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I'm so sick of the city bros. The one time I went camping a year ago I had the time of my life. Once my lease ends I've decided to live the /out/ life and go full on Ted Kaczynski mode. How do I get started? Anons who took the pill, do you regret it? Ant tips?
Maybe try getting out again first
Stop ruining everything just because you saw it on youtube.
This is retarded and you are retarded. Don't be retarded. Legit van lifers are a razors edge from being completely homeless. You are exposed everywhere you go. No one wants you in their residential area, no matter how polite you think you are being.
I used to live in the city but I grew up in the country and now I live in the country again trying to build a homestead. Get out while you still can.
Not thread topic but i recently got a nice 4wd 06 tacoma with six speed, not gonna vanlife but looking to take a lot of camping trips in the mountains with it, places I couldn't go in my previous vehicle. Thinking about putting flatbed on it for farming stuff but not quite sure yet. It is extended cab so I have just enough space to pack my gear behind the seat for dry storage. I could also put a camper shell on it but not a fan of the look, despite the usefulness. Pretty excited to use it.
>starts overlanding/van life thread
>”I’m gonna go full on Ted mode
You haven’t even read Ted you larping faggot.
Overlanding is probably the most tech-centric form of camping outside of a full on trailer or RV
File: 97.jpg (144 KB, 720x480)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
sadly this, i own a vw camper van. bought it as a a result of insane housing here in canada. i quickly realized its not a housing solution. you waste massive amounts of time, energy and money just to upkeep a semblance of a standard of living you had living in a house. other than extremely remote places(3+ hours from any medium population center) nowhere is just going to let you linger about for more than a few hours. national/state parks have a ton of anti-car camping rules now as well. then you add the constant fear of the car having a major breakdown which would leave you homeless. its just not an escape from from wage cuck rent serfdom hellscape this society is now.

view it as a giant motorized backpack and escape pod from our insane society. I keep the van meticulously maintained, stocked with food, gear and modern survival items with a minimum of modern amenities. ready to roll at a moments notice. It can be nice to ease any sudden housing issues you would have wagey but dont think you can escape societies clown show that easily
>just to upkeep a semblance of a standard of living you had living in a house.
Found your mistake anon. You're supposed to rough it in exchange for freedom and the ability to save money. If you aren't willing to rough it, you don't get the bennies. You can't have something for nothing, there's always a trade. Expecting to have a fully-functioning apartment on wheels isn't going to be any less stressful or painstaking or expensive than just renting an apartment.
> No one wants you in their residential area, no matter how polite you think you are being

Why would anyone want to park in a residential area in the first place?

>other than extremely remote places(3+ hours from any medium population center) nowhere is just going to let you linger about for more than a few hours.

This is not true. Park on forest service roads.
>This is not true. Park on forest service roads.

Also I should mention this works on the west coast where there is ton of undeveloped wilderness. It probably doesn't on the east coast where everything is developed.
>nowhere is just going to let you linger about for more than a few hours
I move on for uniformed wardens and council with ID, police and locals who come right up to me and directly politely ask me to move on. this has never happened, in any place in the countries I have vanlifed (in total 7 years)
so long as you can ignore crazed locals who themselves are breaking laws (drag racing, littering, dogging, walking dangerous dogs off leashes, attempting to terrorize members of the public etc then you can stay put as long as you like
really the folks who cause vanlifers problems are toothless neighbourhood watch types, who are largely pretentious folk upto no good themselves
ive been doing that but with a travel trailer and my car, got to visit many states, parks etc that i couldnt have if i stayed in an office and might be getting land in fall for a better home base set up
File: 323232.jpg (1.54 MB, 2348x1892)
1.54 MB
1.54 MB JPG
I did this for a year, it was the best time of my life and I can't wait to get back to it, maybe permanently because I work online which would be even easier now with starlink. my setup is pic related and I'm in Australia where 90% of the country is wilderness, I didn't do any hobo vanlife shit like camping in parking lots and shit thats fucking retarded.
File: 2018_1230_18212200.jpg (785 KB, 1776x1184)
785 KB
785 KB JPG
how's the trailer working for you ?

I've been living out of my truck for a month traveling through Finland. had a blast and definitely want to dive deeper into this.

been traveling and working together with my wife and dog and there are things that definitely need an upgrade.
Fucking based Bruce.
Is that a Nissan Patrol you use?
Thinking of getting a roof tent for my Isuzu, but only for some camping, not going full vanlife.
I bought a camping toilet and had diarrhea for 5 days. On the 4th day I almost died because the smell of shit in my car became unbearable. I left on the 5th day because my head no longer worked properly. the blurred vision and loss of control over the body was bad.
It stank worse than a rotting carcass, after which I had to clean the car completely because a kind of film had formed everywhere which also absorbed the smell of shit.
The cleaning water was poop brown.
The car was sold and I still have nightmares about that experience when I woke up struggling to breathe and then passed out again.
Just shit outside, buy a toilet seat if you really need something to sit your ass on.
Really not that hard, dig a hole first if you are a decent human being.
The jet that shot out of my asshole was so strong that it almost blew a hole in the bag in the toilet. Afterwards I had a kind of fever and had to rest. My body could not move. I was trapped in my own gas chamber. This experience will haunt me forever in my nightmares.
Yeah, that doesn't sound very comfy.
I'm still shitting in the woods over any form of camping toilet, even in a modern caravan.
are you finnish, if not, what country are you from?
I plan on "overlanding" 2 or 3 weeks in winter through scandinavia and curious how it is for you:
I know that winter makes many things alot different, but still.
How many people did you come across?
how expensive is Diesel/Gasoline?
how expensive were the toll-roads if you drove on any?

how did the people receive you?
i know for a fact that we germans aren´t that well liked in norway at least because many retarded germans drive through protected land and through rivers in their stupid Unimogs, which i am obviously not gonna do.
File: images.jpg (5 KB, 300x168)
5 KB
>Is that a Nissan Patrol
trailer is great, bought it at auction for a few hundred bucks, ex military, way tougher than anything you can buy these days. it's gone anywhere I've wanted to go without problem.
I'm German myself and went just recently in August.
we drove through poland Lithuania Lettland and Estonia up to talin and took a ferry to Helsinki.

we skipped the south and hurried up to around happajärvi and then moved for about 3 hours every day up north.

the country is insanely beautiful and every single person we had a proper interaction with was uncomplicated and kind.
got pulled out of the forest once by a dude with a tractor because I had some technical issues and he made a grilling experience into a pleasent memory by just being a generally nice guy.

you'll meet other travelers on the "big roads" but even on the easy trails in national parks you'll mostly be on your own.
one day we drove from somewhere around utsjoki further to the south east for 4h and met exactly 1 other car.

double check how viable your trip is in winter.
the amount of snow Lapland gets is insane.

apart from that I'd say go for it !

after being there for a month we settled into a nice groove and both me and my wife would literally rather have like to just stay there than to come home.
also gas was around 2.00 - 2.25 euros and I didn't take a single toll road.
really have to give the trailer life a try.
somehow I always feel like they would be hindering but I think that's just in my mind.
Dankeschön Brudi.
Und immer dran denken:
Ist ein Berliner in Not, aus Prinzip nicht helfen und einfach verrotten lassen.
you aren't going to quit heroin cold turkey and be alright.
File: chevyastrovanawd.jpg (33 KB, 337x450)
33 KB
I just saw this on craiglist. 1999 All Wheel Drive Chevy Astro Van V-6 Automatic $2000
I figure you'd shit outside but what do you do about showers and staying clean?
File: IMG_20230917_142346.jpg (1.89 MB, 4000x1800)
1.89 MB
1.89 MB JPG
norwegian here, you will not be recieved badly for being german, its just a few guys dumb enough to film their rigs going offroad in stupid places that caused some recent controversy. believe me we do way worse ourself just make shure you leave no trail, dont get caught and dont brag about it on social media.
things gets worse during winter since many of the cool forest and mountain roads isnt plowed, once they snow down they are no-go until spring comes.
you can easily avoid toll roads, i assume you dont come here to drive highways so just take the backroads instead.
however many forest roads are privately owned and maintained and they charge a toll to let you drive there, from 2 to 10€. if its just a box you put cash in or a sign to pay with an app you play dumb tourist and just drive, some have gates and card readers there you must pay so bring a working debit/credit card.
and do research, i see so many foreigners cramped into rest areas next to the road but if they just opened google maps in satelitte view they could see scenic campsites a few hundred meters down some forest road.
Everyone thet can afford to uses either a cassette, or they have new ones that hermetically seal your shit in mylar pouches you just throw out with the regular garbage. For any built in toilet one useful "trick" is to have a casefan that draws air out from the back of the toilet and vents down and outside. If its done correctly it keeps it from sinking up your rig.
a 24 years old automatic transmission?
If this wasn´t flushed and serviced reguarly, don´t do it.
i guess we both watched that video of Kaspar Hoglund?
Yeah i recently watched some german dude who went to the Nordkapp through sweden and norway in a modded 3.2L Diesel Ranger and they had medium to bad difficulties trversing some roads and paths.
i guess i´ll just stick to mainly common roads and rather not go actual offroading then.
I am somewhat experienced from my time serving, but still i don´t wanna get stuck in some minus 35 degree forest.

Yup, if i wanted to drive on highways, i prolly would´ve stayed in germany and gotten a BMW M3 to go haywire on the left lane.

well i´d say that sounds fair, putting a little cash in a box is okay for me, i understand that keeping and clearing a back or forest road is somewhat of an effort, so i have no issue with that.

Yup i´ve already done a decent amount of research on kommoot, google maps and openstreet maps and came across some very nice places to park and enjoy the solitude and views.

Thanks for the infos!
There's no pride in either being forced or forcing yourself to basically become an aesthetic. I've owned one of these and they are by no means a living situation, barring (maybe) the RV coach sized things that need constant maintenance which you will not know how to do. They really are a massive backpack as this poster was saying, otherwise they're sitting like 99.9% of the time and just wasting money.
Do you mean ascetic?
i have an early 2000s chevy van. lived in it now intake it to trailheads and spend the night before going out. got a diesel heater and some batteries. its really chill but living in it you are a bum to most people

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