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File: Oreimo-Kousaka-Kirino.jpg (14 KB, 316x416)
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How do i make hot anime papper girls like this? Is this hard? I can make like a choice thingy but thats is so i guess in pretty telentend
Wow so cool!
1st learn how to make a 3d model. The use papekura to unfold the 3d model to 2d model.
Then print out. Then build it.
But i dont know how
you need a 3d software like, Blender (free), 3d Max, zbrush, Maya.
Then you can go to google or youtub type " (software name)Tutorial" ex. blender tutorial, you will a lot. learn the software tool from build some simple 3d model. the build more.

Video ex:

then find some simple human model photo.

Here is a video how to build a model useing 3dx max.

then lean to how to build a simple hume body.
then add detail. then texture the model.

This is a one-day learn, need time to learn, that is depend on how hard work you are.
>his is a one-day learn, need time to learn, that is depend on how hard work you are.

i mean This is "NOT" a one-day learning.
Calm down kyousuke!

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