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File: PoopInTheWoods.jpg (302 KB, 2000x1334)
302 KB
302 KB JPG
And more importantly, what do you guys use to wipe? Do you carry a roll of toilet paper or use some other product? If you're in a place with running water, do you wipe with your hands, carry a poop glove, or? What gear do you use to dig the hole?
Usually on the trail if I'm in a hurry, in a hole if I'm camping
File: images (4).jpg (13 KB, 300x168)
13 KB
Ask the poop queen.

But be warned. She is very stinky.
for wiping i like starting with sticks and acorns then finishing with moss, almost as clean as using toilet paper
Shit in a hole, wipe with tp, then use wet wipes to get my ass hair completely clean
Toilet paper in a Stasher bag. Used to use ziplocs but they rip often. No I don't dig a fucking hole.
File: 1640361784241.jpg (138 KB, 900x900)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
bag with a trowel, tp, hand sanitizer and poetry book. insteaf of carrying a roll of tp, i just get a bunch off the roll in my bathroom and fold it up in a zig zag. if its a 1 or 2 night trip i try to minimize fiber an
Go off trail, ease thyself, bury it or find a big rock to glue to the forest floor afterwards. *Place* the rock atop, don't drop it. Ez.
I just find a good log thats fallen over and shit, and use leafs or rocks or sticks to wipe my ass if i dont have shit tickets
my dad has a tick embedded in his ball sack from shitting in the woods
That sucks. Should he have dug the hole a lot deeper?
>insteaf of carrying a roll of tp
I thought you were going to use the poetry book, assuming it was something like Rupi Kaur
File: 1661987753824.gif (100 KB, 39x38)
100 KB
100 KB GIF
With my butt
File: DQG4zN3V4AA29As.jpg (55 KB, 356x393)
55 KB
File: IMG_20220911_093431.jpg (3.26 MB, 2736x3648)
3.26 MB
3.26 MB JPG
Started using these expandable wipes this year, they're a game changer. Can fit 9 of them perfectly in a match case to keep them dry. Will never go back to tp
What are they called and how big do they get? Do you use one wipe or cut them into pieces or how does it work?
I bought mine off Amazon, they're called Wysi expandable wipes. There might be better options out there, but these have worked great for me. Once you apply water and unroll them, the napkin is about 9x10". I fold them over when wiping though, because the napkins are perforated, and I prefer to avoid getting shit on my hands. Usually takes me 2-3 to clean-up after taking a dump.
i have an extra bottle cap for my dirty water bottle with a hole poked in it at a strategic angle to reach my anus.
then i wipe with biodegradable wipes and wash my hands with some sanitizer if i have it, fire pit ash if not.
they're also called 'pill wipes' sometimes. if you want bigger/thicker ones for reasons other than wiping your butthole there's ones sold as 'expandable towels' or 'pill towels' too.
if you're fine waiting a month they're like 1/10 price on aliexpress.
File: 1642879352496.jpg (93 KB, 899x899)
93 KB
I never bury my shit.
Not really sure why, it just feels more satisfying that way
Poop on the most elevated terrain you can find and then drag your ass on grass until clean. You'll get all the bitches that way, trust me.
Why that image feels 3D?

Also, do you guys take of your pants and underwear completly?
I just remove one leg and then turn my pants and boxers, so no accidents happens
>Why that image feels 3D?
there's a very sharp color edge between the different items' textures. look at how the toilet paper and bright orange trowel stack against the terrain. It was also taken in such a way that very little reflected green light is actually hitting the surfaces. Look at the hand sanitizer and plastic bag, those look normal because they're translucid and the green underneath blends through. But the trowel's edges that are facing the grass are not visible because the photo was taken straight down, so it looks out of place.
>dig a hole with trowel
>prepare water bottle with portable bidet, soap, sanitizer
>take off pants and underwear
>shit in hole
>spray water at my bunghole with bidet using my right hand
>wipe ass with left hand
>add soap and water to left hand
>clean ass with soapy left hand
>spray bunghole again
>put add water and soap to left hand, clean it
>use hand sanitizer
>put underwear and pants back on
>bury shit

I always wash my ass with water and soap at home after shitting because tp is disgusting and just sticks to your ass hair and make you itchy
Also I hate seeing trails littered by retards who can't even store their use tp in a ziploc or something
can't you just throw the TP in the cathole before burying?
I always leave my logs slap bang in the middle of the nearest trail, it just seems more fun that way. I love the thought of someone either stepping in it or, even better, a cyclist riding through it. or even just spotting it and recognizing it as human and being pissed off about it, the thought of their reaction cracks me up. I mean what can be more natural than shit, it's literal fertilizer, organic as fuck, I'm just putting down food for the bugs which in turn feeds small mammals and birds.

I suppose I should take the paper with me but again, I envisage a middle aged couple out and about, enjoying nature suddenly being confronted by my shit with paper scattered around it, I'm laughing hard right now just imagining how that would impact their entire day.

Anyway if it's OK for the streets of San Francisco and New York how can it be wronmg in the woods?
>I mean what can be more natural than shit
with all the goyshit that people eat I wouldn't be surprised if it were actually poisonous for the environment
Poop in the river.
ive done that a lot. ive taken a shit and seen fish immediately go for it and chow down.
>they have to wipe
fix your diet you retards
if there's anything to wipe, you're doing it wrong
and what?
Brown McDonald's napkins and a bic lighter is all you need
legit has a scat fetish i think. Has to mention shitting every video at least twice
I've never felt this much of a connection with someone just from reading his post. Lol'd hard
>legit has a scat fetish
I never watched this thot but you're getting it wrong: her paypigs do
she probably mentioned shitting in a video and she saw that many people went on offering to pay if she talked more about shitting and stinking. Reminder that most YouTubers and definitely all female YouTubers are people with zero integrity whatsoever.
I dig a hole big enough to bury a cat, then I shit, then I use about a third of a roll of toilet paper, and then bury it with sticks and rocks on top as a monument of sorts.
if no toilet paper,
>approach tree
>wall sit with pants down
>have feet further out with pants around ankles, this isnt going to be the most comfortable shit
>shit from modified squatting position
>use moss to wipe ass
>pray ass doesnt get infected
I use an oval shaped stone with a smooth surface to wipe. The stone must be big enough so that your fingers never come in contact with the feces.
Basically you rub your anus with the stone then clean the stone with some water or leaves, then you rub again until you feel its clean.
Only if you burn it first. Animals will dig it up and it takes quite a while to decompose. Burning it makes the decomp a lot quicker.
>finding a nice smooth stone that's palm sized
>not bouncing it in the nearest river or lake
you had one job anon
trim your asscrack hair PLEASE
can somone pls explain how wiping with sticks and acorns works?
it sounds painful
this is based and how im gonna do it from now on i dont even use tp at home i just get in the shower after shittin, only way i can feel clean
tried, psylium husks did nothing for me at all when people say "fix diet" they never explain what that means, only thing that ever gave my clwan shits was being severely dehydrated
based all natural normie repellant
who is she

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