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Let’s talk about this guy. First thing, I have to say that, regardless of his flaws and his teaching models without permission, I consider him an extremely positive and much needed figure in the origami community. (You know what Jesus said: let him who is without sin cast the first stone. Likewise, let only those who have never illegally downloaded an origami book criticise him.) I don’t know whether his channel has any strikes, but he must be on thin ice in YouTube terms.
So here’s what I suggest: someone with much more storage space than me should download all his videos in case his channel gets deleted, and archive them somewhere. They’re all 720p but generally long.
I discovered his channel recently, and he's amazing :D
He's not positive and he isn't much needed. He has very few copyright strikes because few of the creators he steals models from for revenue even speak English, much less have heard of them. There are many other youtubers who provide videos of complex models with permission from the creators. On top of that, he could just fucking ask once. Except He's actually a dick to creators who want his videos removed. Fuck him
SK a dk himself so it works
Honestly origami people need to stop being such faggots when it comes to copyrights. When you release any idea into the world to the rest of humanity, it is no longer yours. Deal with it.
Es una mierda ,dobla y enseña otros modelos pero no los propios
I wonder how the copyright work for these things. Like for example is he only show how to fold the model and don't show the diagram is it legal ? Like showing how to play a guitar song but not showing the partition, is this illegal ? I guess it's in some sort of a grey zone.

But i would not be surprised if showing how to fold a model that the autor has not diagramed yet (only issued a CP publicly aviable on flickr for example) was perfectly legal.
Diagrams and crease patterns are protected by copyright law. Showing the entire folding sequence (i.e. an "animated" diagram) of a model would infringe on the copyright.

It's not really a grey area. It's pretty simple.
I would totally do this, but I only have 300 gigabytes left and I want to use those for the vidya gaem. Maybe I'll make a google account and use the google drive space exclusively for them, and then just turn link sharing one for the entire folder.

Will probably have to split it up into multiple accounts, he has 227 videos.

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