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Are there any sites people recommend to buy a camera underpriced? eBay is sketch. I'm new to photography, and bought an a6400 a few months ago. Idc about any shill attempts, I just want a bigger camera, and have a $1000-$1500 budget. Doesn't need to be brand new, and overall, I just wanna know a site that won't scalp the shit out of me, and what to expect price wise for my expectations.

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Camera SoftwarePicasa
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don't know why my EXIF data isn't showing but I took it with an 6400 and a basic 16-50 lens
You could buy a battery grip for your A6400 which would make it a little bigger. The cheapest ones cost less then $100. But if you want a really big body then consider buying a used Pentax 645D or a Hasselblad H6.
Curious why you'd want another cam already after this short time...
No idea where you live at, but give goybook's marketplace a try. Lots of people wanting to exchange their gear for cash, sweet deals around if you know what to look for.
reddit photomarket
Biggest body.
Go all out.
Read the sticky

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