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File: fKicw.png (569 KB, 700x990)
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Decided to share some of the “premium” papercrafts that this site wants you to BUY, although they were shared for free ages ago.
This so-called site (https://paperzonevn.com/forums/cartoon-game.83/) is a scam and destroying the papercraft community, forcing you to pay for things you can get for free and ILLEGALLY sharing premium papercrafts and work of OTHER authors they do not have the permission for. They are scammers and should be called out as such, sharing, amongst other foul play, files of S.V. (S.V. actually calling out the site to STOP distributing his free files and they bluntly disrespected his work and are linking all his files on their site).

So, in an initiative to make things right, I have compiled the files from the PaperzoneVN site they are illegally sharing as “premium” I got. Here is the list of all the papercrafts in the pack:
• Atelier Ryza Stout chibi
• Digimon Renamon
• Fate Stay Saber Bride
• Kuroshitsuji Ciel Phantomhive
• Love life Kotori Minami chibi
• Love life Kotori Minami green dress
• Miku Calne Ca
• Miku Little Red Riding Hood
• Miku Magical Mirai 2020
• Miku Racing 2014
• Miku Type 2020
• Onmyoji Arena Enmusubi no Kami
• Revue Starlight Aijou Karen, Hanayagi Kaoruko, Hikari Kagura, Isurugi Futaba, Junna Hoshimi, Kaoruko Hanayagi, Nana Daiba, Saijo Claudine, Tendou Maya, Tsuyuzaki Mahiru
• Saint Seiya Shiryu


Most of these were actually shared by the amazing anons on this site, HE/THEY bought the files and shared them on here for everybody to have, and PaperzoneVN is now taking all the CREDIT for the files and trying to sell them!

Stop the scammers and start sharing people. Any contribution of the files that have to be “bought” there and are not in the links, I would appreciate if they could be shared in the spirit of a good sharing community.

Enjoyyyy ;)
There is already a folder with those... Why post this?
Because there is NOT and you actually didn't read and see ALL the papercrafts in here. DUMBASS. Check the files, there are totally new ones in here
1. Actual description of what papercrafts they are downloading in the pack, without the needless search (easily found on Google).
2. New thread that hasn't reached max limit and is on the 1. page so people can actually see it.
3. Proposition to join the cause and show those idiots on the site that they can't scam the papercraft comunity like that.
4. ACTUAL NEW papercrafts that weren't already shared on here at all.

Thank you very very much for sharing :)
Super sweet!!!!!!!!!!! :D Fight the patriarchy!!
Anon of share anime models thread, tired of finding nice stuff there and seeing that they wanted payment, looking forward to people sharing stuff
I have a request, there’s one of aigis from persona 3 by crisscraft (if I spelled that correctly) that they want a premium subscription for, problem is I’ve tried searching for the file on his site and nothing, no traces of aigis or persona at all, maybe I didn’t look hard enough?
I actually shared everything I had based on those "premium" files they are selling, so these are what I got myself. That's why I asked people to chip in so we get all of them and stop the sh*t site from scamming people with obtainable items.

I actually know what papercraft you mean, since I am also looking for Raphtalia from Tate no Yuusha from Crisiscraft, but so far no luck. As far as I see it, all those "premium" files on there are 1/3 of Crisis and he has his own Payway Patreon page, so all those designes on there (including what we 2 are searching for) are from that payway. Meaning a member of PaperzoneVN is subscribed to him and forwards all of his eclusive work onto the site, where they are re-sold again for their profit. Now that's tre stealing lowlife sh*t papercrafting right there. So, whoever has them would be awesome to share the files, so they can't be re-sold to their profit and not to the profit of the true designer.
Thank you OP for the generous post! I appreciate your time although I personally care more for the Low Poly section at paperzonevn.com but sadly these aren't included in your massive upload, right?
I was focusing on the "premium" section of the page, is there actually a different group of low-poly papercrafts that are also "premium" and you got to buy from them? I am focusing on those only, since those are the ones these assh*les are making money off of. If you find any other sections of papercrafts they are selling as theirs, be sure to send a link and I can see if I got any of those as well.
Thanks for you reply. No, it's not a proprietary section, I think. But I have compiled all the Premium Low Poly models here:


These I would be VERY MUCH interested in but as you said, I don't fancy throwing my money at them.

Again, thanks for your help and generosity
Ahh, now I see what you mean. Yeah, these are all in the sector of "premium" so you have to pay those jackasses that stole them anyway to get them. I am actually focused on anime papercrafts as such myself, so I only uploaded that section of the ones I had, since I am not interested in lowpoly ones and wall mounts. But I know a lot of people do like them, and hopefully some of them can share those files in a link on here as well to share them. Sorry I can't help here, I uploaded all the ones I had from the anime section and that wasn't even half of what they are selling. We definetly need more people participating for the greater cause :)
You guys have to pay for the premium section? I don’t know if my google is broken or not, but I could download the Miku Red Riding Hood and both Love Live Kotoris without needing an account...?
Can you download these?



Maybe those are "broken" because they were already shared for free and they changed the settings to free but are still under the category "premium". No idea what's up, but those I want are blocked and I don't have "permission" to view coz I don't pay.

Ah, sorry, it seems to be because the links were fixed to be free. I was wondering why a lot of the premium section papercrafts were free to download.
Come on people, doesn't anybody want to share new designs from there? I gave you all the ones I had and I am willing to share more if there are any designs being "re-sold" and I got. There also came some new deisngs from Genshin Impact that I would love to have and they don't let me buy them and I got ni idea why (wrote it in another post), so come on join the fun and we can get all the files on here for free for everybody.
I spoke to the designer of the Genshin Papercrafts and he's not selling them anymore because people were sharing it without his permission. I think we should respect his decision as he's the one who spent hours designing it. So please don't share it, he may stop making them if this keeps up.
Yeah, probably you and your freinds of this designer are not selling, coz you get on here to steal the ones we share but give nothing into the pot yourself.

That is actual poppy*, because just today or yesterday they posted a new Genshin papercraft on FB and said they are for sale and people liking the post. Even a video of how to assemble it, so I call you a lier my good sir. Why would they be posting this thing all over the groups there and everywhere if they are not selling it anymore?
If people are actually sharing them, where can I download it then? XDDDDD Or who should I ask to trade. Need some info here.

Yeesh, I was just trying to help. Please lets not pollute this board with petty arguments.
You started it with your "polluted" argument that isn't even true and doesn't make sense. Just trying to cover your ass form people not asking about the papercrafts. Tell your friend he can leave the board if he doesn't want to see his stuff being shared here. Coz that's what we do here. As simple as that.
Dude, let it go! This is not what this board is for.
Aparently not even for the thing it's suppose to be for, since like what, 2 people of the whole damn "community" share files on here? Damn, people should be ashamed visiting this page with an "active" community like this. No wonder we can't get anything done if nobody wants to participate. If we actually joined we could get all the amazing files in less than a week and everybody would profit from it. I don't get where this haording selfishness is coming from, seriously.
The reason no one's posting is because they've got nothing. All the easily available ones have been posted already in anon's batch download. You shouldn't be so quick to judge, I'm sure that if someone comes across a good one they'll share it. Have some faith in the community.
Anybody got this rare thing? Pyra from Xenoblade. Actually any good papercrafts from Xenoblade, appart from those cutish fluffy Ricky ones... girls from Xenoblade or aynthing like that maybe?
This model is by Muumin... He doesn't share his good stuff, ever. He just shares the crap that people don't care about. Just forget you saw it, never going to happen. I stopped paying attention to him a long time ago.
Damn :/ The best ones always do. Hate this mentalitly, or more like the shit side of the community, where all good designers shy away from sharing because of idiots that re-sell and abuse them. Because of those crap 5% of people, we ALL can't have anything nice.

But I posted this actually because I did saw somebody posting a preview WIP of her as well on a FB page somewhere (but I didn't find that pic). So I know somebody else at least attempted to get a Pyra papercraft done, so maybe somebody knows anything?
Anything new with the resistance movement etc.? Btw this site is freaky, these posts keep getting shifter around with no real valid dates to be on 1. site. Anybody knows what's going on here? Errors, smap attacks, just jacked-up hamster-driven servers?
Doing God’s work. Cheers anon
O M G!!!!!

Ryza papercraft from that chello guy metalhead whatever dude!!!! Damn that's crazy! I love it so much ;_; thank youuuu

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