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i used to get on here to ask questions about building halo armor back when it was hot shit. you all suggested a papercraft designing program and i went off into the world and made my aqua resin papercraft armor, shared it back here and fell out of the papercraft hobby. that was like 2012?!

im back to ask if anyone knows of a new or tried and true program i can make templates on. new project is a fiberglass bodykit for a daihatsu Ktruck thanks for any suggestions

I cant for the life of me remember the program i used to use
>new or tried and true program i can make templates on
people are still using pepakura, its pretty much the only program for unfolding 3d models. If its modelling you want to do, anything that can export a file supported by pep is good, xismo, blender, metasequoia, etc.

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