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What do you think would be best to live out of?

the goal is to spend as little as possible upfront and in the long term on recurring fees
I plan to work and save up to build something and then go back to being a self sustained NEET living off centrelink ($500AUD a fortnight)
I have 16k saved now and hoping to set something up with 30-40k

my uncle has a gigantic 7.5km2 cattle farm and has agreed to let our family move onto his land
considering just building something and living in it illegally, rather than dealing with the council and budling permits etc.
something moveable like a van or trailer also has a lot of benefits like traveling and being harder to get fucked over, but is it enough space?

all of the options would be off grid using solar, water tanks and compost/septic tank toilets
how cold does it get there in the local winter? because none of those options are adequately insulated for real cold.
its northern QLD
it doesn't get cold at all
heat is the only issue it gets up to 40c

i would obviously buy insulation and convert into a livable place
Isn't a DIY home just a house? That would be my choice.
Unless your uncle has left you the property in his will, you and your squatter family will be kicked out lickitey split. Best go through the process of getting a parcel shaved off his deed in your name or else your just larping.
He has kids that will inherit the farm
They don't want to sell it

It would be reassuring to own some of it though
>the kids can figure it out after I'm gone
this mentality is the number one destroyer of family estates, in money, land, and legacy.
if it helps his daughter has Asperger's too
so, she Will end up being manipulated into demanding her portion in cash, forcing a sale when the other siblings don't have the liquidity on hand to buy her portion.
yer fucked son.
nah shell be right

if i get something moveable i can just find somewhere else worst case
Top left. It has everything you need for the cheapest upfront cost. Pretty easy to work on as well. Simple hand tools will do.
I think your right honestly seems cheap and spacious plus I won't have to make everything myself
Maybe something with wheels so you can tow it away when the land is inevitably sold
yeah that was definitely a consideration

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