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File: 1555784842091.jpg (19 KB, 243x243)
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How does one start their career in the fine world of /p/hotography ?
as a hobby
First, dump the stupid frog or no one will ever take you seriously
join the military as a combat photographer.
>posting on /pee/

This practically all the way through. But every successful photographer I know did other things as well, don't expect photography to earn you a living.

Me personally, before Covid I was a nightlife photographer. I essentially only worked for weekends and once I deducted the editing time off what I was paid, I was only getting 11 bong an hour. So basically I only did 8 days a month, you can't live off that.

I only know one other photographer who does frequent work for ministry of sound and such, and he does a lot of leaching off other people. (And I'm pretty sure he done a lot of work for free).

>Pic somewhat related
All the known greats in the 1940-80s did this. A bunch died though

Also this
>Dubs of truth
> A bunch died though
that probably wont happen right now. the only comcams who ive seen die recently were from accidents like Hilda Clayton
File: 1576307278654.jpg (55 KB, 800x546)
55 KB
Buy camera
Go out
Take pictures

[EXIF data available. Click here to show/hide.]
Camera-Specific Properties:
Image-Specific Properties:
Horizontal Resolution72 dpi
Vertical Resolution72 dpi
Color Space InformationsRGB
Image Width800
Image Height546
Scene Capture TypeStandard
I personally know for myself the system was start as a hobby, git gud, do a few jobs here and there for friends or free. Word gets around and you will probably make some money but not enough to live on, so it's usually secondary to a job with a stable income.

I make enough doing it after about 6 years that I can work part-time (2-4 times a week) at my regular job and shoot the other days to make enough getting by.

Bonus if you can work part-time for a company that could expose you to potential clients or use your services.

Do weddings at you're own risk, they are cancer.
you need at least $100k or go home
>Do weddings at you're own risk, they are cancer
ok I've gone home what's next step?
>do a few jobs here and there for friends or free.
How do you get past this stage?
You do enough free gigs to build a portfolio. You show that portfolio to potential clients and if they are impressed you charge them to make similar photos.
continue shitposting on /p/ and LARP as a professional photographer, it's must more fulfilling
>Potential clients
How hard would it be to find one as per your experience?
You don't. Avoid it.

These are the only things that can happen for you:

All these people and their family will dislike your photos and think they're shit.

They like the photos, but they will remember you as the guy who does photos for free and advertise your cost ($0) to everyone you've ever known. Now everyone else you try to charge will be mad and think they're getting ripped. They'll say, but you did it for them for free!

These people you shot for free will want photos again, for free. Because why would you be worth anything? You've already established your time and work is worthless.

Maybe you're thinking, if I charge them $0 they won't expect anything from me. It'll be easy!
WRONG. You'll get demands about editing, people demanding all your RAW files (because they dont want your shitty editing, doesnt matter if you think its good - they want the raws to use filters themselves. If you're really lucky they'll post their repulsive horrible raw edits on instagram and tag you). If you say No to anything, they will get mad and demand you delete all your photos of them, saying they dont give you permission for anything (after all since you're worthless you obviously had no contract or model release).

I could go on.

Do not ever offer to shoot for free. Practice, learn, get others (MODELS) to work with you for fun or in exchange for services. Worst thing you can do is go around town telling everyone 'I'm worthless, please let me take some photos.'
Will keep in mind. Thanks anon.
Is going to school for photography not worth it? Mostly only viable as a hobby first, then part time work?

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