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How hard is container gardening? I can just throw seeds into pots of soil and make sure they're in the sun right?
I cant speak to container gardening per se only container plants in general (trees shrubs, perennials, etc). It is sort of tough but if you have small space or don't have a permanent living situation you have to make it work.

You have to be much more on top of watering. You have to really be on top of fertilizing too even if the soil is supposed to already have a fertilizer. And if you do anything besides annuals you have to up-pot things and root prune them every so often.

What I recommend with containers is set up drip irrigation or misters in or above each pot- and put them on a timer. It will make your life alot easier.

I sometimes keep plants (tree seedlings mostly) in containers a year or two before planting. So I have sort of a stable of idk maybe two dozen seedlings set up on the east side of my house waiting to transplant with a wood frame above them and about eight atomizers running along the frame. That's how I water them and it saves me alot of time and makes it alot easier.

I don't bother root pruning because ideally they get transplanted before it is necessary but if you are doing containers long term then you have to get used to root pruning. For veggies I assume you want full sun. For young seedlings you want full AM sun and shade in the afternoon. With veggies you may find you have to spray a pesticide or fungicide too.
Thank you for your well written response. I'm just trying to get some kidney beans, radish and kale to grow out of 1020 seed trays
going from about 3k sqft of garden beds to an apartment watering containers was the biggest hassle. automated systems are so helpful. you can also rig waterers with water bottles and a couple holes in the lid, but keep an eye on it because its not nearly as dialed in. but theres cheap $30 terrarium misters for like frogs with timers built in that could potentially work as waterers
We did a garden in the black and yellow home depot containers this year, the snow sruck around too long for me to prepare the soil properly, so we just did raised beds with compost soil.
It's gone pretty okay.
Baking pizza where all the vegies toppings we grew tomorrow night.
I'd just run a .75 inch main irrigation line then attach micro jet lines and sprayers to it. You could probably keep it under 50-60 dollars. And then a timer is optional but they are pretty cheap.
I just wanna grow 1/4 of my own food. The rest I'll buy but six good vegetables growing out the soil or pot and I'd be happy
I think the hard part of that is not the gardening part it is the storage part. Canning, pickling, etc. Something like potatoes will keep a pretty long time. But you really need to grind your own corn meal or flour.

With a sizeable garden you will get two or three big hauls a year in spurts. But if you are using a tractor etc. it is very easy to make a ton of food- the labor intensive part is picking it all and preserving it. That's literally what women used to stay around the house and do half the day in old times

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