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I struggle to choice between F2 and F3 and wanna clarify some things

In F2 with DP-11 memory issues with cds cells is really that bad? And how metering compares with DP-12, aside of cds cells memory issues.

In F3, what's the reliability of camera's electronics and F3 in general? I really like F3, but if electronics goes rip, it's borderline impossible to get it fixed in my region. I know that F3 HP are newer, but how's good HP viewfinder for a person without glasses?

For both cameras, operable temperatures. What's the real life limit within which cameras works normally and won't damaged. Let's say if I wanna shoot in -20c (-4f), or in hot summer, close to the +50c (122f). Dunno if F3/T is more reliable, but it's out of my budget anyways.

As for F2 I like the fact that it's fully mechanical, but also like the F3 stepless shutter and exp comp going with it.

And what I should pay attention to looking at this cameras on eBay? Also, how trustworthy Japanese, German (European in general) vintage cameras sellers there?

I don't consider any other models mostly due to the fact of non 100% area in viewfinder (I have Nikon F-301, didn't thought that non-100% viewfinder could be an issue, but sadly it was, and around 40% of my shots ended up with something in frame that I didn't want).

Thanks for any advice.

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>I have Nikon F-301
and you don't shoot with it, so you won't shoot with these either
F-301 lack of some features that I needed in around 30% cases when I shot my first roll. I bought simpler film camera for the start to understand whether I like film or not. I most likely sell it for more mech body later, I wanna have two (or more) bodies for different types of film.
he literally explained why he didn't like it
Where are these desires coming from? Have you shot more than one roll? Have you tried alternate ways of overcoming the challenges presented by the gear?
There's so much you can do before "just buy something else" is your best option Sinking money into gear gives you the feeling like you're advancing your photography and really taking it seriously, but if your opinions are based off of limited experience, how do you know one thing is better than the other? Your basis seems to be that you shot one roll of film and didn't get the shots you were hoping for; obviously this is the case, and buying a new camera won't patch over your dearth of ability
Cropping exists. If someone can crop M43 or APSC and he can't crop full frame he's super retarded
>Let's say if I wanna shoot in -20c (-4f), or in hot summer, close to the +50c (122f).
Where the fuck do you live with these weather conditions? I shot my F3 from 38c 90% humidity environments to -6c and it has worked fine.
File: PXL_20220107_055328783.jpg (2.22 MB, 4000x3000)
2.22 MB
2.22 MB JPG
I have an f3 and I wear glasses. You definitely still have to get close but I can see the entire viewfinder along with the shutter speed at the top.
God I'm tempted to buy one just for it's looks.

t. not OP
It's fucking beautiful. It was a hand me down from my dad and it's in super great shape. Fe2 is a great option too that's a bit smaller.
I wanted F2 from the beginning, DP-12 or 11, and after finding out about cds memory cells issue, stopped on F2 DP-12. But in my region it's really hard to find all these vintage cameras, only eBay. So I bought just for trying. My main issue with F-301 is auto film advance motor, which is ridiculously loud, I missed like 5 shots because of that (didn't want to disturb people).

Next thing I knew that I'll need the multiple exposure feature and mirror lock up. I really missed those, and wasn't able to do up to the 30% of shots I wanted.

I have my digital camera for cropping and other stuff. It's not like it was minor things in my film shots, I was really surprised in a bad way how much of excess stuff might crawl into your frame with 92% coverage. Honestly didn't expect that to be an issue.

Russia, but I travel sometimes, and even in my region winters might be -30 easily. Summer though usually mild, but I was in Tuva in summer at some point in my life, with a two weeks of +45-50c heat streak.
if you want a camera that keeps working in the cold, you can get an old Canon F-1. It's designed to work in -30c - +50c temperatures.

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