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Anybody has this NINGGUANG papercraft to share? Or would be willing to post on here for a trade maybe? I got some papercrafts in my collection, so if somebody has it please respond or say what other papercrafts they are looking for.
bump I need genshin paper crafts too
You can buy it by messaging the designer on facebook its $9USD.

Yeah, great, know that. Problem is he doesn't want to sell it to me and I got no idea why. I never contacted him or said anything rude to him, so that's not an option for me. Pretecious pr*ck, why the hell is he selecting people that want to buy his stuff based on a message saying "Hi. I would like to buy your Genshin papercraft. Is that possible?". What kind of a crappy world are we living in anyway.

Long story short, still need the papercraft template if anybody has more luck getting it or wants to share/trade it on here.
bump, they also declined my request to buy :/

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