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What do you guys do with your folds ? I don't have the heart to trash them :(

Make a good decoration for your home or gif someone you like, that's what I do mostly
Any inspiration or ideas on a decoration? You mean like wall art or something?
File: Crane mandala.jpg (307 KB, 990x1024)
307 KB
307 KB JPG

Depends on what you link and which place of the house we're talking about, I've noticed there are many cranes, use the 8 of the same size to make a mandala for example

some people connect cranes to make a dragon or something else too, I guess there are many options, you just gotta think about it
I put the ones I don't like anymore in a box. When the box gets full and I've forgotten what's in it: I empty it into the bin without looking. If I can't remember exactly what it is I'm throwing away and I just now that I don't like it anymore, I'm not as sad. This is just what I do; other people may have better options.
These are both excellent ideas, thank you.

I will connect the cranes and for the others I shall place in a box and hopefully will have the heart to empty it one day, any other ideas are very welcome because my room is being flooded with paper
File: 1471658651178.png (89 KB, 809x738)
89 KB
Scatter them through the city, OP; Just leave them in places that will be seen and brighten someone's day
i give them to my bf as a gift and he just trashes them after a while lmao
burn them

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