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Happy 19th Birthday 4chan!

File: 1649946075868.jpg (1.29 MB, 1878x1544)
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Previous: >>2460655
File: 1634301217165.jpg (1.34 MB, 4000x3000)
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1.34 MB JPG
So i got the twig stove, and i tested it yesterday. It was late, so i had to take my pics in the dark, sorry about that.
As for the stove, it works fine. I wish it was a bit higher, for more of a rising heat effect, but as it is, once it burns, it does so without smoke, even if the wood is a bit wet.
Now my clothes have the aroma of smoke.
File: 1645934864961.jpg (958 KB, 4000x3000)
958 KB
958 KB JPG
Seriously, 4chins should fix the Exif problem.
Here is the harbor that night.
haha yeah boy I made that top left one, in honor I will actually test it out tonight and see how much twigs and minutes I need to boil a litre of water
File: IMG_20220921_214629.jpg (766 KB, 2135x1445)
766 KB
766 KB JPG
complete shame. Tried it for an hour to get the water boiling and I couldn't do it. The cans work pretty good for containing a burning fire up until you place the pot on them. From my previous hobo stove I knew this issue already. That's why I cut slits into the top. If I want to make a real use out of these mini twig hobo stoves I need a stand that keeps the pot slightly above them. man do I feel stupid now, too dumb to boil water, while I could do it with my first can.
File: VID_20220921_193825.webm (2.62 MB, 1080x1920)
2.62 MB
2.62 MB WEBM
and I love this light arc lighter, charges via USB (got a small solar panel and hand crank generator)
i am top right,
will use it again tommorow, when i go /out/ again
File: 1640904018448.png (2.59 MB, 1200x1600)
2.59 MB
2.59 MB PNG
I remember my experiments a decade ago that didn't work either. I even built some two canned monster.
I think the larger the can and the more holes in the very bottom and top, the better. Maybe an old whiskey tin?
Is it just for lighting smokes or can you actually start a forest fire with it?
Try to use it with twigs on it's side, if you can stomach the soot.
For science.
File: IMG_20220922_191927.jpg (230 KB, 499x1484)
230 KB
230 KB JPG
you can light up paper and other stuff, it has to come in contact with the light arc.

bottom first top last i built, Using two cans for that new one, with 4 metal. angles which should lift up the pot high enough. two nuts per bolt in hopes it doesn't come loose
I pretty much just use a jetboil since I eat dehydrated meals and drink coffee in the morning. Tried cooking with a propane stove but honestly cbf with the hassle of clean up and all that.
the pot on top is probably restricting what little airflow the stove has, you're right in thinking you need a taller stand (maybe just roll some mesh upright) or just cut more holes if the can supports it
had those angles lying around, have to test it.
File: 1634652149170.png (198 KB, 548x839)
198 KB
198 KB PNG
Good luck, hope it works.
That one i bought for 20€? It's a gasifier, which really burns smokeless, once properly lit. Con is it's burning through it's fuel very fast.
I'll try it with BBQ coal next, hope it doesn't melt.
Show pic in use.
But i understand, i use a Pocket Rocket 2, it's just quick and clean. Wouldn't want a jetboil, seems unnecessary heavy.
Have you tried fire? It's a mess, but fun.
File: IMG_20211205_182729866.jpg (2.32 MB, 4000x3000)
2.32 MB
2.32 MB JPG
Anon you can make something much better with just a bar key and tin snips in less than 20 minutes. Just don't forget to punch the holes in the bottom like I did and you won't have to wait for it to cool down before you can fix it
File: IMG_20211205_180715320.jpg (2.6 MB, 4000x3000)
2.6 MB
2.6 MB JPG
If you punch 4 small holes Cady corner at the very bottom you can run fondue skewers threw and make it stable enough to actually cook on as long as you are careful.
File: 20220922_164526.jpg (1.08 MB, 1612x1209)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB JPG
why would i put it on its side? newer Esbits come with a wind shield, so that only one side is open
File: 1663519951600.png (596 KB, 779x518)
596 KB
596 KB PNG
So you can use twigs instead of Esbit.
These things are small, you want as much place for coal as possible, like in the pic, but with twigs.
BTW, those Trangias aren't bad either, they burn really clean.
File: 1641831240579.jpg (81 KB, 707x682)
81 KB
Show pic, cunt. This is an image board.
What are your favorite breakfasts anon?
For me its coffee and oatmeal, super fast to make and clean up. Also delicious.
Charcoal. Good idea. I want to try this as well. Post results. There are some stick charcoal products that may be a better shape. I also have a gasifier. I pretty much love it. I use solid fuel and a beer can alcohol stove as a backup. I try to avoid specialty fuels.
Ever try mixing peanut butter into the hot oatmeal?
Jealous. Is this Sweden?
File: 1644455298253.png (3.98 MB, 1920x1920)
3.98 MB
3.98 MB PNG
For me it's instant coffee and Müsli with hot water. Picrel is really cheap here, like less than 2€ a kilo, and i like it.
At home i eat it with milk and bananas.
Will do, likely sunday night.
All of these are made incorrectly. I made a very good hobo stove at camp when I was a kid. Pretty sure the camp counselor was an actual hobo.

>Get large can, like tomato can or #10 can
>Open can and eat contents
>One end of can will be opened and the other end will be intact
>Cut an opening on the side of can close to the open end
>Leave the rim intact for strength and stability
>Cut the opening about 1/4 of the way around the can and 1/4 of the way up the can
>This is the bottom and is the hole you put the fuel in
>Use a church key punch hole in the side of the can at the closed end
>Punch the holes only about 1/3 of the way around the can and opposite of the bottom opening
>DO NOT puncture the top
You want to create a jet of hot air going in one direction. Do not over stoke the fire. You don't want fire shooting out of the sides. The top plate will get very hot very quickly. Your cup or pot must be in direct contact with the top. If it is too wide it will sit on the top rim of the can and get as hot. A great stove for pennies.

However, I have pretty much fallen in love with the gasifier stoves. There are many designs, they are pretty much the same and made in China out of stainless steel.
Darn, i have specifically looked for a Solo stove clone, since someone said they are well designed. Have just found the thing that came in 4 parts. >>2466970
File: IMG_20220925_103446.jpg (517 KB, 1273x987)
517 KB
517 KB JPG
I don't get it. I burned trough 3 sticks and after more than 45 minutes it's still not boiling. I had to breath in to keep the fire burning. The ash clogged the holes of the inner can and I had to shake it up a bit to let it fall out, but still... Man I feel more and more useless, the added bolts keep it high enough now. I guess I gonna drill bigger holes and if it won't work by then I give up
What if you cut holes in the bottom too and lift it up somewhat?
You need as much air as possible coming from the bottom.
Also, the one i have is probably 50% higher, for proper convection.
File: IMG_20220925_105831.jpg (1.22 MB, 1387x1923)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB JPG
it's 2 cans, outer and inner cans have the holes low. I gonna widen the holes of the outer can and make a second row, inner can I'll drill also into the side's heigth
File: IMG_20220925_105843.jpg (1.31 MB, 1438x1612)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB JPG
my reasoning was to keep the airflow minimal so it doesn't burn trough sticks too fast. Maybe that's also why it doesn't work as the fire doesn't get hot enough. Tried to keep fuel consumption low. How many sticks does it take for other anons to boil one litre of water and how long does it take?
File: 1658013102959.jpg (2.99 MB, 4000x3000)
2.99 MB
2.99 MB JPG
>How many sticks does it take for other anons to boil one litre of water and how long does it take?
With mine, a lot. On top is a Toacs 750ml titanium post, these are sold under different labels, mine is a Esbit.
File: 1655487183243.jpg (3.41 MB, 4000x3000)
3.41 MB
3.41 MB JPG
Looking down into it, you can see it's double walled and the lower, inner part doesn't touch the floor.
File: 1648954272657.jpg (1.67 MB, 4000x3000)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB JPG
Lots of air there.
File: 1644775279497.jpg (2.03 MB, 4000x3000)
2.03 MB
2.03 MB JPG
There it is, the actual fire bowl. Ashes will fall down, so i bring some tinfoil in case there is grass or dry forest floor or something.
File: 1661150264593.jpg (2.02 MB, 4000x3000)
2.02 MB
2.02 MB JPG
File: 1663193211842.jpg (2.67 MB, 4000x3000)
2.67 MB
2.67 MB JPG
File: IMG_20220925_120220.jpg (1.24 MB, 2138x1728)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB JPG
More holes in both cans did it. Funny, 2 sticks, had to shake off the ash 2 times and had to blow it 2 times aswell. Took 15 minutes to get it boiling, the whole pot shaked and if the stove were less stable it surely would've toppled.

2 different sized cans, drill holes in the lower sections, build a stand that keeps the pot lifted above the fire. 4 bolts hold better than 3. This should be good enough to cook rice.
File: 1657195878029.jpg (77 KB, 1080x1074)
77 KB
Based and DIYpilled.

Thinking about cooking with sunlight now.
File: IMG_20220925_124255.jpg (392 KB, 916x1484)
392 KB
392 KB JPG
my man, I had this idea during summer. Asked here on out and diy, I love the overlap.
>pic my parabolic mirror burning toast
Tinkered a bit, had this antenna dish and the other pieces lying around. At first I wrapped aluminum foil over the dish, didn't work well. Then bought a roll of alu ductape. It kinda works, you've to check the angles constantly and adjust it. Wear sunglasses. Biggest issue ofc is, no sun shining and it won't work. nothing's more simple than a small fire
Yes but I can never settle on a good way to pack out small quantities of it. If i was doing like a +1 week trip id just bring a whole jar.
Algonquin park. One of the best places to canoe in the world. Id love to explore swedens wilderness though.
File: Swed.jpg (2.55 MB, 4000x3000)
2.55 MB
2.55 MB JPG
Very nice. I've canoed a lot in southern Sweden, and I thought perhaps your pictures were from the northern regions.
>Yes but I can never settle on a good way to pack out small quantities of it. If i was doing like a +1 week trip id just bring a whole jar.
You take the jar. You can thank me later.
No anon I dont take the jar because it takes too much space and is heavy and I wont finish an entire jar of pb in 3 days/ a weekend trip.
Not even an ultralight guy. My pack weighs about 35lbs with food for 3-4 days and a liter of water. My canoe weighs 50 pounds with my paddle, rod and lifejacket strapped to it, and it has no hip belt.
Thats 85lbs of shit and I usually go out alone. I try and have little food leftover, a jar of peanut butter is basically a rock in my pack. If im going for a week? Yeah im gonna throw a jar of pb in cause ill actually finish it.
File: 1654293775838.jpg (1.77 MB, 2332x3658)
1.77 MB
1.77 MB JPG
>a jar of peanut butter is basically a rock in my pack
>oh god, i need help, mi peanut butter is sooooo heavy!
So this is how ultralight fags end up? Defeated?
Lmao. I didn’t realize peanut butter got marketed as American style in other countries
I guess it's like Bratwurst in the US.
File: 1637704892393.png (400 KB, 500x368)
400 KB
400 KB PNG
>I dont take the jar because it takes too much space and is heavy
But seriously, you could just use any old plastic container.
I mean, how do you transport your water?
I wouldn't trust doing that
>just find another container
Im always keeping an eye out for this but its hard to find a good one. Finding one that doesnt leak for bringing out olive oil is a pain
File: 1646338483793.png (733 KB, 1000x684)
733 KB
733 KB PNG
For oil i use picrel, PET is available in all sizes.
Also useable for fuels like trangia ethanol.
The container the peanut butter is in is PET, the same as water bottles, weighs very little.
I also use them for coffee, sugar, Müsli, trail mix.
Just picked up this radical stove
Any thoughts my dudes?

Stove recommendations?
It's cool, but looks like it's just a pot to me.
it's bait
looks like the bottom mug of a US canteen kit, but with the handle on top. Do you have a notch in there so you can hang it? Can you even put it over a fire or is it just a bentō?
It's an Eastblock mess kit painted yellow.
File: 1662601275988.jpg (22 KB, 418x305)
22 KB
Got me. Guess it's true what they say, i'm just a human after all.
just ordered the toaks 900ml 115mm dia pot (pic related). anyone used this size or any of the other similar pots from toaks? i've heard they can take a little longer to boil than aluminum pots and depending on your stove that could mean using up more fuel per boil, how true is this?
File: Sandwich Cooker.jpg (161 KB, 908x1211)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
Anyone here uses hot sandwich maker?
I wish mate, looks comfy as fuck.
File: 1645155942042.jpg (4.14 MB, 4000x3000)
4.14 MB
4.14 MB JPG
I have the 750ml pot, it's labeled Esbit, but really the same like the Toacs pot.
It's perfect for my usage, which is mostly warm water or a small can of soup. I tried to prep onions and bacon in it once, didn't work so well, yours will be better. Yours will probably have a more robust stand too.
Titanium has worse energy transfer than aluminium, that is true. But that also means once your stuff is hot, it keeps longer hot. I don't think it matters much.
What matters is that the grip will be cool, even if the content is boiling.
Have an electric one at home, i use it to quickly make mini Calzones out of frozen Pizza.
As the other nerd said, looks comfy as fuck.
Waiting for the ultralight eggheads to pop an artery.
File: 1657923975496.jpg (3.16 MB, 4000x3000)
3.16 MB
3.16 MB JPG
The green cup fits over the titanium pot and the gas cartridge, kerchief, lighter and the stove goes into it.
Usually i also have a few packs of instant coffee in there.
File: 652934.jpg (1.75 MB, 4032x3024)
1.75 MB
1.75 MB JPG
is that a 113g gas can? been looking for a cheap toaks/whatever titanium pot to buy for when i want to bring a 230g gas can but still nest it, only have a setup for a 113g gas can but they're super overpriced.
File: 1661845477294507.jpg (96 KB, 1080x795)
96 KB
>Titanium has worse energy transfer than aluminium, that is true. But that also means once your stuff is hot, it keeps longer hot.

Heat transfer has nothing to do with insulation value. If you've ever used the camping gear you hoard you would know that titanium pots and pans have thinner walls since the material offers better strength for less material. Those thinner walls will do everything but keep your shit hot. Not to mention that titanium is prone to hot spots making it less ideal for actual cooking.

Titanium is best for ultralighters who just want to boil water fast. Touch grass citiot.
File: 1643213458357.jpg (41 KB, 500x375)
41 KB
Yes, it's 113. I refill it from 450g canisters with a cheap adapter. Never had a 230g.
The 750ml Toacs pots are sold on Aliexpress under the label Lixida for 25€ or so.
Aluminum has a thermal conductivity of 210 W/m-K, titanium has 17.0 W/m-K, blatherskite.
Consider an hero.
File: 1657558479693.png (56 KB, 401x372)
56 KB
Heat transfer is proportional to thermal conductivity divided by wall thickness. Is your titanium pot 12x lighter than a similar volume anodized aluminum pot? No? Welp... better go back to copy pasting dumb Reddit takes to farm yous then.
File: hango-konro_konro-11.jpg (54 KB, 900x900)
54 KB
It ain't bait, my dude
anime girls on my camping equipment?
now I will leave my room

It does indeed have a notch on the handle for hanging, lines for rice measurements, and is meant to be used over a fire. Made by a Japanese company that specializes in good outdoors equipment, they even made hatchets and tentspikes with the girls on them.
Bigger than US canteen.

I believe the style is called a M40/M44 mess kit
It was typically used by German and Swedish forces back in the day, and then adopted by Soviets for their mess kits
The Japanese adopted it too during WW2 and the style is popular and still used today. They call it a hango and the company Captain Stag still makes them, you can find them on amazon.

It's extremely easy for cooking rice outdoors, here's a good guide
You can cook the rice in the bottom and then steam/cook food in the top compartment during the process. It's easy and popular to take shelf-stable retort curry in a pouch, cook it with the rice, and then eat curry rice in the woods.

Here I thought I was among fellow autists simply asking for a stove but I was the one who ended up explaining. I'll just import a nice outdoor stove that fits well.
>they even made hatchets and tentspikes with the girls on them.
didn't read the rest but imagine disintegrating your kneecap with a moeshit hatchet, that's gotta be embarrassing
Buddy. If it gets hot fast, it loses heat fast. Might wanna google thermal conductivity before you go talking about it again.
Yes, but only when I'm car camping.
Mine have longer handles and aren't that big though.
What tea are you making?
What do I need to look out for if I'm buying chinkshit stainless steel cookware?
File: yeet.jpg (902 KB, 1506x2895)
902 KB
902 KB JPG
Best stove, ask me anything.
I'll post my setup tomorrow.
It's wicked.
Can I just buy one? Which is a good one?
File: DSCF0162.jpg (1.06 MB, 2364x1773)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB JPG
>but I was the one who paraphrased the company's add.
Picrel is today's breakfast in the Swedish version that is also featured in OP's collage. The original design is a 19th century Swiss one, and it was copied and adapted by most Germanic/Slavic nations. The Swedish one does not maintain the traditional bean-shape, but is just an oval.
was just a cheap dahongpao oolong i had, i ended up grandpa brewing it after because i forgot the filter i usually bring when brewing from the smaller cup.
Tea always tastes better outdoors its such a comfy hobby.
File: 1638700030074.gif (1.95 MB, 280x338)
1.95 MB
1.95 MB GIF
My question is this then: y u gey?
How much did you pay? How do you feel about the fact that my gasifier cost 20€ plus shipping?
Are you suggesting a titanium pot is 12x thinner than an aluminium pot? Not sure what you arguing about.
Yes. So?
Still, Aluminium has better heat transfer than titanium, as evidenced in the numbers i gave, 210 W/m-K for aluminium, 17.0 W/m-K for titanium.

Again, water in a titanium pot will take longer to get to a boil, but stay hot for longer, compared to aluminium. Neither has real implications for the practical woodsmen however.
You think you are so clever, tripfag.
I know the difference between a trip fag and a name fag, tourist.
File: Comfy Mess Tin.png (1.33 MB, 1160x970)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB PNG
Get a green one.
Calzone actually sounds ebin to try.
Thanks anon!
File: terminator-thumbs-up.gif (1.5 MB, 226x136)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB GIF
No only take it in the rear end sometimes.
250$ + tax because I wanted all the extra bullshit.
Don't care all that much because its a fun thing to bust out on weekends. If I was going to go out for a week or two I would not take it.
File: 1662436037531.jpg (463 KB, 600x450)
463 KB
463 KB JPG
Well spent money if you enjoy it.
european peanut butter is like natural crunchy peanut butter with very few additives.
american peanut butter is a smooth paste full of sugar and preservatives.
File: 1642902982489.png (551 KB, 512x512)
551 KB
551 KB PNG
You can buy both, creamy and crunchy in Europe. What are you talking about? Also, cheap peanut butter is blended with palm oil in Europe, or you can buy the better brand which is not.

Clearly you have never seen a peanut tree or the peanuts in the peanut meat before they get picked, or you would know that.
Sure reminds me of the sound of the kolibris as they whizz amongst the peanut trees.
File: 20220930_192817.jpg (236 KB, 756x756)
236 KB
236 KB JPG
Made some tea innawoods this evening.
I'd want a similair trangia burner/windshield kit, but for a smaller, round 1L sized pot. Too bad there are none available commercially. If I could find an aluminium pot/tube of a correct diametre, I could try to nigger rig one for myself though. But if not, I guess my best bet would be just buying a Trangia T28.
File: mini_2.jpg (37 KB, 700x700)
37 KB
I have that very some stove. They was another seller that had a mesh you put on top for sausages or smaller pots, which i had bought it too.
Tried that one too for some time. I had the stove, got the stand to use with my existing pots. Doesn't fit the Toacs 750ml, so i use two metal pins (actually cheap tent pegs) to lay across into a nudge i files into the stands on top. Not a fan.
>Trangia T28
And a windshield. But it's gonna be flimsy.
Not the other anon, but I think you're right. Given the same area, the heat Flux will be smaller for titanium. I believe what the other anon is considering is the energy stored in the aluminimum mass.
Thoughts on the Firebox stove? Love watching the guys videos just cooking and fishing
File: 1660521298857.png (429 KB, 918x621)
429 KB
429 KB PNG
This one? Looks generic to me, what can it do a $20 chink stove cant?
File: _20220630_234335.png (513 KB, 1029x1101)
513 KB
513 KB PNG
I have this
Does anyone make these german style mess kits in steel new, not the old Swedish one? I love the design but I prefer steel to aluminum
File: soldatkök 10.jpg (51 KB, 640x924)
51 KB
I guess my best bet is just trying to mimic the swedish army Soldatkök 10 set. (Pic rel)
I do have a 1L (0,8L is the maximum that can be boiled in it) pot, gas stove, clip on windshield and a second cup already. Although, instead of an another 1L pot I have a 0,75L titanium cup that fits around my nalgene copy in its own dedicated pouch. That set works for summer, but if I was to invest in to the mini trangia, then I could expand the set capability in to 4 season use. Only problem is that since my second cup is a tad small and slightly too narrow for the mini trangia.
>Mini trangia stand width: 95mm
>Titanium cup width: 94mm
I was thinking that I could fix this issue with a computer fan grill that I'd cut in to a correct size. I would also have to file grooves on to the mini trangia so that the computer fan grill platform would stay on the mini trangia without sliding off, but that's not a big issue.
This way I could use my both cooking vessels on both stoves and expand my cooking kit in to an all year around kit. Now I'd just have to order the mini trangia and get myself a cheap fan grill to cut up.

It's a clone of a German mess kit, but the lid/frying pan appears to be missing the handle, and the bowl inside doesn't have a slot to attach to the handle with. How the fuck do you cook in a pan with no handle?
This is a rough sketch of what I had in my mind. What do you guys think?
I saw an aliexpress fuel burner stove that was doing exactly this, so sounds good
File: 1650234560382.jpg (1.49 MB, 2040x1536)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB JPG
File: 1639213058754.jpg (2.01 MB, 4080x3072)
2.01 MB
2.01 MB JPG
Sheer force of will an japanese autism?
Been meaning to make one of those TLUD can stoves again. Got some industrial size bean cans and some various other large ones with higher aspect ratios. Last one I made was from a large-ish can then one of those tall coconut water cans. Not really practical for anything but was neat to watch since it made a nice swirling jet of flame. Didn't really generate enough heat to boil water or anything in a reasonable time frame, but was nice for making charcoal sticks I guess, when I loaded it with reasonably straight twigs.
I own one, its pretty cool. Heavier than it looks, but I keep it with my gear
File: 1168354975-1341829843.jpg (112 KB, 960x960)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
I ended up in ordering a chinese copy of that mini trangia pot support from aliexpress, mainly because the chink copy is anodized grey. It should fit the colour scheme of the rest lf my set better. I will order myself a legit trangia burner though, I do not trust the chinks that much with their burners.
File: 1634509874865.jpg (33 KB, 499x750)
33 KB
What made you buy the pricey variant compared to a 20€ chink wood gasifier?
Is this the same height? Apparently there is a sweetspot between the stove and the pot where the alcohol burns best.
Price difference between the Trangia burner and their clones should be minimal anyway. Bought mine for a bit over 10 yurop Shekels 15 years or so ago.
It should be more or less the same height, yes. And what comes to the burner, I will order myself a winter attachment kit, it comes with the burner, an aluminium plate and the winter attachment. I will add the winter attachment and aluminium plate in to the trangia 25 set of my fathers. It was a set that he used when he was younger, but he "borrowed" it to me for the next 30 years or so.
File: 20221003_113543.jpg (2.7 MB, 2548x2315)
2.7 MB
2.7 MB JPG
this is now the /out/ tea thread
File: 1639167088472.jpg (3.78 MB, 3072x4080)
3.78 MB
3.78 MB JPG
Nice, what kind of tea are you sipping there?

I was at the harbor again, one of my favourite spots to listen to podcasts without the possibility of family getting in my hair. They don't know, i tell them i do heavy crime and drink alcohol.

Made some food, old school Bundeswehr kale with sausage (Grünkohl mit Mettwurst) on the stove, onion flavoured instant ramen in the green cup and some powdered chocolate drink from a french RCIR i think.
Didn't go for the bread or the tin of cheese.
Watch says i took 17000 steps and burned 580 kcal there and back again.
File: 1641832656614.jpg (2.94 MB, 3072x4080)
2.94 MB
2.94 MB JPG
File: 1638651102583.jpg (1.1 MB, 4080x3072)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB JPG
Some of the harbour.
File: 1648451220100.jpg (1.28 MB, 4080x3072)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB JPG
Dudes face is 3m high.
File: 1638171939795.jpg (1.13 MB, 4080x3072)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB JPG
The moon.
was making some darjeeling black tea, probably not going to buy more but it was my go to comfy tea
first time trying out my soto windmaster properly on a trip also
its not really real /out/ but i like that, night time and alcohol stoves fit too well together
File: 1644091576211.jpg (3.43 MB, 3072x4080)
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3.43 MB JPG
I have a large bush of peppermint on my balcony.
Started with a large plastic flower pot. Every time i had some cuttings or dead potted plant, i put it into the pot. Eventually it was full.
I bought a pot of peppermint in a super market, which is a thing here, you can buy thyme, basil, all kinds of fresh herbs in a pot in most supermarkets here.
Eventually i picked it clean and threw the pot, minus the plastic of course, into my "waste" pot and went away for two weeks for work.
Came back and the peppermint survived and took over the pot.
File: 1651441531147.jpg (173 KB, 960x716)
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>its not really real /out/
I otherwise like Optimus a lot, but that neon green colour irritates me. Why can't they use black or some other earthly tones?

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