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File: snoy.jpg (391 KB, 1624x1030)
391 KB
391 KB JPG


>no quad bayer
>no internal raw
>no internal e-nd
>crop on 4k 120p
>120p limited to 30 min 10 bit
>overheats 4k@60 fps in 23 min
>t. seething poorfag
Why are gearfags so fucking toxic.

signed by Fujigang
>frogposter so mad he has to make a safe space thread
you're the only one posting frogs on /p/ mate.
They have better sensors available but their marketing department is somehow convinced that the newer sensors are not profitable
At 9:49 he says he "lost" the Canon R5 @ 4K about 25 minutes in, the Sony was "still going" after 90 minutes. He then goes on to say that only in one test of several did the Canon record about 2 minutes more and was displaying a heat warning around the time the Sony shut itself off.

Nice clickbait though, I guess.
Theres bots on /p/ now? What the fuck.
File: rollaroll.jpg (133 KB, 1142x638)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
That rolling shutter, though... Can't even beat Canon how will it compete with Panasonic, Zcam, and Blackmagic?
please post a link to this vidja
>thanks fren
It's the same link as op.
>1tb m2 nvbe ssd 3000mbps: 150 usd
>160 gb cuckfast card 800mbps: 400 usd

Once you add the hidden cost of it, the real price of the camera is like 5500 bucks. And yes, 1tb is not that much with 280mbps files.

Sony should decide if they are selling cameras or cards. They cannot rip you off with both. Either subsidize the camera like printer does, and overcharge the cards or make the camera compatible with usb c m2 ssds.
>better IBIS than R5
>better rolling shutter than R5
>unlimited record time compared to R5's pathetic 30min limit which is 15 actual with heating issues
>better codec options than R5
>dual card slots where both slots support SD and CFast A
>can relay cards for theoretically infinite record time
>doesn't overheat nearly as much as R5
>better dynamic range than R5
>far superior low light performance than R5

The only issue is the 12mp sensor making it useless for stills. Canon has been BTFO all they have is "muh 8K" which is limited to 10 minutes maybe.
Don't worry. You'll be able to do 8bit 1080p on uhs-i!
File: pepe-derp.png (29 KB, 741x568)
29 KB
I fel dum
Id still take a blackmagic pocket 4k with a speedbooster over it.
This is the only video that has these claims. Literally every other one proves the opposite.

Fucking Canonfag. The R5 is pointless.
Go to 11:40 for the outdoor test where the Sony failed before the R5. Sony's passive cooling can't do much in hot weather.
>>better IBIS than R5
LOL watch the review it's literally the opposite. Canon's IBIS is near gimbal quality while the Sony jerks around.

>>better rolling shutter than R5
Again watch the video it is LITERALLY THE OPPOSITE and by a surprisingly large amount. R5 readout speeds are insane.

>>unlimited record time compared to R5's pathetic 30min limit which is 15 actual with heating issues
He was getting 25m indoors and outdoors the Sony failed first. Though he did say in normal use he didn't have either camera fail.

Also: with an external recorder the R5 can do 4k30 HQ for 75m and 4k60 for three hours:

>>better codec options than R5

>>dual card slots where both slots support SD and CFast A

>>can relay cards for theoretically infinite record time
If you need that you're recording externally.

>>doesn't overheat nearly as much as R5
Overheated before the R5 outdoors.

>>better dynamic range than R5
>>far superior low light performance than R5
And the Canon has better IQ in 4k HQ and 8k, better AF, better IBIS, better rolling shutter.
>one of the first videos out with sample footage proving the points
>no links
That's the test I referred to. They "failed" at almost the exact same time (Sony died before heat warning came on with the Canon). And then he goes on to state that in every other test he ran, the Sony lasted much longer.
He also said in real use neither one failed. If you're doing hour long interviews get an external recorder. That's what any sane person would do with either one because cards are expensive as fuck compared to SSDs.
>he also said in real use neither one failed
Must've missed that part. I just remember him saying Canon shuts off at 23-25 minutes regardless of conditions, Sony runs much longer in cool/dry. Florida isn't just hot this time of year but also very humid. Not sure if that's fucking with it's ability to cool or not.
why do you even seeing a blatantly shill about anything?
>bet your second favorite is Tony....
ex nikon - now panasonic s1r user
would love the sony a7s3 over the canon r5 if
>one would have 4 times the pixels than the other
Would pick the R5 if I had to choose
Overheating does not look that bad to be honest. https://youtu.be/VQ2GK3riMg8?t=1045
File: Untitled.jpg (287 KB, 1920x1080)
287 KB
287 KB JPG
They are right, bruh. Both Jared and Tony.

The most visible difference in their thinking can be observed in the memory cards.
Canon stumbles upon a challenge -> They need faster memory card -> Canon just buys a standard CFexpress cardreader -> Consequence is it can't record to dual card slot.

Sony stumbles upon same challenge -> They think really good an dhard -> Sony just invents a superior formfactor for CFexpress, and invents a new Type A cardreader that is compatible with CFexpress, as well as backwards compatible with SD cards.

The Sony engineers have BTFO'd everybody else at this point regardless of brand.
The others are more like Lego builders, whereas Sony is inventing new Lego.
>Sony just invents a (((superior))) formfactor for CFexpress
They just needed to make it compatible with usb ssds. The only ones BTFO by Sony engineers are the costumers.
>The R5 touts video as it's leading features and still can't stand up to a Sony.
No, the media is touting it. Canon has clearly positioned it as a hybrid high resolution 35mm sensor stills camera with some fantastic, if time limited, video modes.

Whether or not the R5 can "stand up to" the A7s3 on video depends entirely on your needs. If you're doing an 8k production the Sony is no where to be found. If you need amazing AF the Sony isn't there. If you need solid, gimbal like IBIS the Sony is MIA. True, if you need 4k120 or 4k60 that never overheats the R5 went home. So buy what you need and quit being a brand faggot.

>8k isn't worth a shit if you can only get one 30 minute session out of it.
>t. Not A Video Shooter
Interviews and events are the only places this would be a show stopper. Otherwise you're taking short clips with rest periods in between. Note that NEARLY ALL 4k hybrid cameras without a fan overheat yet people have been using them professionally for years.

You can get around overheating for 4k with an ext recorder. You can't do this for 8k. But then again...NO OTHER CAMERA AT THIS PRICE POINT DOES 8K. So either you don't need 8k (use ext recorder) or the R5 opens 8k up to you at a price you couldn't otherwise afford and you just work around the time limitations since you wouldn't have 8k at all without it. Take your pick.
You can us the HDMI actually. for the 16 bit RAW.

>The only ones BTFO by Sony engineers are the costumers.
Nope. The poorfags will havve backwards compatibility with cheapo SD cards.

It's a magical card slot that accepts both formats.
File: pepe_laugh.jpg (20 KB, 251x242)
20 KB
>The only ones BTFO by Sony engineers are the costumers.
top kek

>They are right, bruh. Both Jared and Tony.
those suckers are just merchants
mediocre at best - ontheir better days maybe
>If you need amazing AF the Sony isn't there
The R5 has already lost, and you don't evne know it.

Oh nice, just let me buy an external 4k raw recorder

>oops 700 extra bucks
Dude why the fuck is hard to make it compatible with usb c devices? Whats the reasoning other than the obvious I want you to sell you a 160gb cfast card for 400 bucks and there is nothing you can do about it?
Maybe Atomos would be upset if they did that?

That would kill the Atomos market completely.
LTT approved review is in

You'll have to wait for someone to make it first. It's Nikon all over again in this department.
you posted a stupid fucking frog. That is worse than "dum"
Atomos is the only one that's making external recorders for consumer cams. Something weird is going on. Either they have someone new, something unreleased in house, or they're doing the old extortion act on Atomos to make a special gear just for them. As of now, no external recorder does 16bit, and here they are advertising 16bit external.
File: 1581107973070s.jpg (3 KB, 87x125)
3 KB
wojaks hate pepes!
it's like meme magic is real!
>extortion act on Atomo
I believe your logic is completely twisted.

It's Atomos who have some dirt on the other corporations.
Otherwise the camera makers would have long since simply written the RAWs to USB-C harddisk.
You are cancerous, he is right, just kill yourself.
Brand fag

If you're in the market for an R5 for video you're buying one any way. If you can't budget the recorder you sure as hell can't afford the CFexpress cards.
Its some weird shit with raw recording pattents that Red have hostage. Thats the reason why most mirrorless dont do internal raw. And why none other than atomos make external raw recorder monitors.

Bmagic circunvented this by creating braw. But then again braw is free to use and I dont see why Sony either pays up red or just use braw for free.
File: 1541595102179.jpg (467 KB, 1440x810)
467 KB
467 KB JPG
Bruh, it's the R5 people who are brand shilling right now.
especially when Blackmagic just released their 12K device.
R5 people are being honest about the pros and cons. Sony fags are just shilling.
Why do you think they are trying so hard to attack the 12MP sensor right now?

The pros surely applies to 12MP as well.
File: 1347671338996.png (5 KB, 191x234)
5 KB
What the fuck man.

Don't take all the credit. I helped you by circlejerking the EVF's power efficient scaling algorithm.
I mean y'all are acting like any of the other brands have as good 4k as A7S3. You can't laugh at the 12MP when it takes better video than the competition. You can't make fun of the price when it's under $4k and is leading the quality of the community standard when Canon has literally abandoned the cause of doing good at 4k and started trying to do 8k hoping that they can make decent 8k by the time it becomes standard
In fact the A7S3 only having 12 MP is a good thing. That's how it doesn't overheat. It doesn't need 24MP to be a fun camera for vloggers. It needs 12 MP because it is a professional camera for professional users. Not some every day joe who can't scram $4k together.
6k usd. 1tb of cuckfast cards are 2k.
An hour of 4K video requires approximately 110 GB of storage. 160GB = ~$300
Buy 2 cards. Dump them every time you have 2 hours of video.

Buy 1 card. Dump it every time you have 1 hour of video.

Use a recorder.
I don't see why you're complaining about the price of the "cuckfast" cards. If you want to shoot anything 4k or above you're going to need faster cards. Faster cards cost more money. Bigger files take longer to write/read and more space. Spending a bunch of money on a fast memory card is unavoidable. By the time these are cheaper, there will be an even faster card you will need. It's not like you're shopping for a 10GB memory card anymore.
So does every piece of electronic that you keep in the sun for many hours at 90F. Your cellphone overheats by being in your pocket and you don't complain about having spent $1,400 on that do you?
There are pros to this 12mp sensor: high ISO, DR, minimal over heating. It's just not all that for stills. A7s3 is very much a cinema camera. Which is fine if Sony fags would stop and realize the R5 is a true hybrid whose primary purpose is 45mp stills.

>All I had to do was post this;
All you did was post fanboi shit. You are cancer.

>1.People frequently shoot for that long
They literally do not outside interviews. You doing a lot of 8k interviews these days?

>2.Imagine having to buy third party equipment to use your camera as it was designed
I imagine you've never shot video. Serious production video work involves external recorders for both the additional options and the cost savings. Nobody wants to sit and wait for their computers to transcode to their working codec when an ext will do it for you.
>I mean y'all are acting like any of the other brands have as good 4k as A7S3.
Any camera which over samples will produce sharper 4k. Whether or not that matters is up to you.

>stills photographers won't use animal eye AF
>says the guy who has never shot one video in his life
YouTubers, btw, can get away with any old 1080p camera. A lot of older Canons in that bunch with DPAF and flip out screens. M50 was one of the more popular despite shit 4k crop because, again, they don't need 4k.
It's actually Sony who began the downsampling race.

Even the Rmark 4 has 5K to 4K downsampling, but people just never cared for it.
But now it's suddenly a big deal when Canon has it. Sorry, but this shilling is too artificial for me to not notice.
Imagine unironically using a term in the wrong context because you don't understand its meaning.
Yeah, the guy making honest assessments and calling the advantages of each is the paid shill. Not guys who can't say anything negative about Sony or anything positive about Canon.

>over sampling prove way to get better video
>everyone is doing it
>">It's actually Sony who began the downsampling race."
>"But now it's suddenly a big deal when Canon has it."
You've got some Sony executive cum on your chin.
File: 1557682619632.gif (3.42 MB, 366x325)
3.42 MB
3.42 MB GIF
>YouTubers, btw, can get away with any old 1080p camera.
But did you know the A7Siii actually oversamples the entire sensor surface down to 1080P, to create the highest possible quality of 1080P?
In Florida heat. He also said before that it went for over an hour fine in good 4k whereas the expensive Canon needed to be lower quality.
>But did you know the A7Siii actually oversamples the entire sensor surface down to 1080P, to create the highest possible quality of 1080P?
That's a nice feature and a positive in its column. It's not going to matter to most YouTubers though.
>that feel when you're out shooting at a beach and your $3,500 camera overheats and your $400 memory card melts
It's the best youtuber camera definitely.

It's also a perfectly good hybrid if you only publish images to the internet.
Gerald made a blindest poll, and most people voted for the A7Siii stills over the R5 stills.
>Not sure if that's fucking with it's ability to cool or not.
Shouldn't wetter air be more thermally conductive?
Okay, so everyone is ignoring the main thing.

$400 less.
Unlimited 4k recording
4k30p (A7s3 only goes up to 120p. Not a terribly big jump)
Same battery
Same ergonomics
also good low light

is the A7R4 the better hybrid option? 8bit, so the fuck what? You want to spend $4,000 USD to get stuck without being able to take a still? The video isn't THAT differen't (unless you're recording RAW onto a recorder)
Bro, it's like ~100 degrees here and terrible.
Also raining.
Also in before the 10bit shills:

All of you were fine shooting 8bit yesterday with your A73's and A7S2's.
>comparing the wrong cameras
R5 > A7r4
R6 > A73
You better hope Canon doesn't release a cinema-focused 12mp 4k body.
>It's the best youtuber camera definitely.
It's not even close based on price alone, then AF, and then shit IBIS.

>muh blind poll!
Sure thing kid. What's next, the Tony poll on color science?
>120p is not a terribly big jump
>8-bit is just fine
WTF am I reading?
The truth. If you're going to spend 5 years to come up with 4k 120p at least do 240
The IBIS is the best it can be without inflicting the Canon distortions.

Even Canon IBIS can't help you at that point. The only cure to good video is a stable hand.

>then AF
AF has surpassed the R5.>>3695900
I'm thinking of the way that high humidity fucks with your ability to perspire properly
by saturating your glands, and making it feel hotter than it actually is. I wasn't sure if this had anything to do with the Sony overheating.
File: 1298403340402.jpg (156 KB, 1001x488)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
Both of you are right.
Canon is trying to catch up in stills.
Sony is trying to catch up in video. (They can thank their lord someone in the chain of command ordered the BionZ XR so that it actually exist now and can be put into A7R v and A7 iv)

The deciding factor is the Lenses.
E-mount is winning over RF because Tamron gives E-mount users access to sub-1000 dollar F2,8 zooms.

[EXIF data available. Click here to show/hide.]
Camera-Specific Properties:
Camera SoftwarePaint.NET v3.36
Image-Specific Properties:
Horizontal Resolution72 dpi
Vertical Resolution72 dpi
White Point Chromaticity0.3
but what was the humidity, or are you too stupid to know humidity affects heat dissipation?
how are you so stupid, son?
File: itsafeaturenotafail.jpg (123 KB, 1280x720)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
>E-mount is winning
ummmmm ... what e mount light leak problem?
>Sony is aware of and acknowledges this light leak problem with the A7 and A7r and our engineering department is currently researching a solution. We will release a notice to the owners once a resolution is found.
>A7 and A7r
Those cameras sell very badly.

In the FF segment, people buy the high-end bodies.
So the in terms of sales: A7m3 >>>>>>>>>A7m2>>>A7
Even though the A7 is cheapest.

But in terms of lenses, people really, really, really, want affordability.
And Tamron 28-75 was the absolute world record seller of 2019.
Majority of other vids are all on tripod. It's well known that ibis causes overheating. Sony was selective in sending review copies... They did not send them to bloggers.

Just you wait until they get hold of them.
>dat 16000 ISO
This is it, it's the perfect camera
Now I just need to wait 5 years until I can afford it
File: 1486003413368.jpg (186 KB, 1105x960)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
Does Tamron scare that that much?
Here is the source https://youtu.be/dIJRQDL_uBo?t=149

Sony A7 iii was the best solling body.
Tamron 28-75 was the best selling lens.
>In the FF segment, people buy the high-end bodies.
File: Untitled.jpg (112 KB, 650x271)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
They want highend bodies, for as cheap as possible.
So the A7 iii basic model was what people opted for. It's the only FF body that can compete in sales volume against APS-C and m4/3.

Look for the 7th entry on the list.

[EXIF data available. Click here to show/hide.]
Camera-Specific Properties:
Camera SoftwareAdobe Photoshop CC 2018 (Macintosh)
Image-Specific Properties:
Image OrientationTop, Left-Hand
Horizontal Resolution144 dpi
Vertical Resolution144 dpi
Image Created2019:07:18 10:12:25
Color Space InformationsRGB
Image Width650
Image Height271
A7r4 would be the "high end" body, A73 is mid tier.
Okay. But there are a lot of delusional people who believe the A7m2 and RP sell a ton.
They don't.
The FF market is incredibly picky. That's all I was trying to say.
Uhh, do you know how common heatstroke is in Florida? Florida weather is always risking your health.
Also you can adjust the Sony shutoff point.
Okay bro, just make sure you give your camera lots of water and keep it hydrated or else it might get sick
t. damage control by Canon’s marketing dept
File: 48fwwztmk3c41.jpg (274 KB, 912x1024)
274 KB
274 KB JPG
>Low light and only 12MP? Pass
>61MP and trashy low light? Pass
>24 megapixels and decent low light? Perfect
Waiting for that menu update.

[EXIF data available. Click here to show/hide.]
Camera-Specific Properties:
Image-Specific Properties:
Horizontal Resolution72 dpi
Vertical Resolution72 dpi
I mean that's the A7iii and these people still hated it
>tfw economic collapse and in 3 years 32GB CFExpress Type A becomes the new $100 bill
File: Untitled.jpg (335 KB, 1920x1080)
335 KB
335 KB JPG
Canon and Sony traded places.
Sony is now the conservative camera maker focusing on stable 4K recording as securely as possible without interruptions.
Canon is now the radical company who is pushing in new features.

And they get small details like this right, such as a microphone jack that doesn't block the monitor. Whereas Canon gets the tiny details wrong. Monitor is blocked by audio jack etc.

I think it's guaranteed Sony will use Bionz XR inside the mark 4.

They have to because the mark 3 sales was skyhigh, they can't afford to lose those numbers to RF mount.
So he is right to anticipate the mark 4, it will be just as revolutionary as this one.
But the A7iv probably won't be out until next year sometime and the A7siii just came out and seeing as how that is their video line they can't outdo the video capabilities or qualities in a hybrid. So it's going to be 2021 and you're going to pay $3,000 for a 24MP camera that only shoots 4k60p at best, probably only 4k30p.

They would be smarter to do away with the A7x series and just keep it A7R and A7S. I mean the A7Riv is basically a hybrid camera, as it shoots 4k30p and their video line maxes out at 4k120p
My autistic boy Gerald says the A7Siii is the best camera on the market so I'll go with what he says
You know you Fujifags are the worst.
>They would be smarter to do away with the A7x series
You're not so smart Anon.
Please have a look at these sales figures>>3696142

The A7 mark 3 is outselling the combined entirety of A7R family + A7S fmaily + A7 mark 2 + A7.
Just 1 camera, selling more than the other 8 cameras combined.

That's how important the A7 basic model has become now.
That's how Sony imaging have been allowed more freedom.
They have been allowed to kill off XQD.
They have been allowed to break the bank and invent a new EVF that spanks everybody else's EVF.
They have been allowed to use all sorts of codecs that previously were taken hostage by Cine cameras.

It's due to the sales. A7 mark 3 has tapped into the mass market that previously belonged to the EF-mount.
So you damn better count on the mark 4 becoming their most important camera ever.
Sony has all the pieces necessary to release A7iv. They have the new body, they have an old sensor, and they have a dire need of competitor for R6. They just need to decide really quickly what to cripple.
Do you think it'll be 10bit? There's no way they can go back to 8bit.

They'll have to cripple the video in some fashion, or the lowlight.
>they have an old sensor,
I dare claim the A7 basic series has now become so important that they might even give it the A9 sensor.

Simply put, Sony needs the meteoric sales numbers of A7 iii to continue.
And it can only continue if they make mark 4 extra kick ass.
I do not understand the defensive position!
If any I'd describe the situation head-to-head, with no one leading when looked at a whole.
The Sony A7 family cameras are still the cameras with the best net image quality, even though the lead has become smaller.

Since you are already using a Froknow photo, you might want to realize that there are unfortunate implementations everywhere. I think he compares quite objectively, if you ignore his jokes and his (I think not seriously meant) rating.
>if you ignore his jokes and his (I think not seriously meant) rating.
I think Fro forgot to give the A7Siii the wind tunnel test and the sniffing test. The only joke he made was the Pineapple R5 overheating.

It's not just me who have noticed this. Canons and Sony really have traded places.
It used to be Sony implemented new radical features.
Today it's Canon who is implementing the new and radical features.
>Canon is now the radical company who is pushing in new features.
Besides 8k what is a radical new feature?
Sensor cover when lens is taken off.
Internal RAW codec.
IBIS which compensates so hard the image quality is reduced and become warped. (Old Canon would have never implemented such a thing into their dslr)
The fact that they don't give a fuck about the overheating, they wanted to offer you 8K at all cost. (Old Canon would have never done this at the cost of reliability)
New touch bard, which is a risk they took which everybody hated.
New touch sensitive joystick which is an evolved innovation from the failed touch bar.

Now Sony is the company who focuses on reliability.
The A7III pretty much had the A9 sensor just without DRAM.
I think its mark 4 will have the A9 sensor now.
Sony can't risk losing a portion of their sales to the R6 and its successors.
Canon has not introduced anything new! They just added a little on top of already existing stuff and only in some points, which they have to do as latecomers. The A7 family delivered much earlier, which the R family can only finally bring to the table with the latest (virtually not yet available) cameras.
Further, I find enough circumstances with the R5 and the A7R4 that I liked to be realized differently. The older manufacturers benefit from their years of general experience, Sony to a large extent from their experience by focusing and iterating on mirrorless video-photo hybrid cameras, on top of slightly less general experience.

By the way, if we're really talking about still cameras that are usable to the greatest extent possible, I'd still only mention SLR cameras and the Sony A9 series. I don't know about video, but I guess the hybrid cameras, everything we've discussed so far, would fail or fall behind here as well.
>Canon has not introduced anything new
That's a lie.
Nice click bait.

Watched many hands on reviews and all reviewers were able to record in 4k sometimes for more than an hour without overheating.

And the rolling shutter was almost non existent too.

As far as I can see the A7S III doesn't have many cons except for the IBIS. 12MP appears to be the perfect resolution too.

The reviews are unanimously positive. It'll probably sell like crazy to filmmakers.

If I had the cash, I'd take the R5 over it because I'm a stills shooter, but no one is going to buy the Canon for filmmaking. It's not that it has a recording limit, it has an overheating limit. You never know exactly how long you'll be able to record even in 4k. And then you have to wait for a few minutes before filming again which in turn will reduce the limit of the next video you'll be recording.

How on earth can you be working on video projects or even shoot a wedding in 4k in those conditions? I don't know what Canon was thinking. It could turn into a disaster for them.
>How on earth can you be working on video projects or even shoot a wedding in 4k in those conditions? I don't know what Canon was thinking.
They are trying to be like Sony. Being generous with a lot of new features which they wanted you to have at all cost.
And Sony is trying to be like older Canon. Aiming for reliability.

The reversed situation freaked me out a little bit too when I realised it.
I wouldn't want to shoot a wedding with an R5. Could you imagine? 5 minutes into the ceremony the thing stops working. Fuuuuuuck that.
>Except for IBIS?
It has IBIS though? And you can turn on electronic image stabilisation for video to use it in conjunction with IBIS.

So it’s like ibis+HyperSmooth, which is what I thought gopro would have done
>It's not that it has a recording limit, it has an overheating limit.
With external recorder: 75m 4k30 HQ and 3 hours 4k60. If you want DPAF and occasional 8k dealing with the overheating really isn't a big deal.
None of them are gamechangers! Everything already existed, except in this camera segment. It's just catching up with stuff that's available.

Regarding the lack of robustness, it can be argued that the R6 and R5 offer very robust solutions in autofocus and IBIS as well as in video. Ultimately, it is unlikely that the available range will be exhausted in realistic use. I am aware that these totally exhaustive options would not have been available, but I cannot entirely agree with you. The R and RP were simply toys for market analysis, just like the first Canon M.
Where I could fully agree with you, marketing has become much more radical and exploitative here. However, the manuals very openly point out what is not possible in practice and the limits you have to expect.
The manuals go so far with the restriction notes that potential buyers are downright turned down.
In guess, it will be difficult not to find a read in the manual about a deficiency that was found during some hand-on review.
For example, with the electronic shutter, the frame rate cannot be set, exposure cannot exceed 0.5 seconds, no exposure bracketing is available. Nothing that I'd expect from a mirrorless camera. Also major let-down for me!
File: 1382158334397.jpg (52 KB, 376x369)
52 KB
>it can be argued that the R6 and R5 offer very robust solutions in autofocus
Canon tried to be radical and emulate Sony with the animal eye AF. You're only proving my point.
But ultimately Sony came on top in terms of AF reliability. See this video section>>3695900

>and IBIS as well
Canon's new IBIS is hyper radical and is sacrificing image quality.
See how much Canon is butchering the image quality in this link:

The old Canon would have never found this acceptable.
But there are now new people in charge at Canon.
They are afraid the RF mount is losing to E-mount.
So the neo Canon is doing everything they can to emulate Sony.

[EXIF data available. Click here to show/hide.]
Camera-Specific Properties:
Camera SoftwareAdobe Photoshop CS4 Windows
Image-Specific Properties:
Image OrientationTop, Left-Hand
Horizontal Resolution72 dpi
Vertical Resolution72 dpi
Image Created2012:07:07 05:14:03
Color Space InformationUncalibrated
Image Width376
Image Height369
It does, it's just not the best compared to Canon, Olympus or Panasonic.

This is what's going to kill it for filmmakers and wedding videographers. There is no do overs. What are you going to tell your clients if the camera overheats in the most critical moments? Even if you had 2 R5s, just switching camera may ruin your video.

If you're a professional, you don't want to take any chances.

I still think the R5 and R6 will sell well but mostly for stills photographers or people who only take videos for personal projects, not client work. It's ironic because Canon was mostly hyping up the video capabilities of their new cameras.
You say that there are better alternatives, I completely agree! Yet you don't indicate that Canon autofocus is not robust. You also argue that IBIS would not be robust showing an extreme example. The exhaustive example is compromised as it requires damping i.e. a gimbal. In this situation the result is not satisfying but good!
Especially in photography I only expose 3 f-stops longer and can expect good results.

Stabilization can not be improved without the inadequate CIPA standard indicating an absurd number of correctable stops. I stick to my argument, it is very robust, in particular due to latitude and explicit limitation notes in the manual, too. The insane thing is today's advertising, claiming 8k, claiming stabilization up to 8 stops, too high expectations, too. The R5 does good 8k raw, it achieves 8 stops of corrections according to CIPA. The R5 is also one of the most restricted cameras in the Canon history.
>Yet you don't indicate that Canon autofocus is not robust
I indicated the Sony AF is even more robust.
Because Sony is now trying to be the most reliable camera maker.

>The R5 is also one of the most restricted cameras in the Canon history.
I don't think you even know what Canon used to be.
Canon used to claim IBIS was worthless trash inferior to lens sabilisation.

The old Canon would never even dream of sacrificing image quality for IBIS. But the Neo Canon will. That's the difference.
>Because Sony is now trying to be the most reliable camera maker.
>Neo Canon will [sacrifice image quality for IBIS]
I don't see that in evidence as there are pro and con arguments to this.

>Canon used to claim IBIS was worthless trash inferior to lens sabilisation.
They could still do. It has nothing to do with IBIS on its own or a combination of both stabilizations.
>I don't see that in evidence as there are pro and con arguments to this.
There are no cons to A7S iii AF, it's simply just reliable.
There are no cons to A7S iii temperature management, it's simply just reliable.

Sony is trying to become the Canon of old, and they are succeeding.

>They could still do.
They didn't do it. Because they were run by different people who were more concerned about reliability.
Instead they trashed on IBIS in public statements while featuring it in 0 of their bodies.
Canon is trying to become the Sony of a few years back, and they are succeeding.

I take it from your objections that you don't like the end result of what has happened?
It's simple.
Videofag? A7S III
Photofag? R5
>Canon cope
No, if you want photos it’s the A7iii or A7rIII/IV.

If you’re hybrid depending towards which side would give you the A7sIII or as above.

The R6 might be good value depending on how it’s priced against the A7iii but then there is lens. The R5 is not and nothing compelling to pay more for it over Sony. Brand loyalty perhaps.
That's correct, but for some reason the marketing team from Canon decided to sell the R5 as a video camera. Now they're being mocked for it because it even overheats in 4k 60p.

If they simply sold it as a mirrorless 5D successor and said "hey by the way it also does 8k for 20 or so minutes" the backlash would have been far lesser as people would be aware that it's mostly a stills camera that can do video with a few caveat.

Just like Sony is selling the A7S III as a video camera and not a stills one, hence no one gives them shit about the 12mp resolution.

Someone at Canon needs to get fired over this.
Why would you choose the r5 over the a7riv?

Worse battery, worse lens selection, worse af, worse ergo, etc.

There is no reason to buy canon in 2020.
Because I can't give my money to the company that literally forces its userbase to shout BLM slogans. It's too much, even if it's from Sony
>There are no cons to A7S iii AF, it's simply just reliable.
>There are no cons to A7S iii temperature management, it's simply just reliable.
That's a whole lot other point, nothing I've argued against.

I am arguing against this, which you have not yet backed up:
>Sony is trying to become the Canon of old, and they are succeeding.
>Canon is trying to become the Sony of a few years back, and they are succeeding.

>I take it from your objections that you don't like the end result of what has happened?
I don't like the entire tendency, that a camera is advertised great and gross, growing and growing in difference to the net value with every evolution, up-market strategies, too. That I have to read and try out much more. That I cannot buy something blindly.
The above was never so drastic, it is through social media now. The camera manufacturers and the people are equally guilty here, no change, just another manufacturer in favor of pitching numbers that are important to the crowd.

Still, people are one thing, the manufacturers are the other. For me it is simply incomprehensible that their marketing exploits its possibilities, rumors, clickbait, bait in general. Apparently it pays off to also actively put people into exaggerated expectations again and again.
Just watched about 10 or so preview, and none of the reviewers have been able to overheat the A7SIII.

Pretty certain that it can reliably be used for video work.
>Forces user base to shout blm slogans
File: (((sony))).jpg (45 KB, 640x637)
45 KB
It's mathematically correct, black lives is a subset of all lives, therefore all lives would not matter until black lives matter.
>worse lens selection
>implying the EF/RF lens series isn't the most comprehensive AF lineup to exist

>worse ergo
Go back to your Lego brick
File: 1589769870775.jpg (726 KB, 1920x1080)
726 KB
726 KB JPG
R5 looks like an infinitely better stills camera, but its video options don't really entice me because who the fuck here actually needs 8K?

SIII has amazing 4K features available in body without actually needing an external recorder or the CFA cards, and the lens lineup is a hell of a lot better than the Canon because I wouldn't drop that kind of money just to adapt a bunch of lenses.

Either way, I'll just stick with my A7RIV
>"I don't mind this BUT" said the edgy contrarian loser with an anime profile picture
>Sonychad: say black lives you little bitch
Absolutely BASED.
Sony can use Canon EF, Nikon F and native E mount lenses. Canon R can only use RF and EF lenses. So I mean...
>r5 overheats
>This kills the canonshill

They didn't force anyone to say anything, just exposed someone for being a bigot; and here you are being upset for the bigot, like some cucked snowflake bitch.

Fucking yikes. End yourself son.

>Implying EF lenses aren't more compatible with Sony than canon

Lmao, enjoy having your third party lenses suddenly getting locked out of your system again.
>BLM is now suddenly okay on the chans
The ultimate cope
And contax and Sony Minolta a-mount.

4chan isn't a degenerates playground you fucking loser, /b is literally the only board racism is tolerated. Go back to voat, you're not welcome here.
from around 16-17 minutes
there's an option that makes it shoot for a shitton longer
>... all lives would not matter until _____ lives matter.

>Nazi's have entered the room...
>Hey, we matter again?!? Heil Hegre, let's march!!
sony racist towards non blacks
sony persecuting media that reports on the last of us negatively
sony bribing movie reviews
sony allowing user data to be stolen
sony lying about not having crop on a7siii

how can one company be so s—o—y?
Yes Hun, believe it or not, their lives did matter, they also had to accept consequences for their actions. No one is born a bigoted piece of shit forced to perpetuate hate against protected classes; well done on admitting that you have a problem though, have you considered therapy, I think it could really help.
File: dana.gif (1.38 MB, 480x270)
1.38 MB
1.38 MB GIF
>Fucking yikes
File: 1592784091676.png (48 KB, 1471x272)
48 KB
>sony racist towards non blacks
Your life don't matter, mutt. Sure you managed to trick me into thinking you were a victim once upon a time. But that was all lies and deceit in the end.
File: ack.jpg (45 KB, 700x700)
45 KB
>It's mathematically correct

Shut up retard. We all know what they mean.
>accept consequences for their actions

>BLM has left the room. Hun.
>I am arguing against this, which you have not yet backed up:
>>Sony is trying to become the Canon of old, and they are succeeding.
My success criteria for this is in the sales of A7 iii. It became reliable enough for people to use as their daily workhorse.
>>Canon is trying to become the Sony of a few years back, and they are succeeding.
Me criteria for this is a bunch of new radical features which their previous personality would have never implemented>>3696256
>the people that get upset over sony are the same people that get upset over black people

Well colour me surprised! I NEVER expected that! what a turn up for the books!
File: call_it_night.png (439 KB, 492x503)
439 KB
439 KB PNG
nice cope retard, now fuck off to twitter, reddit or any other shithole you like
He's right Anon. Nobody cares about your sack of shit anymore.

I assume you're the same guy who posted this>>3696347?
Lel, you actually had me tricked and deceived. Until you became honest out in the open.
File: swing_and_a_misss.png (279 KB, 1891x631)
279 KB
279 KB PNG
We aren't so many people on /p/, so it was likely to be you, but I guess there are more than one of you on the board. That's alright too. We 'll deal with you one at a time.
anon, you arent dealing with shit
Sure we are. Calling you out every single time.

Like who would have guessed Sony was right all along? You racist sacks of shits deserve everything hitting you in the end.
File: lel.jpg (40 KB, 634x650)
40 KB
>Calling you out
>on 4chin.net

How will I even recover?
>How will I even recover?
You won't, mutt. 56% and shrinking.
That, if I may say so, is not sufficient proof, at least for me. The core capabilities of the latest A7 family are almost the same as the core capabilities of the Canon R5 and R6. Both Sony and Canon have both a lead and gaps.
We don't need to argue that Sony is more solid in the essential functions, especially the battery life is noticeable here, better dedication to a segment, maturity above all in the mirrorless functions.
But I still find it difficult to draw the conclusion that Sony is more concerned with robustness than Canon, wake-up times and bufferlock would be counter-arguments here. And I find it difficult to give Canon an experimental badge by referring to the unavailability of mostly demanding modes.

But whatever. We understand each other, we just don't agree, don't have to agree. In any case, it was a good chat!
>wake-up times and bufferlock would be counter-arguments here.
Have anyone even measured the wake-up time of the A7S iii?
I don't think it's an aspect anyone have even cared to test, since the battery life more than compensates for this "user-pattern" so they don't have to turn the camera off all the time.

As far as buffer goes. A7S iii has infinite buffer because the CFexpress clears it instantly.
better sell all my gear and move to another country. But wait, I've been posting on anonymous board all along

So, all in all. Dilate tranny.
File: Screenshot_24-1.png (64 KB, 471x325)
64 KB
Oh yeah, anon you really have dealed with me
File: 1306033194355.jpg (18 KB, 398x343)
18 KB
>56% mutt asks how he will ever recover
>Just tell him the truth
Come on man. That was a sick burn, and you know you will never recover from it.
>56% and shrinking
There's the real racist
You mean the joke responding your your racism?

Cry more, mutt.
It's a hurtful joke, you know. No one wants to be compared to a mutt.
>Implying you have a preference for "purebreeds"

Gtfo bigot
>everything hitting you in the end
the only thing that'll be hitting me is the recoil of a Mossberg 500.
Trump can't hold his hand over you forever. If you do stupid things, you will win stupid prizes.
>threatening a person over a fucking image capture device
File: Untitled.png (11 KB, 543x355)
11 KB
It's a little bit weird. But apparently it has something to do with the wrong skin colour who assembled the camera.

These are the same people who want to convince us they aren't really racist.
Nobody wants you to convince you about shit. You are mad at internet.
>And contax and Sony Minolta a-mount.
And Nikon F. Canon EF can use Nikon F so I don't know what this retard was thinking claiming only Sony can use Nikon F.
New video from Kai W about overheating. Apparently it does much better in 95F and hotter than this video implies.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQ2GK3riMg8 skip to 17:25 for overheating analysis.
Can't Nikon theoretically use all of them since the new Z mount is so big?
That ibis seems so jittery
>muh ad hominem! LOOK AT MUH AD HOMINEM!

Let me try that fallacy:
>the people who defend sony are the same communist, animal abusing, evil pedophiles who get upset over America, freedom, and helping little old ladies across the street
Well colour me surprised! I NEVER expected that! To be able to derail honest debate with shitty baseless personal attacks!
So when does the A7iv come out so I don't have to buy the A7Siii
File: Untitled.jpg (91 KB, 700x460)
91 KB
>honest debate
Why are you even starting a racial debate in a camera board?

>upset over America
What's wrong with that? Even americans are upset over america, let alone the countries you are occupying and robbing.
This has nothing to do with Sony by the way.
>Upset over America
Worst response to COVID 19 of any country by far, insane amount of deaths and half the countries renters face eviction as they are unable to pay rent. Yes, I'm upset with us too.
>missing the point by this much
Have you stopped hitting your children?
I don't think he is missing the point. He correctly assed you are a racist who is butthurt by Sony as the same time.
>Why are you even starting a racial debate in a camera board?
Why did the poster I replied to?

>What's wrong with that?
Nothing if you're upset about something valid. It's when you make shit up like 'muh robbing countries' and 'muh covid response' that you look stupid.
>i think ad hominems are valid
>repeat my cult's mantra or you are a racist
Shut up pedophile.
>It's when you make shit up like 'muh robbing countries'
That one is perfectly real.
Whenever you want cheap electric cars, you rob the countries with lithium reserves.
Whenever you want to weaponise sinking oil prices, you rob one of the countries with oil.
File: 1564254135242.jpg (22 KB, 476x477)
22 KB
>sony shils get so flustered by social justicing that they forget the shilling for their brand

whatever is this board coming to?
Most of the things they called you out for is valid. But your ad hominems are not.
>That one is perfectly real.
>Whenever you want cheap electric cars, you rob the countries with lithium reserves.
We steal the lithium at gun point without paying anyone anything? Really? Show me where that happens.

>Whenever you want to weaponise sinking oil prices, you rob one of the countries with oil.
Again, we steal oil at gun point without paying anyone anything? Really? That never even happened in Iraq. (And for the record, I think Gulf War 2 was shit.)
>i can use ad hominems but you cannot
Shut up pedophile.

>We steal the lithium at gun point without paying anyone anything?
Pretty much. And if they don't comply you will change their government by force. See Bolivia.

>Again, we steal oil at gun point without paying anyone anything?
It's not ad hominem to call you racist. That's just the truth.
>That never even happened in Iraq
What do you think your conflict with Iran is about?

You're pointing your guns at them because they dared to nationalise their oil.
Likewise, it's not ad hominem to call you a pedophile. That's just the truth.
We don't get oil from Syria.

We don't get oil from Iran.

Also: WE HAVE FAR MORE OIL THAN EITHER SYRIA OR IRAN. Why the fuck would we need their oil?
>the absolute state of the soiny social justice warrior
>We don't get oil from Iran.
Because they are pointing their guns at you when you try to plunder then.

>We don't get oil from Syria.
Yes you do. You're working super hard so israle and trykey can get cheap oil throm their neighbour.

>Why the fuck would we need their oil?
Because you are greedy assholes who think you the planet belongs to you.

FYI, you're also pointing your guns at Russia because they dared to nationalise their oil and gas.
best post
Best samefag.
File: Iran arrest US marine.jpg (83 KB, 1024x653)
83 KB
Just goes to show how important photography is. Otherwise we wouldn't have evidence of these trespassing warmongers.
File: miss.png (54 KB, 673x445)
54 KB
No, you are just retarded
>-you miseed!
>y-you missed again
Same retard who has been butthurt and openly racist the whole thread

what's with the piss filter?
It makes it easy to browse at night

Dude, you are retarded. Literally, because you doesn't click with you that multiple people do not like you.
Take your meds schizo
Why would a light filter change a screenshot though? Damn that's weird
File: gazprom_18105336_b.jpg (1.13 MB, 1300x933)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB JPG
United states always get butthurt when a country nationalise their oil reserves for the benefit of their people.


[EXIF data available. Click here to show/hide.]
Camera-Specific Properties:
Image-Specific Properties:
>Lmao, enjoy having your third party lenses suddenly getting locked out of your system again.
I've never bought third party.
Nikon's fucked compatibility of Tokina lenses on the F mount and Tamron on the Z mount.
>Choosing Sony lenses
There's no such thing as a politics-free hobby post 2016.
Get used to it, gentiles.
File: KenjiInterview.jpg (209 KB, 1200x1200)
209 KB
209 KB JPG
>He goes on to say that, while the “S” in a7S originally stood for “sensitivity,” it now stands for “shilling”
omg so supreme xD
Same exact sensor size and basically iso
still overheats
only does 4k120p

So supreme with that BIG HDMI zaddy
Gamergate didn't cause any problems, it pointed out problems and then the problem-creators accelerated.
I like how they secretly still made it extremely sensitive, so that few people that need that (nocturnal wildlife videos or whatever) get their bespoke camera.
I guess if they can no longer get reviews for sex, that's a big problem for the industry
>insane amount of deaths
Has it affected you?
File: image_carousel65.jpg (36 KB, 320x480)
36 KB
Imagine buying Sony
Yes because I'm a retail manager and have been front and center for all the shot since it started. Not to mention business has improved but for a while was a rollercoaster.
So it's not the deaths, but the commerce disruption?
I kind of have to like Sony now, seeing how all the racists are sperging against them.

Sony is the good guy now.
I mean this entire thing has affected everyone to some degree even if not as directly, and I really think the poor handling of it by our government makes the virus itself fester longer, puts people out of work longer and overall damages the economy more.
The new 12-24 2.8 looks pretty hot. Yeah it's $3k but I shoot wide angle a lot sooo
They should just let everyone get infected; this shit is a joke.
File: image_carousel88.jpg (43 KB, 600x400)
43 KB
It can't be helped. We must defeat and incinerate evil and biggotry.
File: image_carousel26.jpg (90 KB, 680x486)
90 KB
You sound like you get your news from cnn.
File: 1325457053864.jpg (5 KB, 158x152)
5 KB
All of your news channels support the warmongers. Just how retarded can you be?

Perhaps you're retarded enough to believe Iran sailed their country all the way to invade your poor innocent marines?
You sound like you don't know that 6 companies own almost all news media
In the end, aren't they the good guys though?

At least their globalism create jobs all over the world and lift entire countries from poverty.
Meanwhile american supremacists don't care how many countries will die and suffer so long as they maintain their high living standards.
They report the narrative they want you to believe and convientiently redact or bury anything that contradicts it
As opposed to you, who frankly admit you want your geopolitical adversaries dead?
That still makes you the bad guy, and they the good guys.
Don't mistake me for whoever you were initially arguing with. I don't particularly want anyone to die. I'm also not American.
They aren’t my marines. I don’t have a dog in this fight.
What I’m saying is this take on global politics is childish. It’s like watching a game of chess and thinking the bishop took the knight because he wanted his square.
Yeah, you want me to believe the poor innocent bishop was hypnotised under the thrall of the jew, right?

Not so. Those american soldiers know they are henchmen who murder others so they can pay the mortgage.
And their president knows he deliberately ruin other's countries to make his own look good.
If you knew your stuff you would know the president doesn't have a say in international politics.
U.S. is two entities, the internal matters which supposedly a president reigns over and the international ones aka world police, which the pentagon practically calls the shots in support of someone, all lights point it's the jews but who knows at this point.
Trump and Obama have very similar if not identical foreign policies but different home ones, Bush and Clinton had the same story with one bombing/invading Iraq and Afghanistan while the other did so in Yugoslavia and Somalia.
>you would know the president doesn't have a say
They all have a say.
>Let us destroy x country, or we will sabotage your presidency and you will achieve nothing
^They all have to option to refuse this. They just choose to obey instead.
You're the same dude that argues politics on this board all the time. Please take it back to /pol/ where it belongs
I'm not. And you can fuck off yourself, since my reply was to your political off topic post.
Suck my dick faggot it wasn't even my fucking post
File: 1337095013070.jpg (28 KB, 158x152)
28 KB
You're upset because someone on the internet said mean things about your warmonger country.

Take a vacation or something.

[EXIF data available. Click here to show/hide.]
Camera-Specific Properties:
Camera SoftwareAdobe Photoshop CS3 Windows
Image-Specific Properties:
Image OrientationTop, Left-Hand
Horizontal Resolution72 dpi
Vertical Resolution72 dpi
Image Created2011:05:06 18:10:24
Color Space InformationsRGB
Image Width158
Image Height152
>They all have to option to refuse this
You can but might as well hang yourself doing so because that's a death sentence. Kennedy denied plenty of things and he got shot, same with most of his family members getting gangstalked or hit on.
Fuck you too very much buddy, i was just replying in good faith on a shit thread like most are in this hellhole.
>You can but might as well hang yourself
Rebelling against evil is too difficult, so we will join evil and call it a day.
>Everyone who disagrees with me is American
>He's annoyed politics I being discussed on a photo board
Holy shit the fucking cope with you. Are you so retarded that you believe that you are talking to the same person every single time you get a reply?
I'm not American. Please take your anti America argument to a board in which you can see the country of origin on the post.
That way you can argue with real Americans not the ones living rent free in your head.
It's obvious what you are, given that you're butthurt at only my posts.
Get btfo
Fucking go there and stay there cunt.
>don't talk bad about muh american heroes
>they dindu nuffing
>let them plunder in peace! it's just a chess board
Mate I literally don't support America. I never once defended them. You're too afraid to go to /pol/ to argue because you're too much of a pussy.
>Mate I literally don't support America
You only get a sore butthurt when someone says bad things about their plundering and their murders. That's all. right?
I get irritated by shitposting faggots like you invading the board with your political dipshittery
Maybe you should have started a conversation you couldn't handle?
What's the point of making a post like this one>>3696813 for example?
It's literally inviting for someone to ass rape you.
Motherfucker that wasn't even me.
But why didn't you object to his off topic?

Could it be you're a hypocrite who is actually okay with offtopic shitposts, so long as they support your warmonger empire?
Because I'm not on this board every day. He is also wrong though.
The mental gymnastics you are pulling right now are impressive. You assume an awful lot about my political ideals based on the fact that I objected to you having a political argument on here.
>He is also wrong though.
That's fair enough. But that doesn't mean I was wrong, only that you didn't like what I posted.
I only didn't like what you were posting because it was a political arguement. I then objected to you automatically assuming I was American.
As to if I agree with you or not? That would be a discussion I would have with you on /pol/ not here.
I know its days old I can read asshole. That motherfucker wasn't going to sage anyway.
The last 12 posts was exclusively you and I. You're part of the problem by bumping this thread instead of saging it.
You're right about sage. You're not going to drag me into a discussion about its virtues though.
But isn't that why you're here? To change the subject into something else because you can't stand it when the warmongers are criticised on the internet?
I was actually trying to oblige.
No. I told you that. That narrative lives entirely in your own head.
I properly characterised you on your actions, not on how you prefer to be perceived.
>Yeah, you want me to believe the poor innocent bishop was hypnotised under the thrall of the jew, right?
No, the bishop might be calling the shots, or it might be the hand that moved him there. The point is it’s a much bigger game than those pieces and those squares.
File: 1256762831113.gif (46 KB, 384x288)
46 KB
>The point is it’s a much bigger game than those pieces and those squares.
Why does this matter?
At the end of the day, he is still an evil asshole who is responsible for millions of deaths, and the suffering of tans of millions.
Can you kindly stop tinfoiling?

I don't care if you want to talk politics here, you can't avoid politics anywhere at the moment.

Just try to do better than point at everyone who disagrees with you or asks you to stop and tell them they are wrong because you already concluded that they are American.

It makes you look very silly. Where are you from?
Can you learn to sage? Or are you the shitposter who deliberately want to bump this thread?

>Just try to do better than point at everyone who disagrees with you
I didn't disagree with him, I'm calling the americans murderers and displacers of tens of millions of refugees.
Which is supposedly against your interest since you're busy crying about muh white genes, and muh ethnostate all day.

>Where are you from?
Are you still butthurt I didn't disclose my flag on your shitty bait thread?
>Bait thread
I am not the same person who tried to pull you over to /pol/

>Americans are war criminals
This is well known and I agree

>Not disclosing flag
That's fine if you don't want to. But then you can't use someone's nationality to try to invalidate their point if you won't disclose yours.
Confirmed that you're the anti-Sony OP shitposter.

>But then you can't use someone's nationality to try to invalidate their point
Nobody did that. I'm invalidating your character based on how hard you're sucking up to the warmongers.
Ok so you're engaging in character assassination?

Got it.
Yeah Anon, I'm calling you out for being a shit person who supports shit countries. Cry more?
The other anon was right you do belong on /pol/

But you probably got tired of crying when they called you out on your flag/memeflag

So you decided to come here and do it to other people?

You clearly don't belong here if you're this butthurt everytime Sony release a new camera that destroys the competition. You should take your own advice and fuck off to your pol board.
File: 1510828249453s.jpg (7 KB, 208x250)
7 KB
>yfw I was backing Sony

You like to invent a person in your head and project it onto everyone don't you?

You seem upset anon
I always judge you an your actions, poltard.

You clearly have a vested interest in bumpng the OP post to keep it on page 1, because you're butthurt every reviewers on the planet are endorsing the S iii.
This is getting boring anon
How does it feel to know you're losing the propaganda war?
Everybody is endorsing the S iii, meanwhile all you have is this this thread, you keep bumping it every day to influence the 10 visitors the board has.
Your entire arguement hinges on strawmanning a persona you have projected onto the person you are arguing with

The only reason you are "winning" is because it is incredibly taxing to continue to adress the different narratives you keep spinning

Originally I was another American or American ally

Then I was the same person you were talking to before

Now I'm a /pol/tard Sony hater

You are either trolling or mentally ill. Either way it's entertaining until it becomes so very tiresome. As it has for me and so many others.
>different narratives you keep spinning
You deny you bumped a thread buried in page 3 to bring it back on top, Why?
Why do you get so buttflustered when people call you out for what you are?
File: a7 weather sealing.png (127 KB, 680x973)
127 KB
127 KB PNG
> using my Apu mashups without permission
You'll be hearing from my lawyer. Please let me know where you live so I can send a C&D letter.

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