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File: oe5wjx1oy7061.jpg (66 KB, 544x958)
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Hey guys. Wanted to ask about papercraft commissions. Do you make them, do you have experience with them, are they even a thing or are people mostly just content with rummaging through posts and find only free stuff to make?

I did find some, but got no experience with any of them (pic of one I found recently, think it's super cool). So I wanted to ask basically if you have any good/bad experience and if you can forward me some good people? Also, how much does an average difficulty papercraft cost to make anyway?

Sorry for all the questions, I'm just really into custom papercrafts as of now, since none of the designs I want are online or even in model form, so I am checking out my options here ;9
Funny that feature Antyyy in your attached pic! I (in effect) commissioned a Ponyo papercraft commission from her, it did not cost much (12 euros or something) and I love it to bits, still have it displayed. She even helped me with some steps. If it's a moderately simple character, then yeah go for it, I've had a very positive experience.
Ohhh! Nice to head that! But appart from her, any other ones that are really good? And I mean, is commissioning papercrafts even a thing, don't know if people actually have a specific character in mind, such as I have many, many XD, that they are actually willing to pay to be made? In FB groups all I see are people nagging about what to share from stolen papercrafts that they want to get for free, so it's strange that it's even a thing. Or only for specific people, I don't know. Maybe actual papercraft nerds that are super into it and want stuff to be done.

But then it's always the problem if you have something in mind that you get somebody that can actually make it justttt the way you want. I can imagine that being the biggest problem. So I am searching for a variety of people that can do that, so I got a pool to choose from really. I know, I am picky about this. I want my 1. commission to be perfect.
Well, I'm not sure what to add other than just go for it.
(I haven't used any other creators, other people here might want to recommend though...)
I have a thing I want to commission but I have no idea where to find someone who does papercraft commissions. Seems like most just do it as hobbyists.
Actually I was the one originally posting this. And after I posted it, I actually went to the DA site of this Antyyy and commissioned 2 things and I LOVED IT. They are paid commissions, BUT I got excatly 100% what I wanted and we agreed upon and I am definetly commissioning more once I get some cash. So far I only tried this one, since I looked at 2 others that apparently made commissions, but their art sucked, so I only tried with this guy and I am amazed. Might want to try it out. Or learn to do it yourself. Good luck XD I suck at it

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