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Anyone here on /out/ hike the Ho Chi Minh Trail? Or Vietnam in general. t.swede here, only hiked in the mountains of Sweden. I'm dreaming of hiking in SE Asia, especially in 'Nam. Any1 here have any experience with Nam? Thanks in advance
If you ever will try to hike the Uncle Ho's Trail, make sure to bring a metal detector. There are chances of finding an AK
More likely you will find unexploded bombs
I'm in Nam right now and it's such a nice place to travel. everyone is so friendly especially if you're blond.
Are you in the shit?
What's it like now? I haven't been there since the 90's and it's wasn't all that great then. The amount of poverty was insane. My family has this massive 5 story house in Saigon, and the road was just full of homeless people. That were tidy and not schizo like here in the states. I had one family member who lived on the side of a highway in a house made out of scraps. You'd see stake bed trucks full of people kind of like a bus. Dicks would randomly pop out the dude and dudes would start pissing and you had to dodge piss. There were entire cities made of boats strung together and the small was horrible. Cooked dogs were strung up in meat store windows under heat lamps. Their new music was our old music. Cops in propaganda carts would drive around blaring music and stop you at random. Plumbing, electricity, and water heaters weren't common. My grandparents in vung tau had a big house with only shoddy electricity, that they just got. There and in Saigon you couldn't turn the lights off. They'd just go dim and flicker. It was weird shit. My uncle took us out to see an old family friend my dad used to know during and before the war. The dudes 8 year old greeted us with a massive revolver. This was at the time when they were basically having their industrial revolution and beginning to manufacture. They had just opened a plant for manufacturing shoes. Idk if it was just for puma, but that's what I got. My family there was already doing import export of boat motors and wine; but these people with the shoe plant wanted my dad who lived here to start getting them more business over here. So we went there, they gave me a bunch of shoes and put us in the newspaper there showing that Vietnam was going to start manufacturing on a global level. Going there was like going to what I would imagine going to North Korea would be like. You were subject to seizure of property, and interrogation upon entry. Have been there since.
Checks out my family left in the 90s. It's nothing like that now. Check any YouTube vid of the major cities. They jumped like 50 years in a decade.
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Thread theme: https://youtu.be/ec0XKhAHR5I
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>Any1 here have any experience with Nam?
My grandfather stayed in the Hanoi Hilton for three years. He said the food and accommodations were shitty.
Lived in Vietnam for 4 months.

Get a shit box scooter for rent. It will save you a shit load of time getting to said locations and you will enjoy your time there a shit load more.
Ride at the same speed as the locals.

As for hiking ? No idea..... fuck that.
It not exactly the safest place after dark but nor is walking in Malmo.

Damn makes me wanna go back lmao
i really fucking want to go here even if it gets me put in a ching chong gulag https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzqvuaqrDgM

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