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Has anyone been to the Harz in Lower Saxony/Saxony Anhalt? Is the 100 km long Hexenstieg the best trail, or is it full of German boomers that go nazi as soon as they see your tent?
I just came from the harz mountains but just did a day trip.
From my experience, the eastern parts are great, the western parts are allot more full and commercialized.

Over all never had trouble there people are friendly and if you fuck off from the trail deeper into the woods you can easily find a secluded place.
Never did hexenstieg but i spent plenty of time around Thale, Falkenstein and Quedlinburg.
>or is it full of German boomers that go nazi as soon as they see your tent?
If your tent is spotted they will definitely report the authorities about your presence, Germany is correct the behavior of others hell.

German here, don't get me wrong, i hate it here but the people u meet out are usually chill.
Granted nobody ever found my campsites but when I'm obviously bikepacking with gear strapped to my bike people usually end up inviting my to camp on they're land or even just to eat with them.

I also camped in plain sight on lakes after asking the people who fish there if they're cool with it and nobody ever complained.

All my experience is from eastern and north eastern Germany so I can't speak for the rest but over there u won't ever get busted for camping.
i just can't imagine being restricted from fucking camping
christ almighty germans what happened to you
you are allowed to camp anywhere in Germany. have been doing it for ages.
You are not. In fact camping in germany is pretty cucked, even as far as EU countries in general go.
However there's a saying: "Wo kein Kläger, da kein Richter" - No case without a plaintiff. As long as you aren't bothering anyone or causing any harm, it's de facto legal. Depending on where in germany you are that means that most people won't give a shit about you camping somewhere. It still sucks to know that all it takes is one stuck up grandma who calls the cops on you and you are fucked over. Not the best basis for feeling free /out/. It's a really annoying part about germany.
The only legal places you can camp are on private land with prior approval (rarely ever happens), on campsites (which is filled with boomers in motorhomes and not at all /out/) and, if you are lucky, trekking campsites. Those are essentially the only official and legal way to camp /out/ - and you have to pay for them and reserve them.
Fuck I hate it.
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Lots of boomers, but worth it anyway. You have to stealth camp though, but that isn't a big problem, losts of spaces where nobody will see you if you make camp after sundown and break camp before the sun is going up.
Hexenstieg is awesome, but i would start in Clausthal-Cellerfeld. The way from Osterode to Clausthal is boring.
File: 1653507711410.jpg (3.76 MB, 4032x3024)
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Based Harz enjoyer.
Germany is gorgeous.
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Not for long, i'm afraid. Enjoy it while it's there.
For me, it's Dachau
anne frankly I wouldn't camp anywhere else
Do you have any harz recommendations ?
Really like the selke tal, and roßtrappe ,even though that's a bit touristy at times.
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I would say walk the Hexensteig, it's just 100km, make notes and come back to where you like it and explore more. Also you should give Sankt Andreasbergs Sommerrodelbahn (summer sledding track) a go, it's really fun, i did it probably 20 times or more.
Yeah. But not as a camper. It's been like ten years ago now.
If you just sleep under a tarp its legal. Tent is illegal.
File: 1647593833401.gif (929 KB, 200x133)
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"camping" is illegal. There's some people saying that the laws usually aren't clear about what is "camping" so they try to argue around it by saying a tarp is not shelter and as such you aren't "camping" you are "resting" (to which you have a right in germany). Afaik this is not legally clear and a greyzone at best, and hasn't really been challenged well and in different bundesländer either.
Haha thanks for the input will, definitely hit up the sommerrodelbahn

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