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File: nimetön.png (1.33 MB, 1676x760)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB PNG
What's going on with Camera Conspiracies? He hasn't been looking very healthy lately. The red eyes and the lip color
He's back to being vegan again lately, isn't he? Dude is unable to learn his lessons, as shown.
What the fuck, that cant be it. The vegans ive seen may be the definition of a twig but they dont look like theyre in a perpetual chokehold
Humans evolved to depend on a steady intake of at least some meat or eggs to live. If you fuck up anything in a vegan diet you risk dying. It’s highly unnatural and depends on a good balance of exotic/imported goods and industrial fortified premade foods and supplements.

Literally just eat a handful of mealworms once a day and you can avoid dying like this guy
He's following some "doctor's" diet which obviously isn't working for him
Ever since Sony made a7siii he kind of fell off, since it's the perfect vlogging camera, but he still needs to make content.
I watched him regularly when he was in Thailand. Both his photo and food channels were funny back then and he seemed to really enjoy life. And then he went back to C*nada. That depressing hellhole is slowly killing him. Killed my interest in his content also.
is he vaxxed?
i stopped watching long time ago. the music tracks he uses caused me a minor depression.
For me it was C# major depression :^)
I hope that eye is photoshopped. I like his attitude and hope he isn't sick.
oh dude i still remember, it has this slow murky quality to them, like the saddest person wrote them to be the soundtrack of a bad childhood memory. it doesn't help that he slurs words in a quiet voice.
It's from his latest video. Or maybe it's all just those disgusting Sony colors
He got invited to some Canon event i think, but had to pass because novaxx. He is based, but is holding back because he is dependent on normie revenue, but he let's it through from time to time. He even made a video about how white people are going extinct which caused a shitshow like no othe with screeching in the comment section by white boomers.
He also made some mega based statements about (((them))) and later had to issue an "apology" that wasn't an apology at all k3k
I don't have any idea who this dude is but he just earned a sub.
That's Camera Conspiracies aka Vegan Police, a lolcow of the photography youtube world but also a fantastic troll at times. He coined the term "toneh" while making fun of Tony Northrup and his bokeh obsession.
If this man approached me on the street I would assume he’s asking for spare change.
>So based that being antivax and getting COVID left him with such extensive lung damage he literally can't get enough oxygen in his blood to stop him from going blue.


You right wing tinfoil hat guys really are Darwin in action, and I'm totally here for it, if enough of you die we'll fix global warming and overpopulation and increase the average IQ, we might set back idiocracy coming to pass by a good 50 years thanks to COVID.
Yeah these anti-vaxxers are so stupid i heckin hate them so much and i hope they die or get jailed. Sheesh they should learn to trust the experts from an inernment camp as far as i am concerned and that serves them right for putting us sane people in danger. I have taken all the boosters and i feel perfectly fine.
>delusions of grandeur
You only flip flop on vegan diet if its for medical reason, which means the issue isn't the diet but the underlying medical issue, its hard to say, but i've HIV infected gents are recommended such a diet
>Just like OP, that guy is a faggot
>if enough of you die
just 2 more weeks before covid kills all us unvaxx right? lol you're just as bad as the "right wing tinfoil hat guys"
COVID was a nothingburger and even normies are waking up to it
lol dude, nobody thinks like this, take a two week detox from the internet and let your cooked brain reset
The increase in covid shills makes me think they are planning another swindle.
I literally had a talk about this with my doctor who has ten billion different medical degrees and thirty more billion medical specialization diplomas and basically, the 'TLDR' of the whole vegetarian/vegan bullshit is that your health and in case of veganism your life too, quite literally, depends on enzyme, vitamin and 10 trillion other kinds of supplements, which if you don't buy and consume them, you're 100% going to be unhealthy/die. - And then there's also a whole other subject about 90% of the vitamins, enzymes and other supplements that you should take/consume, being super, mega unhealthy on top of you already consuming a biologically inappropriate diet to the point it rots your body away - (not literally.) Also, he said that eating at McDonalds every day is healthier than being a vegan without consuming supplements and enzymes. It's fucking idiotic.

And then I've also heard some people are forcing their carnivoristic pets to be vegan too, which infuriates the shit out of me even more than seen a human being resort to eating only grass all day, every day.
he needs to get back to intermittent fasting. just eat "normal" but not the sugar junk and only for max 4 hours a day. I always thought he was just pretending to switch diets so much though
I've had covid 4 times and am in peak condition

But vegans are notorious for various frailties and deficiencies because some retard thought that because humans don't kill with their teeth and get heart disease around age 60-70 if they eat a diet heavy in both cooked red meats and processed grains, that they can't possibly be meant to eat meat
>stone age man's diet was 50% fish, processed grains didn't exist, red meat was a luxury, random berries and tubers were eaten in such quantities that most of humanity is nutrient deficient from switching to a diet like "prime beef muscle, broccoli, rice, bread, apples" when they used to eat "15 different kinds of fish, 30 different seasonal berries and tubers, nuts and seeds, and the occasional red meat with the muscle, organs, and marrow all consumed".

Since this shitposting camera canuk is an on and off vegan I can bet on what actually happened. People in poor health are more likely to suffer actual damage from disease-related inflammation because their body simply lacks the resources needed to maintain and defend itself. Why do you think every covid vaccine was sold as "IF YOU ARE OBESE, SMOKE, HAVE DIABETES, BLA BLA BLA"?
>Half a million excess deaths in the USA in 2020 alone
>Equal to 9\11 every other day in a country with the most advanced medical technology in the world
>Counties with highest vaccination rates had 80% lower excess death rate
>Nothingburger and vaccinations are a lie

Lmao pal
Like I said, covid is best at killing stupid and therefore unhealthy people. Look at the stats closer, at the age, racial, and economic groups that had the most deaths. And remember it's in the USA where health is a lower priority than it is in germany.

Clogged arteries from fatty steak and fries for dinner daily? Overweight? Throw back the bud and marlboros? Like poptarts and cereal for breakfast? Or maybe you thought you'd go vegan and show your damn christian dad that the bible was wrong and cows are our friends, so instead of that steak you eat a processed bean and pea patty fortified with artificial multivitams? Buh bye both of you, and good riddance. Maybe the latter will have a lower death rate, but they are both inferior to someone eating a proper diet even if one can claim to be the least retarded retarded.
>Half a million excess deaths in the USA in 2020 alone
Not from COVID though lol, in fact many of those are consequences of anti-COVID measures. Delayed care for other diseases, vax complications, etc.
this guy is so cringe. cant watch his videos. he thinks he's funny? he don't have the looks to become an actor.
People should stop spreading misinformation. 92.9% of people don't have any lasting effects on their vision.
Just 20 more years and we'll have FDA approved killed virus vaccines that don't force your body to produce a localized megadose of a viral toxin. 20 because it's not an emergency anymore. Lol.
>COVID only kills stupid people
And the biggest correlation of people it did kill was in the unvaccinated people, 80% fewer deaths in highly vaccinated areas.
>Vegan bad
Actually plant based diets were associated with significantly lower levels of severe COVID issues

>They didn't die of COVID, they died because the hospitals were completely filled with people that had covid and understaffed due to staff having COVID.
So you're saying they died because of COVID?
What you're saying is as dumb as saying "they didn't die because the plane hit the tower, they died because rubble fell on them".
Vaxxies are so mad that we aren't dead, kek.
When the comparison in your study is the standard western diet anything will look good.

>80% fewer deaths
Among people we could have done without.
He’s quite clearly got Covid. Ironic really.
>video about how white people are going extinct
>based statements about (((them)))
he straight up looks like the guy in falling down who tries to spin a BS story to michael douglas
Why are you retards talking about covid? Look at his videos over the years on the camera conspiracies & vegetable police channel, his body weight and general health is constantly all over the place because every few months his opinions and views completely change and he starts some insanely bullshit diet that has absolutely no scientific backing other than him seeing a random post on truehealth.biz.

The guy is entertaining for sure but absolutely no one should be taking anything this guy says seriously.
isn't this guy a weirdo vegan nazi
Nah, he's a guy who had the balls to speak some truths in a video and ended up being canceled by the stupid sub-humans that crucified their own messiah.
I didn't give in to social pressure, and I'm perfectly fine. Also, in the past two years, I've worn a mask on fewer than 20 occasions (I bought a box of 20 in March 2020, and I still have 4 left).
How many days have you worn your face covering, Anon? 200 days? 400 days? You must feel like a complete idiot.
>protip: you are
File: 1668605040823886.jpg (146 KB, 447x424)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
>muh vax muh covid
its 2023 you retarded motherfuckers shut the fuck up and post photos
File: sketch-rnn-3.png (11 KB, 2880x1147)
11 KB
We don't post photos here. Shill your camera brand or gtfo
>I never leave my house and live 150 miles from the nearest city, I'm fine
>never leave my house and live 150 miles from the nearest city
I live in Madrid, a city with a population of 6 million people. The requirement to wear masks inside bars and restaurants was only enforced for 2 months in this city. My wife and I work from home, and we have the means to pay for a delivery service that brings all our groceries for a fee of 7€, which saves us time.
>I'm fine
You are right, sheep:
My wife, kids, and I chose not to get vaxxed. All four of us contracted COVID-19, but we are all doing fine because it's just like a regular flu.
Enjoy your masks and your poisoned blood.
>the stupid sub-humans that crucified their own messiah
But the kikes didn't crucify Bar Kokhba.
do you guys really like eceleb gossip?
>be spain
>160k excess deaths from march 2020 to march 2023, 0.3% of the country dead due to the pandemic
>by mid 2021 over 80% of covid cases were amongst unvaccinated despite 65% of the country being vaccinated
>10'000 people reported serious side effects to the vaccine, and an absolute maximum of 346 deaths if EVERY death following the vaccine where it COULD have been implicated did so
>I put my whole family at risk to own the libs

don't forget to stop sanitising your kitchen and definitely stop cooking your chicken all they way through, i hear they are just libtard plans too. don't get me started on "tetnus" injections
Look at the statistics closer
WHICH people? How was their health? Their condition? Their history of a strong immune system?

Science is flawed in that it can not study illness properly without running the truman show, and that it dismisses anecdotes entirely.
The strongest correlation for those dying is those that are unvaccinated.

WHICH people, are the kind like YOU and YOUR FAMILY
Still alive so maybe you should look at finer categorizations and make decisions like a human instead of interpreting statistics in such a way that obligate you to support the total extermination of 80% of the earth's population, roll back womens rights, and institute mandatory religion

But now that it's a guarantee that someone will be hurt instead of a high chance I'm sure you will ask "but which... finer category before making decision pls". Or no, you won't engage in that much critical though it would just be a visceral reaction in line with your conditioning
>inb4 you actually are a racist, sexist fascist

Because either you intrerpret general statistics as vehicles of truth and become a racist, sexist, fascist, or you are a hypocrite.
>the strongest correlation is the criminals are black
>Have you considered socio-economic factors, how racism and the fact that it cuts both ways in a multi-racial society can affect how people perceive morality, property rights, and cooperative behavior, a culture that leads infants to be exposed to more drugs....
>no the biggest correlation is they are black! stop introducing big hard thoughts into my simple world!
It's amazing how often insurance companies and drug pushers demonstrate the exact same logic as literal card carrying, armband wearing nazis.

Anyways, how does this affect cameras? Do racism and covid hysteria carry over to fanatical fuji/sony hate?
You weren't replying to my post but since you brought up fuji/sony hate I assume you mean either me or cinefag, because huskyfag doesn't hate Sony.
>racism is to blame for typical negro behavior
have you considered the way your ideology has made niggers behave more like niggers than before? How telling the nigger that whitey is the source of all his ills has only made them more complacent about it? Guess what, when you judge someone by their character instead of their physical appearance the result is the same today as if you judged them for being niggers all along, more than ever. Specially so in Pindostan. Maybe you can find some decent niggers in Africa, but not here. Part of it has evolutionary reasons of course. We're talking generations of niggers picked by jews selecting the dumbest niggers to export and that was the stock from which the Pindostani nigger was bred.
The attached photo is Spanish government data from 2020, my friend. Since we are fit, healthy, and were in our early 30s back then, I guess we are so right and you are very wrong. My kids have never seen me wearing a mask, and they have never even touched one. What about you and your family? Lol.
>sanitising your kitchen
My kitchen is clean, and we have all had our vaccines, but not the experimental and unnecessary one.
>my whole family at risk
My family is okay, and I hope yours is too. The only difference is that we haven't been guinea pigs for pharmaceutical companies and we haven't spent two years smelling our own breath. I understand that it may be frustrating for you, but it is the consequence you have to pay for living in fear and succumbing to media pressure without showing any personal judgment
I want to emphasize that the deaths marked with the green square correspond to individuals who exceed the country's average life expectancy. Unbelievable, right?
I also want to mention that in that year there was no seasonal flu at all (Unbelievable, right?) and even car accidents where the victim tested positive for COVID or people who died from cancer but had COVID the previous month were counted as COVID deaths (sounds crazy, right?). I'm not denying that many people have died, but it has been approached in a maximalist way, and instead of focusing on those truly affected, they have taken a broad approach that has fucked the lives of retarded people like you.
I must say that we were afraid and cautious during the first month of lockdown, doing silly things like washing groceries, but thankfully, we reasoned and understood that the narrative of fear was not true.
>mainly old people died
Doesn't mean that covid can't do long term/permanent damage to younger people, long covid has been rife amongst 30-50 year olds, especially those that caught it before the vaccine and that were in very good health.
>But x was counted as covid deaths
irrelevant, i only spoke about excess mortality, which factors in any seasonal flu. And no, it's not crazy that there was very few if any flu deaths considering the extensive measures put in place to limit the spread of ANY contagious illness.
>160k excess dead people isn't true
it is, and you live in la-la land for pretending it isn't, i get it though, a worldwide pandemic can be terrifying and for some cognitive dissonance is the best way to get through it.
>I don't like smelling my own breath
Then brush your teeth you filthy fuck
>weating a mask and protecting yourself from a deadly virus has "fucked your life"
no, it hasn't, the relative chance of harm of a vaccine against a case of covid is absolutely minimal, and the effect it has on the chance of reducing long term effects is massive. Y'all are the ones that fucked your lives, and that was reflected in antivaxx death rates, and the confirmation bias that you receive as dead people can't complain is insane.
>Long covid
I know 4 people with this out of the hundreds of people I know and every last one was either
>A heavy user of alcohol, tobacco, or marijuana (meaning more than once a week - you degenerates)
>Ate like actual shit (heavy on processed carbs, cured meat, red meat, "fast food")
Every. Single. Fucking. One. You could also say "long covid" is absolutely a minimal concern especially if you look at finer grained categories. Are adverse reactions to a half baked MRNA vaccine not in the same category? But because it is a rapid megadose of a viral toxin it also affects healthy people.

Give me a killed virus vaccine without a mercury preservative but I'm not paying off or doing testing for an MRNA research program out of israel thanks. I am not against vaccines, only shitty ones.

Which fucking people. If everyone thought like you we'd also have evicted blacks from the US based on the biggest correlates alone. However we are not going to fuck over the sane black people who live here because of people who are fucked for reasons that are not inherently related to being black nor the future generations who may not suffer those reasons.

But you think along the lines that lead to "race realism". You see a number, you see a correlation, you stop thinking.
>it is, and you live in la-la land for pretending it isn't, i get it though, a worldwide pandemic can be terrifying and for some cognitive dissonance is the best way to get through it.
"It is, and yo ulive in la la land for pretend it isn't, i get it though, a nationwide crime pandemic can be terrifying and for some cognitive dissonance is..."
Yes you do in fact think like that. Just replace vaccines and deaths with blacks and crime and you might break through the conditioning and see your fallacious reasoning for what it is. Since you should have already been taught why black people are not bad.
I can't believe there are coronu argument bots on p
Camera conspiracies is one of the like 3 non homosexual Canadians
he just uploaded another vid and he's still wearing the glasses but he's looking a little bit better.
Sure is weird how every virus up to this point was suppressed with traditional vaccines which do not cause blindness, myocarditis, brain damage, etc in "merely 5-10%" but we needed MRNA for this one because "omg, viruses evolve". Yes they all evolve which is why the MRNA vaccines need constant boosters and alterations just like a regular flu shot.

Keep that shit out of my bloodstream until it is a regular ass flu shot.
>but think of the greater good, you could save other people
Fuck the greater good. Self preservation is the goal of life. Not species-wide preservation. The species is made up of the descendants of people who were not sacrificing themselves. The extrovert population just fucking died while people who said "keep your vaccine, i'll stay indoors" are living on and having kids. Enjoy your natural selection.
File: SICK+MEDIA+300.jpg (888 KB, 4409x3170)
888 KB
888 KB JPG
>Long Covid
Haha. It's just fibromyalgia 2.0
>It's not surprising that there were very few, if any, flu deaths.
From thousands in 2019 to zero, and then back to thousands after a years. Okay, anon.
>The claim that 160k excess dead people isn't true.
Now you're falsely quoting me, anon. I just posted the graph from 2020 and said "I'm not denying that many people have died". We could discuss that most of the deaths correspond to individuals who exceed the average life expectancy, but you choose to lie and cherry-pick. Fuck off.
>Then brush your teeth
Have you calculated how many hours you wore the mask? You sound salty after smelling your own waste for 2 years. Stay at home and put your mask on, faggot.
>The relative chance of harm from a vaccine against a case of Covid is absolutely minimal.
Well, as I said, I'm not overweight, old, or unhealthy, so my chance of harm with Covid was near zero. And, as mentioned, long Covid is as real as fibromyalgia. Are you a landwale, anon? You sound like a coward piece of lard incapable of loosing weight.
>Y'all are the ones who messed up your lives.
As I said, we are fine. It must be just magic or God taking care of us, because after testing positive in 2021, the four of us still healthy and right. Furthermore, we have natural immunity and we have overcome the deadly corona on our own.
I guess you are the only one out of your mind, fatty coward. Were you one of those who experienced several days of pain and discomfort after the vaccine and boosters? I have some friends that spend thee to five days fucked up with muscular pain.
And one last question: How many hugs did you refrain from giving to your family and friends? Now tell me who messed up his life.
It's been an enlightening discussion. Farewell and take care, I'm sure if you stay at home and wear a couple of overlapping masks you'll make it.

[EXIF data available. Click here to show/hide.]
Camera-Specific Properties:
Camera SoftwareAdobe Photoshop 23.1 (Macintosh)
Image-Specific Properties:
Image Width4836
Image Height3424
Number of Bits Per Component8, 8, 8
Pixel CompositionRGB
Image OrientationTop, Left-Hand
Horizontal Resolution300 dpi
Vertical Resolution300 dpi
Image Created2022:02:14 20:26:58
Color Space InformationUncalibrated
Image Width4409
Image Height3170
File: P20210211AS-Biden_Fauci.jpg (957 KB, 1600x1066)
957 KB
957 KB JPG
>I'm sure if you stay at home and wear a couple of overlapping masks you'll make it.
Don't forget the eye protection.

[EXIF data available. Click here to show/hide.]
Camera-Specific Properties:
Equipment MakeSONY
Camera ModelILCE-9M2
Camera SoftwareAdobe Photoshop 21.2 (Macintosh)
PhotographerAdam Schultz
Maximum Lens Aperturef/2.8
Focal Length (35mm Equiv)19 mm
Image-Specific Properties:
Image Width3000
Image Height2000
Number of Bits Per Component8, 8, 8
Pixel CompositionRGB
Image OrientationTop, Left-Hand
Horizontal Resolution200 dpi
Vertical Resolution200 dpi
Image Created2021:02:11 19:28:46
Exposure Time1/160 sec
Exposure ProgramManual
ISO Speed Rating3200
Lens Aperturef/3.2
Brightness1.1 EV
Exposure Bias0 EV
Metering ModeAverage
Light SourceUnknown
FlashNo Flash, Compulsory
Focal Length19.00 mm
Color Space InformationsRGB
Image Width1600
Image Height1066
Exposure ModeManual
White BalanceManual
Scene Capture TypeStandard
File: E_YOPnwXEAU6IZv.jpg (112 KB, 1125x1445)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
>but think of the greater good, you could save other people
>I don't care about anyone else
I'm sorry your parents weren't good parents dude
>Enjoy your natural selection
Exclaimed the boy from the group of people most likely to die or get chronic health conditions

>Lc is FM 2
Severe viral illnesses have been associated with triggering a lot of autoimmune and chronic health conditions, COVID has been a fantastic boost to the research, funding and visibility of these illnesses; not to mention the massive mRNA progress forming the basis for the best avenue for treatment research that we've had so far. We've finally turned a corner in medicine from symptom bashing to rewriting our DNA to just remove whatever it is that may ail us.
>flu deaths
There was 900 in 2020 and 24 in 2021 and 2022 hasn't been released yet??? Are you regurgitating right wing nonsense anon. And use your brain, if you were frail enough to die from the flu, a Corona virus itself, whilst there was a much more widespread, much more contagious, much more lethal Corona virus going around, which one do you think is most likely to kill you? Dumbass.
>Total excess mortality is cherry picking
>Crying over wearing a little bit of cotton on your face
You guys are so weird, are you autistic with severe sensory issues or something? Do you get mad when mommy tells you to wear underwear too?
>Are you big
6' with a BMI of 21, I'm bang centre in the healthy range
>Fibro isn't real
There's that cognitive dissonance again, literally no health body denies FM exists. Personally I see it as a catch-all term for a group of illnesses not yet understood.
File: insta.jpg (121 KB, 1350x1350)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
Venga que sí, que vives en Madrid y solamente te han pedido que te pongas la mascarilla en menos de 20 ocasiones en este tiempo. Claro.
File: 136721644_crop_north.jpg (473 KB, 1311x1967)
473 KB
473 KB JPG
>Trabajamos desde casa
>Niños pequeños educados en casa
>Juan Roig, Jeff Bezos, Pccomponentes y ECI nos traen la compra
>No usamos transporte público
>Compramos en la farmacia en la ventanita de fuera
>Cuando la mascarilla era obligatoria en la calle, evitábamos calles principales y la mascarilla siempre en la muñeca por si pasaba la policía
>Muchas miradas de mala ostia, pero tan solo tres veces alguien me ha dicho que me ponga la mascarilla en la calle. Tres normies con ínfulas de autoridad. Mi respuesta ha sido invariablemente la misma: llama a la policía.
Ask me anything.
File: PngItem_2723949.png (448 KB, 797x876)
448 KB
448 KB PNG
This thread isn't even about photography anymore.
File: 1544303808628.jpg (68 KB, 740x663)
68 KB
Rember all those articles about people that supposedly died because didn't vaxx and how they were interviewed before dying and then proclaiming to regret not getting the vaxx?
Once again you need to understand basic statistics and that correlation is not causation

Is being black a cause of crime? Is refusing an experimental MRNA vaccine a cause of death?
If you exercise any basic logic the answer is the same.

No. The single biggest correlation is a scare stat but not a cause, it’s a factor and often a harmless one that needs other factors to be significant.
Pasando :)

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