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/p/ - Photography

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File: TUBBABLUBBA2.jpg (93 KB, 540x960)
93 KB
tl;dw don't be a gearfag

a thread died for this
File: 1614093782271.jpg (56 KB, 540x539)
56 KB
crop your snapshits better

[EXIF data available. Click here to show/hide.]
Camera-Specific Properties:
Image-Specific Properties:
Image Width540
Image Height539
Image OrientationTop, Left-Hand
Image Created2021:02:23 22:22:47
Probably a gear thread
Threads are supposed to die, faggot.
Not this one, though
>your snapshits
lurk more
be less fat
You vill eat ze bugz und be der einlens. Ja voll.
/p/ was the original resooter board before Klaus ever thought it up.
"The one you have with you" was the original "You will have nothing and you will be happy."
You fags are reading something from this that isn't there. I hope it's bait. First, "uou will own nothing and you will be happy" is related to a shift from ownership to rental services. Second, buying all the latest and greatest makes you more of a bugman than just buying a couple good lenses at a time and being done with it.
Third, the point of the video is that when out shooting, you should limit the amount of kit you have with you so you can focus more on getting photos than on juggling your gear; if you know how to use the lens you've got, you'll be able to make it work to get good shots, and you don't need an arsenal to choose from at a moment's notice. Having more choice here is actively detrimental to your practice

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