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Bros I need your love of origami to wingman me.
I'm a 20 y/o kid, never had much experience with dating but I've been close to this girl for a while.
She really loves origami but I had almost no experience with it. I plan to confess to her by making an origami with a hidden cheesy line like "will you be my girlfriend?". But I'm stuck on what kinda origami would work

Currently I'm planning to make a rose like in this vid and thankfully I succeeded, would probably write the message on the back of the paper and have her unfold the whole flower. What do you guys think?

I'm completely open to any suggestions here but if possible I would greatly greatly appreciate any nice flower origami that's not too difficult to make but easy to unfold. Thanks so much guys

I think its cute and a good idea. Go get that girl
I personally think these roses are a little better but your call.
Thanks man I'm really nervous because no one was answering, I tried a bunch of roses including the one you linked and I plan to just make them all and give them to her. Sadly I find that many of them were way too difficult for me.

By the way would it be better if I use bigger paper? I'm currently using 20x20 double sided color.

I´m actually very new to origami too so I can´t help with that too much, but I think that the size they tell you works best because they did choose it for a reason.
Even if the origami is not perfect, I am sure she will appreciate the effort, and probably find the attempts cute. :)
Wonder how it went for anon. I’m not a /po/ native and just wander here from time to time, I love this place, I can’t think of anywhere else where you can see so much passion almost frozen in time but moving slowly, like a glacier. Anyways, hope he sees this and updates us.
why you don't join ? you do not like to bend ? it will be fun :)
Anon please update us
I know this was a while back, but how did it go?
She laughed at his pitiful attempts and he killed himself, right?
No negativity please friend, I’m sure he did well :)
I hope so too but I think he would have told us if it did :/

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