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>go to a public park in the suburbs
>just me, my blanket, and my water bottle
>relaxing in some shade and cloud gazing
>family sets up nearby with a bunch of shit, kids start running around screaming
>guy sits on a bench with his gf, puts on a VR helmet and starts flying a drone around while his gf tries to ignore him
>random woman on a mobility scooter yelling "excuse me!" to everyone she passes within 20 feet
>off-leash dogs running around the place bothering everyone
>can only hear the sounds of traffic and the aforementioned nonsense
Holy fuck that was terrible, no wonder almost everyone is a shut-in these days.
>>go to a public park in the suburbs
that was your first mistake
if you think thats bad imagine how bad it is in europe where all the lumpenproles are getting drunk in public to boot
On one hand I think America should chill the fuck out, there is no reason to not enjoy a beer in a park. On the other I'm really grateful where I live now doesn't constantly smell like piss. Seriously go to any euro city especially if it doesn't rain in a long time in summer and just catch a whiff.
Suburban parks are excellent containment zones for those retards as well as inconsiderate dogwalkers who don't clean up after their pets
Around here the parks in the city are much less crowded than the parks in the suburbs, probably because the suburbs only built parks as an afterthought while they were more of a priority in the city. Plus there’s less to do in the suburbs.
>go to a public park in the suburbs
your mistake started here
>on the lake in my kayak fishing
>dude with lakehouse pulls up to his dock with a speedboat
>sounds like a motorcycle fucked a lawnmower
>he turns it off after what seems to be about 15 minutes
>suddenly hear he's playing music
>fucking moves like jagger
Thank god he turned the engine back on. Boomers are weird people. Why moves like jagger? How could be even hear the music?
>>go to a public park in the suburbs
You made a bad decision starting with this. I avoid going to public parks and drive the extra mileage to visit the areas where the suburban and city trash don't go.
Because some "boomers" experience this odd mid-life crisis phase of their lives where they purchase either a motorcycle, sports car, engine-powered boat, or receive body mods such as tattoos or piercings.
My father did that when he was in his mid-40s. Went out and got both of his arms sleeved and a Goldwing travel motorcycle.
There are a few life milestones that men and women hit.
>experiencing a mid-life crisis in their 40s (men) or mid-30s to 40s (women)
>living beyond your parents' passing, if they died in their 40s through 50s
>having friends and family with successful family lives such as having kids or being married after hitting 30
Time can be a nasty bitch that fucks you if you let it.

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