?

Direct message you need to click on someone's picture and will open option to send message

To post you just need to click the post you want to reply, scroll down to the very end and put message and send, but do it in chinese, use translator for that.

Posts older than 15 days can no longer get replies
>t72vcv eiz6gg fw6l24
mmm, ha ok thank you very much
I already learned and it worked for me, thank you, if I can download several beautiful documents I will gladly share them here.
Can some pls remind me when check in time starts?

8:00AM China time. Sometimes it bugs and just accept 9:00AM+
don't. Just don't
Piss off.
Go eat a dick fuckface. See, angry people being angry because they won't get free stuff you "want" to share. You don't deserve the dirt under my fingernails small-pp-boy. Go choke on a crayon for all I care

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