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File: ZomboDroid 05122020075415.jpg (563 KB, 1974x1787)
563 KB
563 KB JPG
I know it's hella belated, but Happy Halloween everyone!

Happy Halloween (delayed) too

I liked the model, mind if I make a few questions?

1- What kind of paper did you used? Also size.
2- Will you have CP or diagrams for sharing once it gets a final version?
3- How much time it took to do it?

Nice !
never made one but just to make sure what do you mean by CP?

Crease Pattern - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crease_pattern
Once an ass, always an ass.
File: ZomboDroid 07122020111650.jpg (659 KB, 2006x1947)
659 KB
659 KB JPG
Here is v1.2 of the Jack O' Lantern. Ive increased the proportions of the face, and made the top more uniform. I still have several problems I need to work out, and maybe try a different grid.
1. 18" square homemade tissue foil
2. I'm in crunch time with work, and obly got this model burning my sleep hours, so if I do diagrams, it'll be further down the line.
3. In terms of designing, I'm still in the process, so that's yet to be determined. In terms of folding, I started folding the grid for v1.2 at around 8pm, and finished around 2am. When I have a more permanent design, I'll probably shave an hour off.

Thank you!
File: ZomboDroid 11122020233508.jpg (219 KB, 1190x1016)
219 KB
219 KB JPG
Jack O' Lantern v1.3 (last one, I swear!)
nah man, keep updating. I love the design and you're making it look better and better with each iteration
Can't wait for the diagrams
File: 20201216_223518~3.jpg (869 KB, 2695x1665)
869 KB
869 KB JPG
Telescope goldfish
It’s amazing, my dude.
ive seen your work on reddit, keep up the good work man
Thanks dude!

Yeah I simultaneously post on multiple channels as not everyone uses the same thing. Joined a discord too!

Needs a bit of work on the tail and mouth, but I started a new project, so I don't know if I'll be going back to it.
File: 20210106_091738.jpg (727 KB, 2318x1631)
727 KB
727 KB JPG
First attempt at a hedgehog

That's amazing, which paper you've used? id it made from box pleat? If is, what's the grid?
1. Homemade tissue foil 18"
2. Yes
3. 80x80 diagonally
File: ZomboDroid 12012021231255.jpg (528 KB, 1313x2205)
528 KB
528 KB JPG
Hedgehog Prototype v2.1 (Gotta Go Fast Edition)
Really nice work! This is the best origami hedgehog model I've seen yet, hands down. The proportions are spot-on! I'd love to see it folded from some good lokta or origamido paper rather than tissue-foil at some point...
The only actual origami paper I've ever used is kami and homemade tissue foil, so it would probably turn out worse desu.

But I bought new paper to try and see if I like anything

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