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File: IMG_4431~1.jpg (2.84 MB, 3024x4032)
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2.84 MB JPG
So I am starting to have interests in food photography for refine my skills in photography. Any tips and tricks?
looks delicious bro
Thanks, bro. The food was Spicy Korean chicken flavored noodles with southern fried chicken, smashed in chili garlic paste. For short, mie ayam geprek sambal bawang.

I would like to learn the proper food photography to make my foods looks delicious and aesthetic, also to refine my photography skill for my career.
Nice picture champ
The downside is that it looks like it's been shot through a phone (which probably was). Lighting should be your best bet since it's a bit overexposed in the green of the plate, but is right on the noodles.

I would also consider getting a mat or black felt on the table to neutralize the background with just the plate and whatever's in it to be just the subject, and not anything that could attract unwanted attention anywhere else in frame.

A geared head and a tall tripod is your best friend too.
It’s not as easy as it seems because the objective is to make the food look tasty. There’s also product placement you have to think about. Your food has to be perfect and carefully selected and arranged. Sorry, but the photo looks like food scraps I’d give to a dog.
lol at garish plate and dirty cutlery
not a fan of the birds eye view that has become ubiquitous in cooking photography tbqhwy

sorry man you must acquire some taste before shooting pics
more than a lucky star you need style
Your dog either is very lucky or you are homo who eats takeout every single day
Or a chef, which is both
I don't mean to be rude but >>4047138 is not wrong, this does look like a bowl of dog food.
I think that you need to refine your skills in food presentation first of all.
A nice plate (clean the edges after plating), clean cutlery and patiently arranged food.
Look at some cookery books
File: mmexport1591882788107.jpg (3.78 MB, 5584x3723)
3.78 MB
3.78 MB JPG
I did a bit of food photography back 2020 when daddy government wouldn't let me go outside. Honestly biggest tip is to prepare two portions and eat one first so you don't rush the photo. Other than that it's just still life photography. Just make sure you do a decent job of white balancing the image otherwise the food will look pretty gross.

[EXIF data available. Click here to show/hide.]
Camera-Specific Properties:
Camera SoftwareAdobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic 9.2.1 (Windows)
Image-Specific Properties:
Horizontal Resolution450 dpi
Vertical Resolution450 dpi
Image Created2020:06:11 13:18:53
Color Space InformationsRGB
>this does look like a bowl of dog food.
It doesn't you cock eating retard, it's obviously not for a restaurant menu presentation but the implication you plate your food everytime you meal is dumb unless, again, you eat takeout every single day.
>I think that you need to refine your skills
Why me? that's OP's deal and i can make such images and have done in the past, the question here is the integrity of the food itself, not the visual presentation which is obviously at question, no need to remark it as he picked a cheap unclean dish and a pair of utensils used to mix it for no reason, which implies a very obvious lack of care in the presentation thus either a casual image of his food or his intention was merely practicing the angles and focal lengths, and both haven't been discussed due to the severe faggotry at going for the food quality rather than the image like a person not used to taking pictures of food (which is often nasty looking).

I doubt OP is that mentally ill to put such dish and dirty forks seriously, let alone the use of bag noodles and the badly fried breaded chicken. I don't doubt that much that you are a faggot for ignoring the technical camera issues rather than looking at the food, for example the light source is harsh and there's no breathing space in the composition, this looks more like a video setup for cooking than a clean presentation for a menu format or promotional shot.
>patiently arranged food.
Tricks used by cunning kitchen rats, no plate should take longer than 30 seconds, patiently arranging means either you get your stuff cold or you are lying to the customer. It should be, at most, separated by rations and type of content like protein or fiber or what have at you. Of course some managers will ask you to fake it but that's part of the in-site chef to do as he is more trained at plating than one who will only tell him the specific angles he wants to portray, that is unless the chef is more of an artist than a cook.
Take your meds and go eat some croccantini Fuffi.
Your mental gymnastics and deduction skills are appalling and baffling. If you read through the thread, you would know that OP wants to create photos that make the food look appetising (hopefully not just to dogs). See >>4047112
don't bother. asian food isn't photogenic unless it's some fusion crap
And yet you still haven't given a single tip as the shitposting fags you are
I will start then, OP use a softbox light, a medium one as you need to take it somewhat far to give table context or monochrome backgrounds more space, the soft light makes the food look less shiny, or less oily if that's your objective, and the highlights not as busted up.
Overhead view is to showcase portion rations ONLY, lateral views are for the actual thing and they are what you need to concentrate on.
Do not abuse depth of field, people want to see the entire plate somewhat decently. A bokeh wall looks uncomfortable, cellphone-like as in unnatural and often hides half the portions.
If you want the food to "glow" in the style of late night dinner menu forms, use strong warm light and a small aperture like f16.
Any food can be photographed well enough, only the retarded and the homosexual think otherwise.
Half of it is down to plating and completely unrelated to photography. That is to say, get better plates and learn to arrange the food better, that looks way too messy.

The rest of it is (A) making sure it is in focus, (B) lighting, (C) framing

Get a softbox diffuser or put a sheet over a lamp with a warm bulb in it. Stop down aperture to around f/8 to f/16 depending on focal length. Keep ISO at base. This means a tripod if you are just using a lamp or natural light.
I provided tips and my input already. See >>4047138
You refer to homosexuality in most if not all of your posts. I think it’s best you go back to >>>/lgbt/ and stay there.

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