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File: bp3zcijv8ze51.jpg (2.01 MB, 1630x1220)
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So what do I need to know to be considered a professional photographer?
I'm thinking to apply for a company but I'm not confident about my skills.
Exposure triangle
You need to be a chad salesman. You need to convince normalfags to pay you to do the same thing they can do with a smartphone. If you just don’t have the gift of gab, you are out of luck.
Years in the field with a lengthy portfolio and a multi thousand dollar camera and lens.

Anything else is a hobbyist.
That's ok. I know the basics of photography.
I worry about posing techniques, editing and photo printing services.

I have 3 years experience with sales. Not a problem at all.

I have 2 years experience as a freelance photographer and a mediocre portfolio. Some local events and portraits.
fake it til you make it.
>and cargo shorts.
Work for somebody who pays you to take photos or videos.
Alternatively you can work for yourself and take paid jobs and/or sell your work.
>take paid jobs and/or sell your work

Explain both
>You need to be a chad salesman
this. look at that fag jared polin. everything he does could be accomplished by a 16 year old girl with a smartphone. he's just good at marketing himself to simps.
>jared polin
Absolutely disgusting. But yes, he is a good example.
thus isn't good she looks like a fucking cartoon
File: EF.jpg (78 KB, 800x1200)
78 KB
A professional photographer is someone that makes most of his/her income from photography.

This. Go ahead and apply, if you suck the company will reject you, keep practicing and do it again.
No such thing as a "professional" photographer, bruv. That would require a barrier to entry, a licensing body, national organization, continuing education, a code of ethics, etc.

Instead, there are three branches of photography: fine art, journalism, commercial.

Journalism is what it sounds like: photojournalism, but also war photography, documentary and nature photography, current events, scientific photography. It should at least make an attempt at verisimilitude.

Next is commercial photography, which is what most people associate with "professional" photography. It includes advertising, portraiture for hire, modeling and fashion, wedding, product, and basically any sort of contract or commissioned photography whereupon you are paid for delivery of a product and service (most architectural photography, headshots, corporate photography, etc).

Lastly is fine art, which doesn't have any forebearance or attempts at accuracy or truthfulness. Instead, it endeavors to create some new insight, a new way of seeing. Most of the time, whenever you think of a famous photographer, they were a fine artist. From Ansel Adams and Stieglitz all the way up to Todd Hido, Alec Soth and Andreas Gursky.

So, what does it take to become a commercial photographer? Not much, besides a good portfolio. But otherwise, as long as you're getting paid, you're a commercial photographer and that's about it. There's not like some gate you walk through or something like that. It's literally just being the best huckster.
OP here.
That was very enlightening, mate. Thank you for your words.
No problem, frendo. It’s easier to accomplish what you want when you know the approach.
Photojournalism does have a "licensing body" (a title) with a code of ethics and some international organizations. But they are all unrelated to actually using the camera.
>fine art
He was a salesman, which is highly related to fine art but not really something innate to his photo abilities, which were rip-offs from british pioneers.
Still a good post.

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