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Why can't Fuji make something as useful as Olympus Image Share?
>select image in camera
>turn on wifi
>connect to camera from phone
>start image share
>press one button and it downloads everything in full size without any problem
I've spend hours trying to figure out the Fuji image sharing apps but it just doesn't work. I don't think they understand modern times.
That said I did get their upload to PC thing to work and it's slow as shit (not Fuji's fault).
OI.Share (as it's been renamed) is kind of weak imo.
Only some models permit downloading raw files to mobile, while the rest are limited to downloading jpegs and mov files. If you want your orf or avi files, then you're going to need a USB cable or a card reader on PC.

The remote shutter is kinda neat tho.
File: 1606231758328.jpg (61 KB, 812x1024)
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>pop open flap on camera
>push SD card in, pull out
>insert into PC
>drag and drop
Even though sharing between camera to pc on wifi is trash, being able to extract jpegs from your camera to your phone is great.
Pretty useful on trips when you want to quickly share a picture. The remote shutter is also neat because there are two modes: simply shutter button and one with live view. Shutter button mode also comes in dark red for night photography.
It's all I do for most web postings. Transfer jpeg to phone or tablet, run it through snapeed, resize, remove exif, post. Sometime I need to move raw when I fuck up wb, but results are the same. Does not work on fuji. It's software, and possibly wifi/bluetooth hardware is too weak to transfer full resolution. It needs usb to usb connection or ejecting sd card.
I still have no clue how to get the Fuji app to work. It's such a strange app.
Sony cameras can do this. :)
Got a Baseus card reader, USB C on one side, USB A on the other.
That way if I'm in a hurry, I take the card out of my camera, plug it to my phone as OTG storage so I can tweak it on LightRoom mobile and share it however I want/need. If I have more time, plug it to my PC and do my post there.
I'd be willing to use Snapseed for raws, but on Android it only supports .dng which is meant to appeal to mobile users. On iOS, Snapseed supports most raws, including Sony, Fuji, Olympus, Canon, Nikon and Panasonic. But Apple drops iPhone support, security and apps stop working on 3-4 year old models, and Android only kills off security and app functionality on ancient versions.
But... I'd need the right hardware to get the raws off the SD card, cuz OI.Share only does jpegs.
At least it's fine for when the art filters are active and the camera produces raw + jpeg.
just get a wifi SD card
On android it's a problem due battery optimization. Ever since I disabled it, I can use with no problems.

Still, it's no great for tranfer. Could at least transfer RAW too.
fuji app works fine on iphone
File: img_interface.jpg (169 KB, 768x887)
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How does Canon manage to do this better than all the companies appealing to the snapshit audience.

CCC is dumb simple to use and does literally everything from image share to remote live shooting and auto GPS tagging you connect the shit once via BT and it auto connects any time you open the app.
The screenshots of the canon app look almost identical to OI.Share. I wouldn't be surprised if it was developed by the same app developers.
Also, OI.Share uses Bluetooth as well, but not all Olympus cameras have Bluetooth. They all have WiFi Direct though.
yeah, I don't know why Fuji can't sort their app properly. it requires patience connecting and it cycles a few times desu.
File: -10630359471550833343.jpg (387 KB, 800x800)
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A workaround to the horrendous wifi crap on fuji is to tether the two devices with a usb cable. It works plenty well.

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