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Hello /po/lite folders. I noticed there isn't a thread to discuss movies and tv shows that feature origami.

I'd like to start suggesting the wonderful "Kubo and the two strings", by studio LAIKA.
File: SDC14935_s.jpg (667 KB, 1500x2000)
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I really like Lupin tales. I've done some (incomplete) papercraft of the little dude, with a yet appreciated reference.
The second season of SAC has an episode (the 11th) in which a character folds many cranes. The animation for it is also pretty accurate!
this anime called origami warriors https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YczypTyH0ko
I'm watching Lupin III, and your image made me think there was an entire spinoff i never head of

The idea is great, but I don't like how, after they have finished folding, the creatures become your standard pokemon/digimon clones
File: 023_tp_0040-2000x1429.jpg (211 KB, 2000x1429)
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Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them
File: Banana_Origami.png (766 KB, 939x1400)
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766 KB PNG
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
[Part 8]: JoJolion
There is the unicorn in Blade Runner and a swan in Prison Break
You are right, but sadly the unicorn needs two pieces of paper and some glue. If someone found a way to make it a proper origami it would easily become my favorite model
Ghost in the Shell
A Silent Voice
Heavy Rain
>Ghost in the Shell
I think they mean >>585357
File: ORUORU.jpg (515 KB, 1730x1080)
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515 KB JPG
This and also the sheep in the sequel.

In Harry Potter they have the magic paper birds which work as like paper airplanes.
File: 20191130_164406.jpg (117 KB, 717x386)
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yeah bitch!!!1
シン・ゴジラ Shin Gōjira
File: learning-origami.png (80 KB, 452x510)
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File: QGFG32.jpg (123 KB, 944x763)
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File: Kami_Shuriken.PNG.png (759 KB, 1277x718)
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There's this German language novel titled Sadako Wants to Live / The Day of the Bomb that my mom recommended to me but I've yet to read it.
I know it's about a little girl who got HIROSHIMA'd and is folding paper cranes in the hospital.
File: 45981749823.jpg (43 KB, 959x579)
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File: Paper_adult.gif (1 KB, 93x96)
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Dragon Cave, a virtual adoptables game, has the Paper Dragon, which is actually enchanted origami.
While a similar game known as Magistream has Kamitori and Sora Kamitori.
Recently watched Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru, an obscure fantasy mecha anime from late 80s. In the latter half of the first series, one of hero`s companions is an old ninja known as Genryusai who specializes in tricks involving origami (such as flying on a paper aeroplane, as seen in the second opening animation).
File: Origami movie.jpg (34 KB, 279x402)
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