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File: office-at-night.jpg (176 KB, 1777x1377)
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What is a good small lightweight FILM camera that I can easily find good second-hand lenses for ? I don't care about the brand, just size and availability of lenses.
Olympus OM-1 is the gold standard for itty bitty 35mm film SLRs. Something like a Canon Rebel will have more lens availability, though, and might actually be lighter due to greater use of plastic in the construction (plus, you'll get autofocus and motor winding and so forth).
Get a pentax me or me super, it's not hipster taxed as bad the om-1. With the 40mm pancake I can fit it in my pocket.
I just remembered that my parents probably still have their old Zenit and Praktika laying somewhere. According to Wikipedia this is an M42 mount. Are such old lenses still findable in good condition?
This. The 50mm f1.4 isn't that pricey either, and its bokeh and soft focus looks fantastic. There's also an f1.2 one, and the f1.8 isn't bad either
File: 3b738014.jpg (46 KB, 720x715)
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all of them
File: 8wv0vp9iaYLfcTnEh7Ss.gif (2.05 MB, 326x245)
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2.05 MB GIF
do you have brain damage of some sort that prevents you from going to ebay.com and using the search function
canon eos 300
Canon T70.

Small. Light. Good availability of lenses. Runs on AA batteries.

Sounds like a kitten being dragged arse-first through a chicken-mcnugget machine so it's not the most subtle thing - but it works.
>ebay.com and using the search function
That wouldn't tell me if the lens is actually in good condition (and if it's a good lens)
an xa/xa2 or rollei 35 if you want a pocket cam

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