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/po/ - Papercraft & Origami

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File: IMG_20180809_171549006.jpg (812 KB, 3778x1908)
812 KB
812 KB JPG
>new ‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘square’’’’’’’’ of origami paper, folded precisely corner to corner, completely flat
File: 1508473190611.gif (998 KB, 500x368)
998 KB
998 KB GIF
Every time.
happens to me all the time. any tips plz
Here is my technique, it works pretty well for me. You need a scalpel, a straightedge and a cutting mat with a grid patern.

-Once your sheet of paper is prepped cut one thin strip close to one edge of your sheet. This will ensure that this side is perfectly straight.
-Align this perfectly straight edge with the vertical line of the grid and use horizontal lines and straight edge to cut a right angle.
-You now have two perfectly straight edges of paper forming a perfect right angle. Fold the right angle in half, now the two straight edges of paper are one on top of the other.
-Align these two straight edges of paper with the vertical line of the grid and use the straightedge and grid to make a cut perpendicular to the two superposed straight edges.

You now have a square, if done correctly it's virtually perfect. The origami paper that are sold are usually poor quality square and you often need to recut them.
Thanks I tried this but my square still turned out Off by 2mm
>paper from Origami Shop arrives
>the big sheets were pretty sharply folded in half and in half again, and not even precisely
What are they even thinking? What if I wanted to make a tesselation from a hexagonal grid on one of those sheets?
Screw that. I'd never shop for paper there again. And I'd tell everyone and their mother not to either
something about the monopoly that store has on everything from paper to books in this hobby seems really fucking weird to me. this shit is just another issue of many with them
I wish I could but they have papers which are impossible to find anywhere else
Tip..buy a dressmakers ruler or Matt with a the measurements in it!!!# then you can make perfect squares
File: Instagram-a821c8.png (142 KB, 500x522)
142 KB
142 KB PNG
>spend a lot of time making something
>fuck up in the last few steps
File: IMG_20181107_213516191.jpg (894 KB, 2176x3399)
894 KB
894 KB JPG
>‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘origami’’’’’’’’’’ paper
>can't even spread the wings of the crane because it tore when tried to do it only slightly
Even printer paper works better for a crane than this.
File: IMG_20181107_213723709.jpg (1.08 MB, 3120x2902)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB JPG
>same kind of ‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘origami’’’’’’’’’’ paper
>this happens to Jeremy Shafer’s Warrior Crane (basically a simple flapping bird) after LIGHT usage — and the tear isn’t even on the modified side
Origami on the tag doesn't imply anything about it's quality
Then you need check your instruments or to git gud, son.
>Nicolas Terry ‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘tissue foil’’’’’’’’’’
>fold Tadashi Mori’s Darkness Dragon 2
>too thick
I was scared that the back was going to tear. Fortunately it didn’t but the legs are stupid thick. I don’t even think it’d make sense to finish it.
Nigga you can't even make a crane
Oh yeah?
I get enraged when I do a fold, but it's off by a few millimeters. Then I try to do a correct fold, but somehow the paper is stubborn. Then after 30 minutes doing the same thing, my hands start to get weird, let's call it annoyed.
Your fingers are disgusting dude.

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