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File: Hedgehogs-1.jpg (79 KB, 650x650)
79 KB
>Be me
>Mom hates all of my hobbies and thinks I am a failure
>"Hey anon, you're into papercrafts right?"
>I have been building Bioshock models all week
>"How about we set some time aside and do some papercrafts together this weekend?"
>Mom has never shown interest in my hobbies
>Feels good, perhaps we can bond as we build a Big Daddy together?
>"Sounds lovely mom, I'll get some extra glue"
>Weekend comes
>Walk down stairs
>Sees pic related on a tablet as my mom lays out paper plates
>"All ready anon?"
>Passes me a small plastic apron that says 'crafting mad' on it.
>TFW Mom thinks I have special needs.
Dude, find a model you think your mom would like to build and have, and show her the ropes.
She's trying to bond with you.
She doesn’t understand videogames is all. She picked something she thought was cute! This seems like a great step forward to me. Bond with your mother, I hope it will be worth it.
Aw your mom worries about your happiness anon! Find a cool yet not too complex model and show her why it is you like papercrafts, it's great she's trying to bond
File: Howl's Moving Castle.jpg (208 KB, 768x1024)
208 KB
208 KB JPG
You should try and build this with her lol
that's kind of sweet, op :) she wants to bond with you and show her some more complicated models to do with her like >>593164 said
Trying to understand is the first step.
Keep in mind this is what our parents considered highly sophisticated papercraft.
give your mom a hug from all of us op
Your mom sounds like such a sweet old lady OP.

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