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File deleted.
I've been playing around with the thought of going homeless to save on rent for a couple of months now at this point.
If I continue to pay rent I will not build any significant wealth, currently im living hand to mouth without any significant savings.
I already figured the following things out AND did field trials to test them out:
> minimum equipment/clothes required on me
> places to wash clothes/shower
> ways to eat cheaply without cooking
> self storage solutions
> stealth sleeping locations
> what to do during daytime
It all basically boils down on where and how to spend your nights, and that's where I need advice:
> I am not allowed a tent in my cucked country, I am allowed to sleep outside without a tent tho
> I need to sleep away from people since this decreases the chance of getting mugged at night
I already slept a few nights this way and it worked decently, the only issues were:
> you cool down a lot at night without a tent even during summer
> staying undercover with tons of sleeping equipment
> what to do during shitty rain/weather conditions (I am allowed to put a plane over my head, just no tent)
> how do I keep my equipment from rotting away under permanent use and lack of possibilities to dry it
> winter
Any advice appreciated.

TLDR: I can't justify paying 30 € every day just for a shitty place to sleep anymore since I spend practically all of my time at the gym, work and my uni. How do I start perma camping to cover the night time?

> get a van
Having a van standing around here is about half the price of rent per month, the cost cut is not significant enough
> you are retarded
Probably, but rent is way too high for the sole purpose of a place to sleep
Get a regular car, not having a permanent place to sleep sucks ass
See inb4. A car in Germany is half the rent of a studio apartment in a large city
So cheap and autistic that you're going to go homeless to save money on rent. If you're a university student then just live without savings for like 2 years. Find a cheaper and smaller living situation.
>we live in a world where in the majority of developed nations young people regularly consider being homeless instead of paying the landlord class
Seriously how much more are people going to take until we make housing a human right? When are we going to hold our elected representatives accountable and stop the greed of the parasitic landlord class? I'm not even a communist but here so many fucking people consider sleeping in the back of their 20 year old shitbox to save money on rent is absolutely astounding.
Have you tried not being a total shitbag and reconciling with your family?
What if your only living family are compulsive hoards, alcoholics, abusive, neglectful or simply don't exist? Why do you assume every person on the planet has mentally sound family members that they can always fall back on?
Calling something a "right" doesn't magically render it immune to scarcity.
"guarantied free housing" is never going to be you getting your own apartment, it's you crammed tight pack with horde of other life fail randos, like prison except there are no guards to hand slap beating and rapes.
First of all, I do not think that I will ever be able to come to terms with paying rent, even if I would earn significantly more.
Mean net income in Germany is about 2000 Euros a month.
An apartment in a non shithole city sets you back 1000 a month, if you go to a medium sized city an apartment is still around 500 a month. That is 15 - 30€ you just burn every day for having the privilege of being allowed to lay down for 8 hours somewhere and take the occasional shit.
I do not give a fuck about comfort, I am the most practical you could be. I don't give a shit about how my food tastes (it just has to be healthy), I do not care about having a private bathroom, I don't give a fuck if my matress is soft (that's why I also love going /out/ so much).
All of the value that people get from a permanent residence does not hold for me because the alternative doesn't bother me. I always like to say that if you buy a plate you also buy the duty to wash it. Value of life is not found in seeking comfort, modern life is too comfortable anyways.
I just can't wrap my head around how having a mail adress and a place to put your bed could cost 50% of the mean income and I am not ready to continue paying that.
It doesn't necessarily come down to the savings argument, but I just mentioned it because it is also a pull factor. In this country almost no one has access to 500-1000 every month that they can spend freely, imagine what a headstart that would give me in other sectors in life.

Just so much as OWNING a car without ever moving it in Germany costs about 300 a month. And I agree with you partly, but I think the main problem is in the fact that housing is an inflexible demand. That explains the greed, greed is always there anyways.
I love my family, my family loves me.
But my university is 250 km away from my home town, so I can't just move back.
Also I like to be self sufficient, but right now with that high of rent I almost feel like a parasite receiving their financial support every month. I am thinking of starting to do two jobs while being a student just so I don't have to parasite off them as much.

Unironically that is exactly what would be enough for me, just a bed in some random place where I can close my eyes for 8 hours and then go to uni, the library and my gym the next morning. I don't need more
Based. Living in my truck in Denver.

Rent is for cowards.
Most people do. Step off the spectrum for a bit and think about it.
I've gone through the same thought process and done it for half a year, mostly sleeping in loosely secured underground spaces in Paris. It was a fun experience but it gets miserable in the end. Being perpetually on the lookout makes you go paranoid. I'd rather pay the cheapest <500€ rent to get the tiniest illegal cupboard than go through that shit again.
Its not worth it because durability of outdoor gear alone. Its going to run you several hundreds of dollars every month to replace broken gear if you sleep out every day.
It is worth it depending on how you live, if you wish to just see other places, work temp jobs, or work away from home kind of jobs it's awesome. Anything long term and it's not worth it.

Like another anon pointed out, the cost of things on the road eventually becomes the same as rent. So why bother. Effectively, you will trade everything for rent unless you are the adventurous type. Simple as that. Rent and ramen or sleeping in your car and doing what you want.

I chose the latter.
These links might help.

We are kindred spirits anon, very well said. You have the misfortune of being born in Germany, one of the least /out/ and most autistic (soulless) countries on Earth. Unironically we need the pods, like in Japan. How fucking great would it be to have small spaces where you can go sleep, communal kitchens and bathrooms, and the ability to dip in and out of different cities as you please. We need a return of boarding houses. If it was good enough for Walt Whitman and Edgar Allen Poe, it's good enough for me.
Total nonsense btw. Ask me how I know you don't go /out/
Colonize land with tiny homes.
Just build more faggot. Build until it's worthless. And build up so we don't create anymore sprawl.

It's not rocket science. We put a man on the moon but we can't guarantee affordable housing to the citizenry? Give me a fucking break. Defeatist obstructionist boomer bullshit. Just build retard
I did this and was unable to find a full time job so I was homeless and broke. It gets easier though. By month 4-5 you'll find your rhythm.
Currently reading the wiki, great advice thanks Anon
Okay so I live in USA. And being homeless here you can sleep in a park. I heard Europe was way friendlier to the homeless but I guess the Germans have strict standards. There is a guy on YouTube called homeless vagrant/vagabond. Maybe idk I think that's what he's called. Anyway check him out. There isn't somewhere at your uni you can sneak in during the day and sleep? You got to think outside of the box dude. Be different than the tweakers. Are you attractive? Can you bum off of women? I knew a dude who did that when he was in and out of prison. Had 8 girls on dial
Dude in small places like European countries I kinda get it but for rent to be insane in America with no signs of dropping is ridiculous l. It's a blatant hostile attack by the elite.
>REEE gimmie the pod!
let me guess, you want to eat the bug and suck the feminine penis as well.
I can definitely bum off women and I could definitely hide in uni to sleep, but that does not fullfill the goal of being independent.
In both cases I would parasite off other people or instiutions, which is one of the first things I want to avoid.
I could always apply for Bürgergeld, which is the German social security system and actually luxurious in comparison, but that is not the goal.
My primary goal would be to be fully self sufficient.
I was thinking of modifying a cargo trailer and fit a bed in there. Registration and general cost is less than 50 Euros a year, and I can legally park it anywhere for two weeks. I would pull it generally by hand from A to B
Back in Hitler's day he walked around and just worked and read books. He had a place to stay but it was in squalor and had to be shared with all sorts of other men. His daily morsel was organic bread with no plastic or estrogen or faggotry in it and Raw milk(he did drink milk I presume it was raw)

That was squalor. How many men nowadays would kill for such simplicity.
Just wait till you're out of uni bro.
I would not want it any other way, even if I magically started to earn 10k every month.
I do not enjoy luxury, I do not enjoy or actively seek comfort. I would get a tent and just camp every day of the year if this country allowed it, but it doesn't.
Owning more things always ties you down and removes your freedom, as counter intuitive as it may seem. If you own a spoon you have the duty to clean it if it is dirty.
Money is not meant to buy you more comfort, it is a way to buy you more freedom.
You can start buying comfort if you are free (as in you can meet your basic human needs without having to answer or relying to anything or anyone).
I'm currently doing comp sci in the top rated university for this country, I will probably make good money when I'm done.
But I already know that I will not move out of my studio apartment into anything more expensive. I will not buy a car. I am fully content with what I have right now, because it is not distracting me from my actual goal of achieving true freedom in this lifetime.
Life has different meaning, materialism is not it. Money buys freedom or comfort, you should seek freedom before you buy comfort.
Cope and seethe landloser. We're gonna build until your house is worthless. The state will strip your town of zoning privileges, apartment complexes will surround you, and you will hold your pile of sticks to the bottom of the market, lamenting never selling when you could've bought a Bitcoin for the price of a new sedan. We're gonna build and we're gonna build big, like no one's ever seen before.
>My primary goal would be to be fully self sufficient.
No such thing. You've been memed by the American "man is an island" myth. Pretty ironic since you're German. You can be homeless and you'll still be dependent on society. If you have a viable social network, you should absolutely exploit it while giving back in turn when you can. That's the whole point of human relationships, tit for tat. Don't obsess over not being a parasite. Simply endeavor to be a benign symbiote instead. That's the highest level of self-sufficiency any of us can attain.
File: s-l1600.jpg (195 KB, 956x1388)
195 KB
195 KB JPG
One of the best investments you can make if you are homeless or travelling is a four-way vandal-proof tap key.
I got one on a lanyard. With this you can get water even if the council or the owners have cut the handles off the taps.
Nothing wrong with that as long as it's a choice:
1) buy a home
3) social housing (shared because I already pay enough tax, kick out the refugees to look after our own poor)

t. Home owner & tax payer
>We're gonna build
you're a parasitic /in/cel, you aren't going to do shit.
What a bunch of virtue signaling shite.
Seethe, suburban landleech. How's your 800k McMansion treating you? Enjoy the price tag while it lasts. While you're busy cleaning your five bathrooms, I'll be /out/ on the trail, free as a bird. Maybe I'll give you 50k for your pile of pick-up sticks after Jamal and Shanice move into the ten-story apartment complex they build in your backyard.
FOMO status-cucked normalfag detected
File: 1493574572266.png (70 KB, 229x200)
70 KB
>n-n-n-no i-i-i-it's you seething!11
kek, squeal more basement dweller.
If you can leave the UK then just stack up debt, get a useful degree, visit another country that doesn't have an extradition treaty, marry a local, get naturalized, and never pay your debt.

You could also buy a 15 to 30 foot sailboat and live on that, then sail away with your degree and loaned money.

Just putting money in a foreign bank makes it harder to sieze.

You should plan to leave Britain anyways, taxes and inflation are too high. Being in an optimal learning environment and self-teaching above & beyond the material is more important than saving a few quid.

Other than that, read this thread:
archive (dot) ph (slash) pGxvH

I camp with a tarp instead of tent, both are illegal. The solution is don't be caught, and if caught act in a legal but loud and belligerent manner while claiming protected group status (LGBTQ+, muzzie) to deter arrest and serious prosecution.

Also consider claiming you are a woman to get favorable treatment for govt handouts. Just don't take a shelter bed from an actual White woman.

In the other thread I recommended fiber, that was to avoid diarhea aka worst thing to get while a hobo. Not a lot, just 1 capsule with breakfast.

Also buy a multivitamin and keep it in a private locker or climate controlled storage unit.

Staying undercover requires camoflage, year round shade (evergreens or overhangs), building low to the ground or half underground, water drainage, away from dogs/people/bums.

Staying warm requires staying dry; sleeping over insulators like sand, reflectorized plastic blankets spread under you if on cot and between you and the overhead camo tarp (blocks FLIR too), air pockets (sleeping bag, foam pad on ground/cot, anything else that's non-toxic and traps air), and long johns underwear.

Keep your gear dry by going 100% synthetic besides staying under a tarp. You can rig an inclined plane lean to with a tarp, cord, and attachments. 15° to 20° is fine, but must be kinda big vs a boy scout tarp pitch. 6' x 8'.
Winter is same as my other post, just more so. Sleep with a hat and head OUT of the sleeping bag or water in breath will condense inside bag and freeze in the insulation, getting you wet and killing you eventually. Get a mummy or half mummy sleeping bag and neck gaiter if this is an issue, and don't cut head or facial hair besides around the mouth (the "food catcher").

If you can find a spot that is 3+ ' partially underground with an exposed top, or just below the frost line and totally underground except from 1 or 2 sides then it will be 10 to 40 ° F warmer than the air above. Issues include:
>Spiders live underground
>Potential for collapse
>Can't build a fire because heavier gasses sink & will suffocate you.
>If lowest point in surrounding terrain & open to sky, water will drain there and heavier cold air will gather there. Can actually be much, much colder in this case.

In general:
>Sleeping on your side curled up is warmest but your butt cheeks will get cold & wake you up. Solution is to sew a few panels of felt onto butt & hips of your sleeping long johns to keep your ass toasty.
>Ditto for sleeping socks, arm tights, and hat. If you can't keep your hands, feet, and face warm, at least keep your arms, legs, scalp, and neck.
>Uncovered areas won't bother as much if the rest of your body is warm.
>Insulation below you is more important than insulation above you. Former retains body heat, latter compresses former reducing insulating capacity as trapped air is removed.
>Do not sleep directly on foam or plastic, even relflectorized. Moisture will collect there. Put 1" of blanket between you and it, or an air pocket if reflectorized. Ideally this would be hanging under your cot if reflectorized to reflect body heat back at you.
>If on bare ground, remove roots, put dry sand down, dig drainage trenches to move water away from tent, and put trash blankets over sand to keep it off you. Dry sand insulates heat very well and contours to body.
I've done this. My advice is to wait until you're done with university. Homelessness will likely distract from your studies and could detract from your future earning potential by an amount greater than what you'll save on rent.
> I am not allowed a tent in my cucked country, I am allowed to sleep outside without a tent tho
>(I am allowed to put a plane over my head, just no tent)
bivvy sack and a tarp or poncho shelter
> staying undercover with tons of sleeping equipment
get a rugged bivvy sack and ultralight for everything else. If you have storage you can easily swap out season-specific kit.
> I need to sleep away from people since this decreases the chance of getting mugged at night
This all comes down to doing your local research. It can be a major nuisance to have to maintain a stealth sleeping arrangement rather than just going to bed, which is the main reason I suggested waiting until you're done with school.
> you cool down a lot at night without a tent even during summer
use warmer clothing and kit retard. sleeping pad, hat, scarf, extra blanket, etc.
>Having a van standing around here is about half the price of rent per month, the cost cut is not significant enough
It could be a reasonable compromise while you focus on your studies and having a vehicle you can sleep in comfortably makes it easy to relocate for work or other opportunities. However, I would still suggest waiting until you're done with school.
For staying dry, I recommend:

4chan won't let me link to the store, but I own both of these. Avoid the explicit camo patterns as they attract police and normie attention, and thieves prefer those patterns.

Favor dark gray and shades of green, as these are effectively camouflage without the social stigma of explicit camo patterns. Avoid looking like a prepper to avoid being treated like a crazy by normies/cops, or a loot crate by junkies/hobos.

I used to buy a gallon of milk and drink it over two or three days. I did this by removing the lactose, which is what spoils milk, by crushing lactase (an enzyme) tablets between 2 spoons, dissolving it in the milk, and shaking it for 5 minutes. I also add a bit of bakers yeast because they consume the sugar (denying it to other microbes) and produce alcohol (which kills microbes) about an hour after adding the lactase. A jar of bakers yeast is pretty cheap.

Wash off the milk jug to avoid messing up your pack, and put the jug inside a sealable waterproof sack in case it leaks.

I later bought a gallon food grade stainless steel jug and poured it in there, then recycled the plastic jug. I accidentally made cheese, yogurt, and butter from jostling while doing this, so buy the widest mouth jug and least leaky lid you can get, and a long spoon to eat it.

Buy the fattiest milk you can afford. Yeast breaks down pest/herb-icides so non-organic is fine.

Carefully open and quickly tighten the lid once every 30 - 60 minutes or the pressure will build up from brewing gasses.

If you get a 1.5+ gallon jug, you can add 1 dozen eggs, nutmeg, cinnamon, and ginger to make eggnog.

Some people will get very gassy if they consume live yeast, so avoid sugar if you do this and add 1-3 shots of rum and bit of salt instead of yeast. Some get intestines colonized by yeast, becoming permanently buzzed if they eat sugar.
To whisk the eggs, I put a blender ball in the jug before I shook it, and left it in.

I also got a food grade stainless steel straw long enough to reach the bottom of the jug. At the time it was too big to leave it in the jug when the lid was on, so I needed water to rinse it after use. Later I got a jug and lid with enough clearance to leave it in, so I only needed to rinse my fingers or utencils.

Speaking of which: utencils.
>Get 1 excellent spoon. Handle should be long & thick, with deep but thin bowl. Stainless steel for toughness.
>Get 2 decent forks. Just needs long/thick handle and 4+ tines. Use these to rip apart food.
>I don't think you can carry knives lol.
>Get a camping cup, and a larger camping pot, both with water proof lids. Identify coffee shops, gyms, other poorly supervised areas with microwaves or toaster ovens and quietly cook pre-bought frozen food on a paper plate, then scoop it in one of them, screw on lid, and leave.
>Order a coffee or hot cocoa to be polite first though.

>Avoid getting your hands dirty to begin with.
>Suck off (lol) grease from spoon/forks, then wrap in paper towel and put in utencil comoartment to wash later.
>Get a plastic water jug, fill it with water, then put your thumb over opening and turn upside down. Water should dribble out slowly enough to wet hands and rinse soap. Thus you should try to only get one hand dirty.
>Rent a cheap motel room for 2 or 3 consecutive days once every 90 days, then nair your ass, pubes, and arm pits on day 1 and recover from the chemical peel the other 2 days. Dingleberries are nasty but otherwise unavoidable, and well worth the $200 price tag.

Rent rooms on Tuesday night to Friday morning (3 nights), not on holidays or sports game days, and not during conventions. Avoid motels when welfare checks are paid out. Always rent alone.
Seconding a bivy sack, especally if you can find partial rain cover. Get the ones that zipper shut, pitch a little tent, and have screens near the head. Location still matters, but you can easily sleep under bushes on a hill away from dogs.

Seconding but make sure the water isn't treated non-potable graywater before you open random valves.

You should get the burgergeld solely to deny it to migrants and get some of your taxes back, or use it to better irritate leftists and migrants.
>until we make housing a human right?
Isn't it one already?

>So cheap and autistic
He's German, anon, they just are like that.
This anon speaks the sad truth.

The solution is to make more money. Get your homeless solution with a van down pat then start applying for jobs you only almost qualify for, sometimes its bs and they train you in.

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