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File: ku jason.gif (12 KB, 360x360)
12 KB
pls someone gimme reference points for this cp
I don’t really think you need too many reference points, as I see it it all lies on the grid and the diagonal lines are either at 22.5° angles or are also based on the grid (and, if not, they’re just where they need to be to fold flat, like the crimp on the bottom middle). It would've been better if the CP had the square grid in the background (which is 20×20 outside the upper corners). Maybe you can do it yourself on a computer.
So I need to fold 20 grid ? Noo
What did you expect?
I was expecting to find the reference for the mid point of cp. The rest of the creases will easily fall in place
The X in the middle is 8 squares from the edge, it’s easy to count.
But i still have to fold a 20 by 20 grid
Use a multiple of 20 cm paper and measure it for the main creases so you don't have to fold the 20x20 grid (which shouldn't be a problem anyway if you weren't lazy).
mark 1/5 on the edge. You dont need the whole grid or else the whole model will be filled with unnecessary creases. Ive folded this model before f16 falcon by jason ku. Not that hard to collapse and shaping is easy
What does it represent though?
I would box grid it ..only because you will have a pencil anyway 80% falls on a box grid thereby your collapse should be neater ...
Thanks !!
File: Jason Ku F-16 precreasing.png (543 KB, 2315x3274)
543 KB
543 KB PNG
Here you go.

I have only drawn the precreasing so please don't ask me to draw anything further.
Well hell, you've already gone this far.
Haha, there's quite a difference between drawing precreasing and drawing actual folding steps. Maybe Jason Ku will diagram it himself one day...
It was worth a shot anyway.
Jason ku does a lot of odd number box creases....5x7x9xand so on
I folded his Jewel beetle and box grids the tiniest lines fell on third or half box..
With Jason's models his schematic diagram helps with the collapse...
I was proud of doing that alone####
I have a folder full of his c.ps ...I'll look for the double of this
Nice effort.
Thanks :)
nooo, please don't measure in origami...
just do a 5x5 grid and mark subdivisions were needed
File: fifths.png (9 KB, 551x549)
9 KB
If what you're doing is bisecting the angles then that inner most angle would be 11.25 exactly degrees. arctan(1/5) which is the ration of the right triangle gives around 11.31 degrees. This is not a perfect fifth of the length. See pic related.
File: FBI.png (263 KB, 991x672)
263 KB
263 KB PNG
cp? I hope you dont mean THAT kind of cp
also fuck you, filthy frogposter

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