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/p/ - Photography

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I basically figured out photography and it turns out that the only way to win is to buy an old film slr for $25 and maybe a selenium light meter.
>inb4 thank you so much anon
You’re welcome

[EXIF data available. Click here to show/hide.]
Camera-Specific Properties:
Image-Specific Properties:
Horizontal Resolution72 dpi
Vertical Resolution72 dpi
Color Space InformationsRGB
Image Width1600
Image Height1200
Scene Capture TypeStandard
File: op.gif (1.91 MB, 416x336)
1.91 MB
1.91 MB GIF
it’s true and unless you’re a professional you should never touch digital and just have fun
kys bait posting faggot
I wish someone told me this 10 years ago. fortunately I didn't spend too much money on my digital gear but so many film systems have gotten so much more expensive over the same period. it's literally been a lose–lose situation. less fun and I missed the boat on $1000 x-pan bodies.
>>4158761 (Me)
I should add an asterisk to this. I should've gotten something more fun and portable but digital for my travel needs and used film for my artistic curiosity.
smartphone cameras weren't good back then. nowadays you really don't need a digital point and shoot though there are a lot of very nice options if you wanted one.
yeah, if your idea of photography is based on "exposure" aka attention, film is the way to go. people will pay attention to your photography just because it's film. and you can make tons of excuses that make you look better, like this
>i can't afford that much film because like fuck capitalism man so every shot you see was carefully considered... if you think it's random you dont understand my artistic vision...
>when you can't just turn up some "ISO", you shoot more thematically each roll, i don't take photographs i take galleries...
>Hold on can't you just do that with any ca-
>digital is a crutch digital photographers aren't smart enough to use film i am very cool and enlightened
>Wow!!!! He is!
If you just want a fucking picture that is better than phone quality, for any purpose, want any artistic merit to stand on its own, and don't want snobbery to get between you and just committing an image to record, buy literally any digital camera with a 1" sensor or better within your personal budget and just have it with you.

no one cares if you really like your full frame and can't find a camera you like more for the money. no one cares if you're a micro four thirds fanboy. just take a fucking picture.
phones still aren't very good, they're still way below point and shoots just because apple can't defy basic physics. so now they smudge in a bunch of fake details and anyone viewing it on a screen bigger than the phone that took it can see the photos look weird.

girls with iphone 14 pro maxxi pads and dimsun galaxy 23 ultra pros compliment my micro four thirds snapshits because the quality wows them and they look "soulful" (camera noise with minimal correction is film grain to them)

real cameras are also way more durable and less expensive than phones, and having one decent camera liberates you from one more excuse to participate in the biyearly phone upgrade cycle as well as having the NSA scan all your photos

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